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Doing weapons research for defensive systems is therefore not morally acceptable, as any weapons might feasibly be used as part of an unjust war of aggression. Then the question — and it is not an ahistorical question — is, Who are the munitions supposed to target? If a strategic bridge is near a hospital and the attacker wants to hit the bridge and spare the hospital, then it is better he uses PGMs than iron bombs, as the former are more likely to hit the preferred target.

But if the attacker wants to hit the hospital , if he is a terrorist or retaliatory bomber, he would also rather use PGMs. Therefore precision guided munitions do not by their very nature spare innocents and only destroy militarily important assets. Those choices are made by the persons who use them, and their choices are historical, made in historical contexts. The response here is essentially the same as it was above. At the end of the Cold War this situation ended because there were no longer any hostile armies in Eastern Europe.

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But weapons that were once used for deterrence can be re-deployed elsewhere, and for other purposes — which is what happened to the US stockpile of cruise weapons. They were rearmed and used in the Gulf Wars. J now tries a different tack. She points out that the research dilemma rests on a moral principle to the effect that it is wrong to harm without justification, and while she accepts that principle, she claims it does not apply to her work. It does not apply, as she believes, because she is not actually harming anyone.

She goes to the lab every day, she does experiments and performs calculations, and no one gets hurt, not even any lab animals thank goodness. The means principle states that it is wrong to knowingly provide the means to harm unless the harm is justified. She works in a weapons lab, weapons labs produce weapons, and the whole point of a weapon is to kill people and destroy things.

Is there no consolation for Kalashnikov? I think his only consolation is to make his story known to all young scientists, and to suggest to them that they never undertake weapons research in peacetime.

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They should only do weapons research in times when there is an immediate threat of aggression against their country. Furthermore, they should form a collective and undertake only to do weapons research on condition that they retain a copyright or patent on their work.

it's no consolation definition | English definition dictionary | Reverso

The work is then given out under license to state-sponsored weapons producers until the threat has passed. Any remaining weapons are to be destroyed. You might say that this is utopian, and it would never work, but then it might console Kalashnikov, who, after all, was a Marxist, and perhaps also a utopian. He works in the area of science and responsibility. This site uses cookies to recognize users and allow us to analyse site usage.

By continuing to browse the site with cookies enabled in your browser, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. The belief of being prudent, and self-denying, principally for his advantage, was her chief consolation , under the misery of a parting, a final parting; and every consolation was required, for she had to encounter all the additional pain of opinions, on his side, totally unconvinced and unbending, and of his feeling himself ill used by so forced a relinquishment.

This is not saying much--for hitherto I had been a little neglectful in that particular; but now, also, it was no uncommon thing to spend as much as two minutes in the contemplation of my own image in the glass; though I never could derive any consolation from such a study. As the hour of two approached the friends began to arrive and after offering such consolation to the stricken relatives as the proprieties of the occasion required, solemnly seated themselves about the room with an augmented consciousness of their importance in the scheme funereal.

What is Spiritual Consolation?

Can I find comfort or consolation - peace, certainty, contentment, all - or anything that I want at home? I shall hear about you all," said he; that is my chief consolation. The tailor listened with attention, but his reply, instead of giving me consolation , only increased my trouble. Dictionary browser? Full browser? Can you see how the steps we need to take in desolation are very similar to those in consolation? Persevere in patience! Permit yourself to trust the movements of your heart.

Permit yourself to trust that God wants to speak to you. This will never stop being true. Take heart. He wants to speak new clarity into your life. We are called to abide in Him, especially if we are in a season of desolation. He sees your suffering. He sees that you are showing up. He hears you. He wants to give your heart rest. He wants you to trust that before you even go to prayer, He is already there looking upon you with great love. The longing of His heart is for you to be in relationship with Him through every season of consolation and desolation.

Our Need for Consolation Is Insatiable … (film text excerpts)

We are the ones who grow tired and who have limits on our love. We are the ones who fail to surrender our lives to Him every day. He is not surprised by our unlove. He has claimed us for His own. The battle has been won! There is no time for hiding. When we are in a place of consolation and desolation, the only thing that we can keep doing is put ourselves in the position to be found. Firm believer that walking the Way of the Cross is our only shot at sainthood, and that Beauty will save the world.

I love laughing really hard, eating dark chocolate peanut butter cups, jamming out to the oldies, reading the book, A Severe Mercy, and jumping in the ocean.

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Of Consolation: To Marcia

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