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  1. Sacred Land: Decoding the hidden history of Britain by Martin Palmer
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Walking on the dead.

Sacred Land: Decoding the hidden history of Britain by Martin Palmer

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden. He lives in Somerset, very close to one of England's most impressive Neolithic long barrows. Tools for the journey. As part of the 'How the Light Gets In' festival , ARC director Martin Palmer will be participating in a panel on what motivates our newfound environmental consciousness. The event takes place at Globe Hall, Hay on Wye from am. May May 9, 'Route ', St.

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Director of ARC Martin Palmer will be one of four speakers on the panel which will then open up to an audience involved debate and discussion. The evening will start at 6pm with a reception in St Stephen's cafe before moving to the church for meditation. Link here for more information. Link here for the Hounslow Friends of Faith website. The venue is to be announced. ARC's fourth international workshop for its new Faith in Food initiative will be held in MIC in London for faith groups and delegates to discuss issues around how to be faith-consistent and sustainable in the food we eat, buy and grow.

March 14, Eco Sikh Environment Day. This date marks both the Sikh New Year, according to the Nanakshahi Sikh Calendar, and also the Gurgaddi Diwas of the seventh Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai ji, who in the mid 17th century was preaching that Sikhs must defend all that is vulnerable — including plants and animals.

March 22, Eco-Faith Conference, London Interfaith Action Interact is hosting an Eco-Faith Conference to explore the need for action amongst faith communities to combat climate change and take part in environmental action together. Link here. March , Climate Week, backed by the Prime Minister.

ARC diary archive

Climate Week will see organisations from every part of society run events to highlight the positive steps being taken across Britain to help prevent climate change. This meeting, supported by the World Bank, US Aid, the British Council and the Norwegian Govenment, focuses on new environmental initiatives — recognising the crucial role that faiths have to play in protecting our living planet.

Link here for the news story. Speakers from various faith communities will share their perspectives of environmental responsibility. This promises to be a lively and thought-provoking discussion for theist and atheist alike. This talk will also be broadcasted live via the internet, visit bit. See www. January 20, The Jewish New Year for Trees The New Year for Trees is the season for Jewish communities planting and blessing trees and giving thought to the essential role trees play in our lives.

The New Year for Trees will be particularly poignant, remembering the forest blaze which swept away some 10, acres of the Carmel Forest in Israel, taking 50 lives in December Past diary entries, from April Friends of all faiths and none are invited to join in; a meeting of prayer and music will take place an hour before at the Church of the Annunciation, Bryanston Street at 11 am and will feature a talk from environmental theologian Edward Echlin, author of the book "Climate and Christ".

NOVEMBER November , Faith and Food workshop, New York This will be an opportunity for invited faith representatives to gather to discuss the theology of food and how to develop sustainable policies for the purchasing, production and consumption of food. The first of four international workshops, and part of ARC's food and faith programme.

Co-hosted by Hazon. The conference brings together leading voices in faith and the environment from around the US. Click here for more information. November 13, The Tiger in Asian Religions study day, London A study day at Asia House exploring the tiger's role as a symbol of power and protection in the religions and arts of Asia through the centuries.

Please click here for more details. This year, churches are encouraged to focus on the two theme of biodiversity is the UN Year of Biodiversity, and on Africa. September , Faith and Biodiversity Meeting, Chennai, India The Church of South India is organising this workshop for followers, leaders and friends of the Church as part of their ongoing programme to alert people to the importance of looking after this beautiful and diverse world. Attendees and speakers from Kerala, Chennai and elsewhere in southern India.

ARC's head of communications, Victoria Finlay, will attend. September 18, Growing Organically; Using church land as a model for environmental change This conference will cover the importance of church land management. It will also give practical examples of projects and open up opportunities to see what conservation potential church land may hold. Click here. Not an ARC event.

Bestselling Series

For more info click here. It is hosted by the National Justice and Peace Network. July 30, Sacred Bristol Martin Palmer leads a guided tour of the city of Bristol and teaches how to read the religious landscape, from Churches to rivers he explores the rich symbolism that can be found all around us. More details to follow. What is your faith community doing? This event in the 'Wildlife Conservation' series will begin at 6.

ZSL Meeting Rooms. Topics in this year's Flora locale training programme include: Community farming and landscape restoration; Managing churchyards and burial grounds for conservation; Ponies, wildflowers and wonderful landscapes; Restoring a lowland river; Creating new woods from seed and much much more.

This is not an ARC event, but it stems from the Living Churchyards programme we were involved with some years ago.

Martin Palmer on Britain's Sacred Land

June 19, Finding the Spirit in a Secular Age. Other talks in this all-day conference include Spirituality in the Arts by Prof. In attendance will be the abbots from the major Buddhist Monasteries of the Greater Shanghai area - around 60 monks - who have been exploring Chinese Buddhist beliefs and values with regards to the environment, as well as practical action plans. ARC's role is to help put that into an international context. For the Buddhists' 8 year plan click here.

April 22, Earth Day Celebration It has been 40 years since a barrage of assaults on our natural environment motivated the first Earth Day in , which marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The presence of the religions in this movement are evermore on the increase, and several groups are seizing the opportunity to raise environmental awareness by celebrating Earth Day this year.

Interfaith Power and Light's website contains numerous ideas and resources , including sermons and examples of how to act in the community on this day. This and other evenings in the series will balance a lecture with group activities and conclude with something prayerful. Mid-late March, Educational talks in and around Bath During March Martin Palmer will be talking at Bath Spa University to the cultural and historical department about faiths and the environment.

He will also be giving a talk on March 29 to year 11 students at Cotham School, Bristol, along similar themes. We invite our friends and partners to join us in this, by turning off all lighting and electric appliances in your homes for an hour or more on the 27th March, and also during the weekend of March 28th and 29th, when it is safe to do so. Please also see details about last year's Earth hour here. February 11, St Ethelburga's Centre talks We live in uncertain times surrounded by economic recession and the threat of environmental catastrophe.

How do we respond to this spiritually? Are there opportunities within the crisis to change our quality of consciousness and our relationship with life? In a series of inquiries, St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace invited the wisdom of different faith traditions, and ARC's Martin Palmer, to bear on these questions, and create a reflective space to explore the inner dimensions of our most pressing global issues.

For more details click here. For more details, click here. As the world prepares for the climate change gathering of nation states at Copenhagen in early December, the Windsor Castle Celebration will offer another way of mobilising people to help protect the environment. This will be a wonderful and important event in a truly spectacular setting. ARC invites the major faiths to announce their Long Term Plans to Protect the Living Planet, and major secular organisations to make commitments to work with the faiths on natural environment and climate change issues.

The weeks before the Windsor event will be the chance for many faiths around the world to celebrate their long term plans in festivals and events at home. Link here for more details about the Seven and Eight Year Plans and how your faith community can create one. If you are a faith group or community which has made a long term plan for generational change, please contact us at: info arcworld. It will be available to play again, via the internet, for one week after transmission. Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 7pm. A public meeting in this historical meeting house, to announce new commitments by faiths to protect the environment, and new partnerships with secular organisations to assist that process.

Features presentations by senior faith leaders and UN officials, as well as music, dance and prayer. Free ticket registration. Hosted by Prof. Link here and here to listen - starting just after the 6th minute, and available until November 1 It involves the giving of zakat - compulsory charity tithe on all Muslims to support the weak and vulnerable. September Rosh Hashanah: the Jewish New Year also known as the "Birthday of the World" and a time of reflection upon our role here on earth.

Ends with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement on 28th Sept when all sins are reflected upon and forgiveness sought. September 18th - Start of the Hindu festival of Navaratri - Nine Days: the festival of Durga, the female aspect of the Divine in her many manifestations - as fighter against evil forces; compassionate mother etc. How does the climate movement view Muslims? What are the values that we share?

How can we hope to work together? For more details, to www. There are still a few places left for what will be a fascinating meeting in a beautiful location. If you are interested in the relationship between faith and forests, or the history of that relationship or how it might shape a new future for forests, this will be a great event to attend. It takes place at the lakeside village of Bak near Ratzeburg in Germany and costs Euros for all food, accommodation and fees.

Contact Dr. Arnd Heling at Stiftung schoepfungsbewahrung. We regret this conference event is not open to the public. It is hoped these key scholars from across the spectrum of the Islamic faith will endorse the plan and declare it to be the Muslim 7 Year Action Plan to respond to climate change.

Link here for further details. Mary will explore our relationship with nature to reveal how complex it is and how we need to regain a sense of the sacred. If we succeed in re-balancing the way we use and connect with the natural world then the future will be much better than today.

This is a time of opportunity and creativity, not doom and gloom. All welcome. Further information from Chris Davies. Link to Clifton Diocese. For details of the draft Islamic 7YP, link here. The event ran from hours on Tuesday, 12 May until hours on Thursday, 14 May. For more details please link here.

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For more details link to the AFDC website. Steve Ward. Admission free, with a collection to defray expenses. Please contact the Secretary, Peter Massey on for more details. A natural history programme on why we need to keep the Amazon as intact as possible and why the rainforest is so special. The programme will be repeated again on Wednesday 6th May at hours. For more details, link to Radio 3's Night Waves.

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And for details of a Buddhist arts festival organised by the Robert H. Please note the festival is not an ARC event. The meeting will initiate a plan of action on the environment for each temple. The DVDs should last about an hour. Everyone is welcome. For more details go to: One World Week. Please note this is not an ARC event. Participants will identify the keys to powerful advertising and the means to communicate effectively about low or zero carbon products while teachers and participants will explore ways of communicating creative approaches to sustainability.

This is not an ARC-sponsored event. And we invite our friends and partners to join us in this, by turning off all lighting and electric appliances in your homes for an hour or more during the weekend of March 28th and 29th - and indeed on any otherdays in the year that you can safely do so.

Exploring the Japanese Countryside [Yahiko Village]

This will be available for Schools and Colleges to access from Clifton Diocese's website. Visit www. A brief overview of Surah Ar-Rahman. Free admission. Contact David Miller on or link here for more details. Link here for details of the campaign. The Myriad but Accessible Secrets of our Environment, Our Legacy SACRED LAND is unlike most any other book in that it takes an at-hand topic - the place where we live or the places we visit - and dissects these with the skill of a scientist and the knowledge of a journalist and the grace of a poet.

He dissects names assigned to towns, areas, and places and helps us see how the progression of even the name of a place holds history and secrets that help us truly understand. He offers how to look at a church to determine what makes it above the routine edifice where people simply gather by habit. This book is unique and in addition to being a thoroughly researched thesis of Britain's history it is also a key to understanding why we love the places we love, hunger for a knowledge of history and ancestry, and appreciate the power that certain areas and places and buildings and natural scenes have on beckoning us to return.

Highly recommended. Grady Harp Aug 15, Ian Vince rated it really liked it. Furthermore, he manages to weave all these strands into a world view which far exceeds the bounds of this book. He starts by suggesting that the last eight thousand years of British history can be characterized as a series of extraordinary but unsustainable civilizations, each of which suffered cataclysmic failure because it strayed from respect for the environment.

He writes with a rare mix of authority and warmth and the book is at its best in detective mode, unearthing one clue after another on the path to the next revelation about our history. Each chapter ends with a helpful gazetteer of notable locations featured in the text.

See a Problem?

All in all, a fascinating insight into the shape of our environment as well as a welcome blast of pragmatic Christianity. Sep 12, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: borrowed-from-library. Amazing book, devoured over an enjoyable weekend orgy of reading. I was fascinated by the author's ability to cover such a sweep of history, explaining social change and beliefs over time, and the relevance of place to each cycle.

I think I will want to read it again - much to think about. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Martin Palmer. Martin Palmer. Books by Martin Palmer. Trivia About Sacred Land: Deco No trivia or quizzes yet.