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It was common practice in the Jersey City fire department for the firefighter to handle the nozzle at the end of the hose.

Common Valor

The Captain's job was to stay alongside him and make the decision where to direct the stream. He would also communicate with the other officers on the scene to inform them as to their progress, or lack thereof.

Jedi Mind Tricks (Vinnie Paz + Stoupe) - "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story" [Official Audio]

As the door in between them and the fire closed, they prepared for their attack. Mike and John braced themselves for the water. They knew that when the dry hose line, which was flaked in a zig-zag pattern throughout a structure, is charged with water the sudden surge would push it out in awkward positions. They expected it would take them a few seconds to adjust before they could reopen the door and attack the fire. The two firefighters sat in the narrow hallway, just outside of the fire room, and waited for the thrust of water.

The fire roared as they impatiently held their position. Where's the damn water? Mike wondered as the temperature in the hallway continued to rise. The hose began to vibrate, signaling that water was making its way through the line. They braced themselves and waited with the nozzle aimed at the door, but nothing was happening. The fire was eating the door at a faster rate than either had previously experienced, and the heat was banking down hard on top of them. John pulled back on the handle, fully opening the nozzle.

Water trickled out the end of the hose and onto the floor about two feet in front of them. The fire continued to move into the hallway where they were staged causing Mike to grow more impatient. The Chauffeur was pumping the line for the exact amount of PSI he was supposed to for the length of and diameter of the hose they were using, but Mike was barely getting a drop through the nozzle. It resembled a water fountain more than a hose stream. Without water, the two were helpless and the heat began pushing them back into what felt like a wall behind them.

Smoke filled the hallway causing them to lose visibility, so Mike decided to pull back and wait for water at a safer distance. He reached behind and felt a wall on his right and on his left. Where's the door? Mike wondered. He was slightly disoriented and beginning to feel anxious.

Common Valor: Lessons Learned – Fire Engineering Training Community

He realized that the door must have closed behind them, so he extended his right arm and slid the palm of his gloved hand up and down, feeling for a doorknob. There wasn't one. He repeated the process with his left arm. Maybe this isn't the door, he thought, Where the hell are we? Mike reached down and grabbed the hose so he could follow it out of the room. Surely the hose line would lead to the open doorway. It was a good plan, however, he quickly realized that the swing door had closed on the hose before the line was charged.

When the chauffeur sent water through the line, the bottom of the doorframe acted as a clamp, stopping the water from passing through and jamming the door in shut position. Blaster, Sailor and Jiang are killed in the process. From McGregor's son, Rhodes learns that Frank became ill soon after his capture and died, despite McGregor's son's best efforts.

It is revealed that Frank was the soldier who stopped to carry a wounded McGregor during the platoon's evacuation to the helicopters in Vietnam in as seen in the opening scene , but they were left behind as the helicopter carrying Blaster, Sailor and Wilkes departed the hot landing zone. Stateside, the group is joyously welcomed by their families with media attention and fanfare.

Rhodes finds that in learning the fate of his son, he has gained some closure for his wife and himself. The film began with a screenplay by actor Wings Hauser.

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He and a friend developed it and sold it to Paramount. The film had at least five title changes. The Laotian POW camp that forms the climax of the film was built on a private ranch in the Lumahai Valley on the island of Kauai, Hawaii , and was filmed in early August, The opening scene depicting the Vietnam War was filmed a short distance away in a rice paddy , two miles from central Hanalei, Hawaii , and yards from the Kuhio Highway.

The helicopters used in the film were purchased as opposed to rented and repainted, since the United States Department of Defense was unwilling to rent the production military-spec Bell UH-1N Huey or Bell B Jet Ranger helicopters due to the apparent "anti-government" nature of the film. Milius hired a composer without Paramount's consent and Jeffrey Katzenberg over-ruled Milius.

The film was a box-office hit, one of the top-earning films of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When this is combined with his exceptional ability to describe in detail, the heroic activities of so many outstanding members of the fire service along with the compassion and humor which is typical of those in our profession, the result is a valuable contribution to the history of the fire service and a most enjoyable reading experience. You will read about true acts of heroism, laced with compassion for victims along with the overriding sense of family for brother and sister firefighters.

You will read about how they save us from harms way without regard or reservation to their own personal safety. Every day, in all kinds of weather and under the most horrific conditions imaginable. Firefighters do it because it has to be done. Not for money or glory, but quite simply because in their own words, "it's the best job in the world" - There's nothing common about that. Viscuso also writes in stirring dialogue about the worry and sacrifice of families who live with and love firefighters. His stories aren't only about firefighting, the book is also about the losses firefighters suffer when they've done everything they could, and it's still not enough.

His stories are covered in such vivid detail you would think that he was alongside the person or persons involved in the thick of the incident, with a pad taking notes. Each story keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you are a firefighter from a small town whether volunteer or paid, this book will allow you to hold your head up high because it is a testimony to laypeople that there are heroes in every department everywhere.

I believe this is the first of many similar books to come from this author! Keep up the good work brother!

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Common Valor is great reading and would also make a great gift. The accounts are easily understood by non-firefighter readers. Order your copy of Common Valor today! True Stories from America's Bravest.