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1. Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Eternal Salvation with God the Father
  1. Salvation Through Jesus Christ & Answering What is Salvation?
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  3. Taking God Seriously
  4. Salvation in Christianity
  5. Four Crucial Elements of Salvation

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What Jesus Himself Teaches About Salvation ‒ Mike Mazzalongo

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Salvation Through Jesus Christ & Answering What is Salvation?

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  • Understanding Salvation - The Bible Translation & Exegesis Institute of America.
  • Understanding God's Salvation Plan.
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Taking God Seriously

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Salvation in Christianity

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Four Crucial Elements of Salvation

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  • Understanding Salvation?
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  • What is Salvation? - Biblical Understanding for Christian Faith.

Church Planting. Family Books. She encouraged me to continue preparing for a mission and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation with others so that they could receive the blessings of comfort and happiness as well. I realized that my mom was right. Why would I fear losing her here on earth if I knew that as long as I kept my covenants and completed the will of the Father that I would see her in the next life? I felt peaceful. A little while later, my mom passed away.

Even the people around me seemed to be uplifted. I smiled and knelt down to his level. I said goodbye to her and told her that we would see each other in the next life. I felt comforted despite our loss.