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  1. Evidence Puts Dolphins In New Light, As Killers - The New York Times
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All in all, losing to the Bills was a much-needed dose of reality for the Dolphins and any fans still hoping Ryan Tannehill is anything but average. Gase can't coach his way out of a paper bag, and Tannenbaum has put together, well, nothing. Most fans had already realized this before Sunday.

Evidence Puts Dolphins In New Light, As Killers - The New York Times

Some finally came to the realization then. Pretty much everyone came to Twitter to vent about it. Here's a little taste of that. Ryan Tannehill in the pocket pic. Blow it up. Bye Tannehill. Bye Gase. Bye Tannebaum. Ryan Tannehill pic. We go live to Ryan Tannehill after his 3rd turnover of the game. Ryan Tannehill apologists today pic.

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Adam Gase My only memory about Adam Gase. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! Now that the season is over, it's time for Stephen Ross to clean house. The search for someone who can make smart, forward-thinking decisions that will lead to the Dolphins being a perennial contender, not just a fringe playoff team once a decade, must start now. This page is new. It is meant to be a source of inspiration and spiritual support during and beyond. We have a good number of interstellar and cosmic friends and civilizations in Space who have been assisting us in many unseen and mostly un-noticed actions for decades We envision a place and time when people are making pilgrimages to the shores of all lands to be in the company of the dolphins and whales, to glean their teachings, and to honor them for the gifts they share with us.

Indeed, we see a world where telepathic communication between humans and the dolphins has been restored, and, as a result, humanity now has access to the wondrous knowledge and unconditional love that these amazing Beings embody.

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From another point of view, we see compassion and a caring for life having reawakened in humanity after we allowed ourselves to feel the depth of love it took for the dolphins and whales to have suffered and died in the past in order to show us how utterly insane we were to have killed them like we did. Indeed, we see that the people of Faroe Island and all such places have a different and much better source of food sustenance now, one that does not cause harm to animals.

We also envision the ancient secrets of Earth - all that has happened on this planet before "recorded history" began, some years ago - made known to us through our telepathic link with the whales. As such, the historical containment which held humanity in the dark for eons has been shattered, once and for all, bringing unlimited information to us of past cultures, hidden agendas, cosmic visitors, great inventions, free energy, emotional clearing, physical healing, and true freedom.

Finally, we see all of humanity lifted up because, in great measure, of the loving guidance we continue to receive from the dolphins and the whales. As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! The unique connection they each share with cetaceans has become their personal doorway to transformation, higher wisdom, and the ability to facilitate physical and emotional healing within themselves and others. Let yourself be transported into the very depths of your soul as you journey along with the storytellers into the mystical, magical realm of higher consciousness that is the home and playground of the dolphins and whales.

Sound Language, ET ships and Cetaceans. Earth and Her Second Sun. Lisa Denning's wonderful dolphin and whale images.

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  • Hello everyone. I am happy to have this opportunity to communicate with you on web wave lengths, while I continue to live in the Hawaiian Islands. I have been living in Hawaii for two decade, spending many hours a day in the ocean, learning from the dolphins who live here and being part of a human-dolphin community.

    I am fortunate to be able to swim regularly with the free swimming Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. When the dolphin pods arrive in the morning, their consciousness contacts me in my sleeping dream state and I wake up knowing they are here. I then put on my bathing suit and immediately swim to meet them.

    The ocean can be tumultuous or quiet, but once I am among the dolphins, I am in a world of peace and contentment. Over the past twenty years, the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins have welcomed me into their families and taught me about the ocean, about swimming and diving, healthy living in community, serenity, harmony with nature, compassion, and how to access multiple, fascinating states of consciousness. Since they are not limited by a culture immersed in belief systems of the past, they freely evolve and develop many advanced aspects of their brain and mind.

    I have published two books about my interactions with free-swimming dolphins and whales.

    Dolphins as Representatives of Peace and Harmony

    In these books I explain many of the behaviors and teachings of the dolphins. The information and experiential encounters continue on a daily basis as I swim among dolphins here in Hawaii. I am glad to have this internet opportunity to share with you the latest teachings of the dolphins and whales.

    I am also in contact with the whales and dolphins of the Atlantian heritage. Now I even meet the whales in the warm South Pacific waters, after they migrate from the south. As I swim among these very wise and gentle Guardians of our planet, I learn more about their large brain holographics and the other civilizations they know. These spiritual and benevolent civilizations from distant star systems are observing our planet and are in contact with the cetaceans. On the mainland I have established contact with the Ancient Ones and Sasquatch that have opened me to other dimensions of time and space.

    Colors for Children to Learn with Cartoon Dolphins Color Water 3D Kids Toddler Babies Learn Colors

    I invite you all to join me on my travels to these exotic places to explore these truly mystical marvels of our multiversal world. If you would like to support our research of our Human-Dolphin connection please feel free to contribute below. A gathering with the whales and dolphins of Hawaii, will provide you with luminous and exquisite guidelines that apply to all people who are interested in impeccable honor and planetary evolution. The dolphins and whales are calling you to this gathering.

    The Dolphin Spirit Animal

    Open your hearts and loving minds to all that will flow into you in February in the gentle company of the Hawaiian dolphins and whales. We will experience world-changing and life-enriching telepathic connections with the whales that clearly let us know we are not alone as sentient beings.

    Some of the concepts and information about our history on Earth may surprise you, but also support you, in revealing what you know as an advanced Universal inhabitant of the earth. When the whales communicate with us, we are filled with a sense of colossal power - not a physical power - but a power that is spiritual in nature. Despite their great size the whales are wonderfully gentle. They are mirrors of the great Mind which they define as "the interconnection of all positive empathic processes.

    Jean-Luc Bozzoli. An Archetype is an access code or picture that allows our mind to discover and harmonize synergistically with universal consciousness, the All-that-Is. It must be emphasized that, despite the fact that the whales appear within skin as human beings do, the whales see these bodies, mainly as vessels or vehicles of expression, for higher consciousness. Their songs, in these sacred waters, relay symbols and colors that merge their wisdom with ours. The One, the Great Mind, cares only for actions, attitudes, and behaviors, and cares nothing for simple sets of beliefs or complex theories of dogma and doctrine.

    Those who are "right" are not so, simply because they believe the words of this or any other transmission, but rather because they have learned, and are learning, the Art of Love. The potential restriction to creativity is described, and the evolution into archetypes of principle documented in its' steps. The mirculous amounts of energy to be found received discussion. The Agelic mode of a co-existence is analyzed somewhat. The Advanced Intelligence of Dolphin Man provide the theory of an adptation. A unifying or escape to Planet Earth are suggested to be motive.

    It is an important contribution to get spark of creativity from only the perception of light. Automatic Organizations.