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Some of the staged scenes are just so obvious its embarrassing. Take creepy 'Ralph' in the opening scenes for example! So - is the Bell Witch real? Will I watch the entire series? Well, hell yeah! Right, that said - what's it all about? Then we have the true facts to the whole case. All rights reserved. Even Andrew Jackson, who came to investigate, retreated to Nashville after his coach wheels stopped mysteriously.

Many visitors to the house saw the furniture crash about them and heard her shriek, sing, and curse. Or was the Bell Witch just a patsy.

Watch Cursed: The Bell Witch Online | Full Series: Every Season & Episode

Bell family neighbor Kate Batts believed John treated her unfairly on a land deal. She also wanted to stop John's youngest daughter Elizabeth, nicknamed Betsy, from marrying a boy named Joshua Gardner. John Bell Sr. He shot at the animal several times and it vanished. That evening, there was beating against the walls of the family's log house. Nothing was outside. Over the next few weeks the Bell children would wake up after hearing the souds of rats were gnawing at their bedposts. They experienced bed covers being pulled down and heir pillows being thrown to the floor by an unseen force.

Betsy reportedly was slapped several times. People who spent spent the night corroborated the torments. They reported hearing the disembodied voice of a woman singing hymns and quoting scriptures. After Betsy woke up with hand prints and welts on her face, John called in his friend James Johnston, who spent a night in the house and confirmed hearing unusual sounds.

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As they got out to investigate one man was hit with a large stone. Note: To the best of our knowledge, we have never lived in a demonically possessed house, but we imagine that, for variety's sake, there are some uncompelling goings-on in between the shrieks and screams. Well, we could go on, but the evidence is clearly overwhelming. The only thing we've failed to explain is the why: Namely, why would Hollywood want us to think Paranormal Activity is the work of a supertalented first-time writer-director, rather than the last gasps of a young couple coming to terms with their upside-down mortgage?

Because reality shows about things that go bump in the night are a dime a Ghost Hunters dozen.

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Because if you think we'll think Paranormal Activity is the new Blair Witch , then you think we'll go see it. And while Hollywood may be right about that last one, we're putting the town on notice: We've seen Inglourious Basterds ; we know things about World War II you'll never know. And we know everything about Paranormal Activity that you'd never thought we'd figure out! We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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