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You want the dog to see the Disc as a toy for the two of you to play together. But you want him to want that toy. You want to teach him to get the disc when you fetch it. Some dogs might have to or need more Fetch Training then others. Start with very short, as in you can still reach the item, tosses for your dog.

Use the same word or phrase each time you want the fetching behavior from your dog. I use "fetch it up". When the frisbee is flying and you will first do this for your dog hanging onto the frisbee with your hands moving it for the dog to jump up a bit and get, you might use another word. I use, I know, I know, something as simple as "Frisbeeeeeee".

I drag the word out to excite the dog. Most people will have to buy a few different types to play with their own dog before they find the best fit for the two of them. Be warned, when you compete, most Disc Dog Clubs will specify the type you must use for the competition. Find out early, long before the date of the event and practice with your dog with that type of Disc.

I got such a kick out of one of the Disc Manufactures saying that " I remember when Nerf Balls came out on the Market yeah, I am old. They were billed as an indoor ball, then came other sponge toys from the same Company I do remember that parents either loved them or hated them Now I see they are making a Dog Frisbee.

I have not bought one of these to play with my dog, so I can not really give you a hands one description, but here is what the advertisement says:. Nerf Thermoplastic Rubber Flying Disc Dog Toy is very colorful so while having that throws time and he misses he is sure to find it in the grass. Make sure you feel the Disc yourself, look it all over, before you decide which one to buy to use with your dog to play. Once your dog will fetch the Frisbee on the ground. Take the disc in your hand and move it, telling the dog the word s you use for it to fetch something Say both words over and over until the dog grabs the frisbee out of your hand, tell the dog "GOOD!

Another good way, faster in my opinion, to teach your dog to catch the frisbie, is to teach your dog to "Catch" food treats as you toss them to the dog as it sits in front of you at a short distance. You can see our Tricks Page here at this site for full instructions to teach "Catch". You will also need a Release word, so that the dog lets go of the disc when you what it to give it to you. Many people use the word "Drop". Open the dog's mouth if you need to to take the Frisbee from it as you say the word.

Keep the dog on the ground or lower to the ground for the first several lessons. This keeps him wanting to play more and more. Later as you throw the Frisbee higher, the dog will have a clue of where to look for it when it leaves your hands. Once you and your dog get going with this sport, for fun or competition, you are going to find it is an addiction. The dogs have so much fun! They are getting great excersize. And for you, it will be such a site to watch. Beauty in motion. Whatever you do, do not get in a hurry to teach catching a Frisbee in the air too soon.

Take your time with training. Pups should not be jumping too high, it is not good for their joints, particularly hips and elbows. Like all training the more time you spend the more the dog will learn and remember. You need to remember that this is a game to your dog. Have fun. Make it fun. Keep it fun. By keeping it fun, and stopping the game before your dog is tired of it, your dog will always want more of this game!

Our Activities Go Ahead in all Weathers

There must be a lot of German Shepherd Dogs that play Frisbie. This statue looks a little general, as far as breed it could be to me, but it is named, by the Manufacturer "German Shepherd Dog". Very cute I think. Once you start in this sport, you will find yourself buying items such as this one, or you might receive it for a gift. This area of the page was printed, in full, in the Frisbee Disc Dog Newsletter. I was very tickled when the Newsletter came out. While I do throw a frisbie for our now dogs, we no longer compete Competing is so much fun and the people there are some of "Dog Event" best!

Training Tips. After your dog is excited about playing Frisbee and is obedience trained to come when called, meeting friends at local parks to play with your dogs together is great fun. Meeting together with your dogs is also good training for Disc Dog Competition.

Your dog will need to learn to focus on you and catching the Frisbee even with distractions. Dogs that have a "job" catching a Frisbee will spend less time barking, digging, and getting into what we humans call trouble. Take sports cones and a ' measuring tape to a large flat grassy field and mark off distances so that you can see how far you are throwing the Frisbee and at what distance your dog is catching the Frisbee. This will help you in your competition strategy. Our desire to be reassured about what is going to happen in our lives.

Look carefully at this, as life is exclaimed as the form of the secret A most interesting analogy. Can you explain the dynamics of life as a sonnet? What is the difference that the story is emphasizing here? What is the process or dynamic of "love"? The Book of Three. Alexander: "Heroes are people who think more of others than themselves.

This is not to say that they don't think of themselves.

Dog catching a frisbee at Huntington Beach - Picture of Huntington Dog Beach, Huntington Beach

They do. They certainly do. But they think of others more. Once ideals have been attained, how does one remain a human being when bombarded by outside forces?

Books by Anne Cowell

Discuss the meaning of the title, The Book of Three. Why "three"? How is three special, more so than one or two? In the very first sentence of the book, try to find some kind of polarity. Sword on the one side; horseshoes on the other. Discuss the meaning of "sword. Look in the Reader for a definition of sword. When we think of swords, in what context do they occur? You need to look it up and consider all of the various meanings, as well as the etymology.

It means here much more than the word in common usage. What does it mean to be a hero like someone else, for instance? What is the dynamic of the phrase? Or is there advice here? Taran hunches against a tree root, pulled his cloak closer about his shoulders. I don't even know who I am" Image carefully and consider the words the author uses.

Why are we given this vignette? Gydion concludes that it makes not difference whose destiny is being served. Page Are all Assistant Pig Keepers deaf as well as stubborn? For an instant he could not believe such beauty concealed the evil of which he had been warned. The business of royal blood. Eilonwy's interpretation of the writing on the sword.

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Royal blood is just a way of translating; in the Old writing, it didn't mean only having royal relatives. Gurgi has needs greater than safety, although certainly safety is a major need. He could remain in Medwyn's Valley, it is true. But he must be able to do something "purposeful" if he is to become human rather than remain animal. What is the polarity to safety here? What opposing value of need? What does "purposeful" mean? Fflewder plays the harp for the companions.

Here we have a disquisition on art. A writer writing about a musician. What is he saying about the creative process. Why the Hidden Valley episode? What are we to derive from this? Taran thinks back to what was before, and he yearns to be there, rather than where he is. What is this emotion in our own lives? What provokes it?

How does the book suggest that it be handled? Taran can stay in the valley if he wishes. Why doesn't he, if it is all right with Medwyn? Again what is the author saying? Look carefully to see specifically how Taran has changed from the beginning of the book. What specific example do you see on page On page Discuss Taran's pride or lack of it. Taran as the protagonist: Does he face any problems that are metaphoric for problems generally or frequently encountered by children?

What function in the design of the work is served by Gurgi--more than just another member of the group, that is? Read C. This is a very strange title beginning as it does with an ellipsis together with the coordinating conjunction "and. On pages 6 and 7, Miguel talks to Gabriel about how easy, it seems, to be Gabriel. After all, that's who I am. What does he mean when he says, "How easy it is for you to be Gabriel"? What is the meaning of Gabriel's answer. On pages 14 and 15, we read of the issue of the wool sacks, the problematic discussion with his father about the right wool sacks.

What are the dynamics of this situation? Relate this to the business of receiving stars on his work at school. Chapter 3 begins with Miguel's hearing the cry of the newborn lambs 25 and his translation of that cry. The chapter ends with Miguel sharing his secret with Pedro and Faustina. At this point 36 Pedro climbs up the back of the bed, pretending to be Miguel. Discuss the significance of these incidents. Are they related? A "sin' says the grandfather.

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Look carefully at this. What is the basis of the disagreement between them. Each sees the dynamics of sheep raising in a different light. He thinks about Pedro's drawings, that the mesa is like a picture. But this the vista of the mesa is wrong, while the picture is right. Can you see what the author is trying to say with this?

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Not what Miguel means, but what Krumgold means. He finds the sheep and takes them home. But he is dissatisfied with the reception he receives, particularly from his father. He tells Blasito, "If I can't tell you in my own way, what's the use? And then he says to himself, "But it wasn't enough. Again, what is going on here?

Obviously, there is a failure of communication somewhere. The family sees it one way, but Miguel sees it another. There was dancing Miguel watches Gabriel. Pay particular attention to his responses, especially his loss of interest What does his interaction with this situation tell us about his problem? Miguel has difficulty understanding the "universal law of wishes" What is that law?

What is Krumgold speaking through Gabriel trying to tell us? And why can't you return what you get, as you would return something to the story? A new kind of prayer. Whatever your name is. Where do they begin? What is the significant of the picture, the climbing up and down the mountains and the title of the book? One True Thing. Compare the following two sentences from the beginning of the book:.

Apply the meaning of this to the circumstances in the novel, then to the development of character and motivation. Show how this metaphor works in the book. Locate and discuss at least one other working metaphor in the book. Explain the trope here See the discussion of high school students' responses to literature, particularly on page Examine the use of Dickens, Eliot, and the other authors as a furthering of the texture and depth of significance. Where the Red Fern Grows. See page Why does Rawls begin his book with the main character as a grownup? Examine the incident on page 2, "For a second I saw him.

I caught my breath. I couldn't believe what I had seen. What is the significant of the violence of the scene? Note the number of times that writers see in seemingly small incidents chances to "read a story" such as when our narrator picks up the hound's paw 3. Page 4. I could have kept him in my back yard, but to pen up a dog like that is a sin.

Describe a "dog like that"? Page 7. Love is like a disease. How can that be? What does Grandpa do to help? Discuss the importance of saving 50 dollars. What might be an equivalent today? Why is this so special? Or is it? Why couldn't he tell his father the whole truth? Discuss the particulars of his journey. From one miserable experience to another, Billy seems destined to suffer for his hounds.

In the end, they die. Is it worth it? There is much pain and hardship in this story. Discuss the incident when Rubin falls on the axe How does this affect Billy? How are Old Dan and Little Ann like the humans in the story? Look carefully at the dogs' last fight. This story is excellent at understatement. What is understatement?

Might they to everyone in our world? Why is this important? What is Rawls trying to say? Look at the end of the story. How does the myth connect with change and maturation? How does memory still link Billy to his hounds and the love that he has learned about? What else has he learned? Indian in the Cupboard. The story begins with a realistic comment regarding children's common practice of "playing" with small figures [plastic in this case]. Look closely at the image of them as being "scattered about," especially the phrase, "the compost heap was full of soldiers.

What are the polarities here? Where does Omri's mother figure in this dynamic? Trace things being "lost" and "found" in these first few pages. What does it mean to "be lost"? Things thrown away? Watch for continuing motifs of lost, found, and secret throughout the rest of the story. What might the key symbolize? Imagination, yes, but how is the key connected to the issues presented in Chapter 2. How is this story like Swift's Gulliver's Travels? Like Tom Thumb? What conclusions can you draw from these comparisons?

Note the elements of transformations which take place. Why are these crucial to understanding the theme. Another motif in this story is one of doubling, mirror images of the self. Find two specific examples and discuss. What is the connection between the stereotypes offered of the Indian, the cowboy, and of the teachers even , and the subsequent breaking down of these stereotypical images? Omri mentions that many of his ideas are products of the movies.

Is this phenomenon unusual? How is Omri's "understanding" achieved? What do Patrick and Omri learn that adults do not? Note the element of humor in this story. Is this a plus? Connect the ending of the story with the beginning. What is meant by "blood brothers"? Where do the figures go? The Wind in the Willows.

Chapter One: Pay close attention to the opening setting, action, character and to the sequence of actions. What does the writer seem to be affirming here? How do you know? Have you had a similar experience? Look specifically at the words Grahame uses. Is the river significant? Chapter Two: Contrast Toad's irresponsibility here with what Mole has done in the first chapter. Note how Mole seizes the oars and tries to row the boat, only to upset the whole thing. Where are they going? Are the value judgments any different in this chapter?

Mole would desert his commitment to Toad in order to make Ratty feel good. But Rat knows that they have made a promise to Toad. He, however, is very much committed to his home. Is this also connected to his sense of responsibility? The country lay bare and entirely leafless around him, and he thought that he had never seen so far and so intimately into the insides of things as on that winter day when Nature was deep in her annual slumber and seemed to have kicked the clothes off.

He had got down to the bare bones of it, and they were fine and strong and simple" After a most poetical interlude, Mole decides to head for the Wild Wood. As opposed to what? For this is the last best gift that the kindly demigod is careful to bestow on those to whom he has revealed himself in their helping: the gift of forgetfulness How does this connect to our view of Badger and his home 77?

How does Mole's process differ from the processes attributed to human beings in this passage? Within the context of the story, do their values represent current values? Look carefully at the concluding paragraph on page Why is it important? There is a resolution to home conflict. What is it that makes the home sweet, the same home that was duty and boredom in the beginning? What does "Song Dream" mean? Why does Otter return to the same place on the river back to wait for Portly? The gift of forgetfulness? How can forgetfulness be a gift? Why is it a blessing to them to forget what they have seen?

How can it be found again? Here we have a writer writing about a writer of poetry? This is always important? Ask yourself, so what? What's the big deal? What are wayfarers? Are we all wayfarers? On page we see Nature's Grand Hotel. Consider the conservative nature of Ratty. Rats stay put while other species migrate Remember when Mole went to the wild wood and Rat stayed home.

Is this part of nature lore which Grahame wished to impart? Rats do travel; birds migrate. What does this mean beyond the fact that animals migrate? The South awaits you. There is still time to follow me. Indeed you will follow me. And most importantly the way to handle the fact that one has missed out, or that one cannot have what one wanted in life. What does this suggest? The function of art and creativity. The fame of the four with the inhabitants of the wild wood.

Note that it had very little to do with the reality of the characters, but what something the parents had created to control the children. Is Grahame making a comment? Consider Toad. Select any passage where the author shows Toad up to his tricks. Note how Grahame handles the material to give pleasure without, at the same time, granting approval. Discuss the passage. Find polarities. What does the wind symbolize? Grahame titled the book, The Wind in the willows.

Why wind? Why not the animals? As he hurried along, eagerly anticipating the moment when he would be at home again among the things he knew and liked, the Mole saw clearly that he was an animal of tilled field and hedgerow, linked to the ploughed furrow, the frequented pasture, the lane of evening lingerings, the cultivated garden-plot.

For others the asperities, the stubborn endurance, or the clash of actual conflict, that went with Nature in the rough; he must be wise, must keep to the pleasant places in which hislines were laid and which held adventure enough, in their way, to last for a lifetime. The Little Prince. Examine the drawings on the first two pages.

What is the responses of the adults? Is this typical? What does this dynamic point to about the importance of vision and understanding in this book? What are the dynamics in this first chapter? Does this tension continue throughout the book? What is the significance of the opening lines Chapter Two? Now he is "grown-up. This time what are the circumstances of the main incident?

What is the difference between the seemingly rejection of the author's drawing of a sheep and the rejection he experienced of his "Drawing One"? Why do you think the Little Prince says, "That is exactly the way I wanted it" 10? The narrator says, "I should have liked to say: 'Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was scarcely any bigger than himself, and who had need of a sheep.

This would have given a much greater air of truth to his story or so he says. Why does he buy some paints and crayons after six years? Why is the flower so important to the prince? What does it represent? What are its characteristics? Is it a symbol of something else? One the first asteroid, the Prince visits a King. Describe this King. Is there a moral to this lesson? Is it too heavy handed? What are the polarities or issues in this experience? How is this related to the theme of the book?

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Why does the author include a "tippler"? What is the purpose here? What do the lamplighter and the businessman have in common? One must observe the proper rites. Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world. Then come back to say goodbye to me, and I will make you a present of a secret. The following statement by the little prince contains the germ of one of the predominant themes of the book. But I have made him my friend, and now he is unique in all the world. How can it apply to realistic relationships?

From this experience, the little prince subsequently learns a secret. What is it? Is it connected to the other experiences? How does it connect with the beginning of the book? Can you summarize some of the important lessons which children seem capable of learning in this book as opposed to grownups? What does the little prince do at the end of story?

Why does he go back the way he does? The story begins and ends with a snake? Explain the significance of the last two pictures in the book? How do these pictures illustrate the little prince's message? This story is as much as fantasy as it is an allegory. What is an allegory? Why is a book like this so much more than an allegory? Connect the book's dedication to a polarity in the book itself. Use details to describe your idea. Some say that this book appeals more to adults than to children. Explain why this might be so or why it might not.

Give some examples from the book as evidence.

Wine Dogs Frisbee

You might also consider how Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs helps us understand this book. How does the epic idea of journey fit this story? The last page contains the following statement: "This is, to me, the loveliest and saddest landscape in the world.

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Explain it in terms of the story as a whole. Nothing but the Truth. Keeping this technique in mind, discuss the relevance of Avi beginning the book with a "Memo" addressed to all homeroom teachers. Look specifically at the motto, "Where our children are educated, not just taught" and at 3, "Please all rise and stand at respectful silent attention for the playing of our national anthem" 1. The structure of epistolary, "confessional," or reporting style of Nothing.

This desire Philip is aware of. Discuss what other problems, needs, desires emerge from his first two diary entries ; Refer to specific quotations. Difficult economic situations further create problems in this book. List quotations which illustrate several areas where this is true. Look carefully at the irony here, not just for Philip but for his father. The book points out different types of literature being read. Discuss the problem here if you perceive any and give examples from the book to support your views.

What are some of the themes in the literature? Communication between parents and their children, between students themselves, and certainly between Philip and his peers seems to be disfunctional. Give specific instances of this miscommunication. What happens to Philip and his peers, to Philip and his parents? Is there a positive example given in the book? Discuss the difficulties with the discipline procedures that occur. Are these procedures connected with the relationship which is described between the school board, the parents, and the teachers?

What are some of the tensions inherent in this situation? Is this common today? Give examples. Look at specific examples ? Give a current example. How does his intervention escalate the problem? What do you think? Should Ms. Narwin have taken the sabbatical which Dr. Gertrude Doane offers her? Is the problem tenure as Griffen implies ? Narwin have made along the way?

What might you do in similar circumstances? Is her decision connected to her teaching style? What are the differences in teaching techniques between Lunser and Narwin? She loves playing tug-of-war with it. Nylabone Dental Dinosaurs are another great toy idea from Nylabone, and they come in three shapes — Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This toy includes three squeaky squirrels and a plush tree trunk. Puppies are known for being destructive with their constant chewing. This piece teething, chew set is a must for anyone with a puppy. It includes s queaky, plush, ropes, chew and frisbee toys. Exercise is the primary reason why many dog owners invest in toys. Having a ball to throw for a dog helps keep exercise rigorous and also fun for both the dog and you.

Exercise is a crucial part of having a healthy dog because without adequate exercise a dog can become obese and fall prey to many illnesses. Without adequate intellectual stimulation, dogs can become destructive, disobedient and downright impossible to handle. With a combination of exercise and mental stimulation, however, it is possible for even the most high energy dog to relax.

A great way to bond with your dog is to engage in playtime that involves their favorite toys. Toys are also a great way to encourage bonding in multiple-dog households. If you have more than one dog, toys can encourage interactive playing and help dogs bond with each other as well as understand their place in the hierarchy of the home. A great way to improve dental health and reduce the need for surgical cleanings is to invest in toys that are designed to clean teeth as your dog plays. These toys encourage chewing which stimulates saliva and helps to diminish plaque and reduce its occurrence.

While your dog would likely choose every one of these toys as their favorite, choosing the right one is up to you. If, however, you have a dog that adores plush toys but can get a little carried away then the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy might be the right choice for you. Exercise Gifts. Disclaimer: This website contains reviews, opinions and information regarding products and services manufactured or provided by third parties. We are not responsible in any way for such products and services, and nothing contained here should be construed as a guarantee of the functionality, utility, safety or reliability of any product or services reviewed or discussed.

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