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Unable to stop the Warmarshal of Kourna from performing a new ritual that furthered Nightfall, the Sunspears chased Varesh towards the Desolation.

Order of the Sunspears

They could not cross the sands, however, so they were forced to form an alliance with Palawa Joko who had recently been freed by upheavals caused by Nightfall. In desperation, the Sunspears struck a deal with the undead lich: in return for the knowledge of how to cross the sulfuric wastelands, the Sunspears retook Joko's Bone Palace from Margonite control and helped restore enough order in his army so that he could use his forces to combat Abaddon's minions. The Sunspears tracked Varesh down to the Ruins of Morah , but were unable to kill her before she performed her third and final ritual, one that breached the barrier between Tyria and the Realm of Torment.

Forced into Abaddon's prison, the Sunspears and their allies sought to kill the God of Secrets himself. Given blessings by the Five Gods , and led by a blinded Kormir, the heroes traveled to Abaddon's Gate and slew the fallen god. Spearmarshal Kormir leaped into the magic unleashed by the dying god and ascended into godhood herself as the new Goddess of Truth, Order, and Spirit. The peace brought about by this victory did not last. Letting Palawa Joko remain free had ultimately proven the Sunspears' own undoing.


In AE , after a hundred years since his release, the undead lord finished gathering his strength. As revenge for this "slight", Joko sowed seeds of deception among their ranks. These traitors became the first of the Mordant Crescent , and hunted down their former brothers-in-arms. Tahlkora, the last Spearmarshal of the Sunspears, rallied against Joko's new invasion of Vabbi, but there were too few Sunspears by then.

Joko captured Tahlkora and, knowing he couldn't kill her without her becoming a martyr, instead cut out her tongue to silence her. But even without speech, she still worked against the undead lich with her writings, so Joko had his forces capture her once more, and took her eyes. Still, without speech or writing, Tahlkora was a symbol for rebellion against King Joko. The lich turned her into an Awakened, but found that he could not control her.

In his last attempt to break her, Joko took back enough of what makes an Awakened so that Tahlkora could not move, but left her soul within her corpse. Then he tossed her immobile Awakened body on the Yahnur Plateau to rot. On the other side of the Crystal Desert, Zehlon Ossa , the last of Turai Ossa's lineage, rallied Sunspears and defectors alike, aiding those who sought to flee Joko's domain.

Joko's forces managed to capture and turn Zehlon and his allies into Awakened to serve his own forces. With this, the Sunspears no longer had a symbol to rally behind, and became more fractured.

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When the Sunspear Order was effectively defeated, Palawa Joko had outlawed the use of spears to further crush and outcast any survivors by destroying their symbol. As such, some had turned to the use of daggers instead, becoming specialized as spellbreakers to fight Awakened magics and detect their spies.

Daggers were chosen due to their precision, and the sentimental value from when broken off spearheads would be reforged as dagger. Although a few Sunspears still remained after the fall of their order, the Mordant Crescent continued to hunt them down in the following years, occasionally converting and absorbing new traitorous Sunspears into their ranks.

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With the fallen god Balthazar 's return and Palawa Joko's mysterious disappearance, the nation of Elona was thrown into chaos from the Desolation down to Istan by AE. Some government officials had taken advantage of the situation to exploit the people further than before. The people of Istan were among the worst to suffer as the officials there prevented all trade of food to the people outside Palawadan.

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  • When Zaeim had learned of what was transpiring on Istan, he left his Sunspear mentor Kitur and Vabbi behind to rally the people of his birthplace. He inspired his Istani Sunspears to begin a full out revolt against Joko's forces, and in turn the converts, led by Hakima , proclaimed Zaeim as their new Spearmarshal. Meanwhile, the Sunspears in the Crystal Desert and Vabbi began working with locals in efforts against both the Awakened and Balthazar's Forged.

    Sunspear | lavesoap

    The two Sunspear factions remained out of contact with each other in Elona's chaos, however. Despite being few in number, the Order of the Sunspears was one of the factions potentially offering their support to the Free City of Amnoon which was trying to decide its future while suffering from Forged raids in the surrounding countryside.

    With the aid of the griffons and what she believed was a blessing from Kormir, she had watched over the remaining Sunspears.


    Together, she and the Commander began to build a new Sunspear Sanctuary , recruiting the few remaining Sunspears scattered across northern Elona, gathering Tahlkora's writings , and taming griffons for future use by the Sunspears. In the turmoil, Zaeim had been captured but was subsequently freed by the Commander.

    A Wedding in Sunspear

    After he was rescued, Zaeim continued the Sunspears' recruitment efforts, eventually amassing an army capable of helping the Commander defeat Palawa Joko and stop the Scarab Plague in the Battle of Gandara alongside the Olmakhan charr , the people of Amnoon and various other volunteers in AE. After Joko's defeat, however, the kingdom of Elona became divided and in need of leadership. Sunspear is the capital of Dorne , southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms , located in the far southeast of the continent on the Summer Sea.

    It consists of a strong, fortified castle and a town that sprawls around it. It is a town built largely of mud and straw. The town's largest structure is Spear Tower , a feet structure with a pinnacle of shining steel. The castle was the seat of House Martell , Princes of Dorne, until the family was temporarily deposed by Ellaria Sand and the three eldest Sand Snakes , who seized power through a coup.

    With the latter dead and the former imprisoned for life in King's Landing following a naval assault , an unidentified Martell assumed rule in Dorne, and by extension Sunspear. It is located on the far-eastern coast of Dorne and consists of two strong towers, the Spear Tower and the Tower of the Sun, the latter of which contains the Prince of Dorne's throne room. The castle walls are sand-colored, setting it apart from the other major castles of Westeros.

    Sunspear is surrounded by the shadow town, which consists of shops, markets and bazaars.

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    The town is also walled, though more buildings - mostly mud-brick hovels - stretch beyond it.