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  3. Reliability of the JobFit System Pre-Employment Functional Assessment Tool.

Welcome to JobFit

Competencies can be assessed using various tools like psychological tests , assessment centres competency based interview, situational analysis , etc. If the Individual displays a high P-O fit, we can say that the Individual would most likely be able to adjust to the company environment and work culture, and would be able to perform at an optimum level. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Personality and Organizational Culture as Determinants of Influence. Personality, behavioral, and situational modifiers of work stressors. In Cooper, C. Stress at work. New York: Wiley. We all reach a point that takes us out of or beyond our comfort zone and natural talent.

What was once a perfect match becomes a bit imperfect. Job fit scores tell us how likely it is that the job applicant will succeed when compared to other employees in similar roles.

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The not-such-a-good-fit component — the gap between the score and percent match — reveals why they might not work out. Most everyone ignores the gap, however small it is. But ignoring what might trip up the candidate in a new role, in a new environment, or how he manages more responsibilities may be short sighted.

When reading the results of pre-employment tests, R-E-A-D the report or at least the executive summary. Managers and recruiters must look beyond the score. Seek out outlying traits, styles, values, and skills that might eventually raise their ugly head. Not only is this a good hiring practice, but it opens up opportunities for the high-potential candidate to recognize potential performance hiccups in advance and develop the skills and ability to mask or overcome them.

What do I get?

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Jobfit delivers a broad range of services to thousands of businesses nationally, including pre-employment medical assessments, work fitness assessments, injury management and prevention, drug and alcohol screening, onsite medical services, health surveillance, and health and wellness programs. Their previous website had an excellent ranking and it was a critical this remained during transition from their old website to the new.

Reliability of the JobFit System Pre-Employment Functional Assessment Tool.

Their social media advantage and online marketing services were utilised to create lead generation as part of maintaining their ranking. On top of keeping their ranking, the new website had to show a complete brand refresh — identical to their parent company, Fullerton Health Australia. Due to this, the web service functionality and structure for their new website needed to reassess in order to obtain their desired outcome and the changing in platforms created an extra challenge for the administrators of the website.

By changing CMS platforms, this presented a content migration challenge, as the original content needed to be moved between two very different types of database systems — one Microsoft-based, the other Linux-based — both with extremely different information infrastructure.

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The website was completely designed from scratch in order to create a more modern look and feel than the previous site. Additionally, more features such as mobile responsiveness, location search, and live pricing in the quote calculator were developed to modernize and keep it up to date with the technology of the website. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the website, the placement of Calls to Action were included in the template when it was designed. Aspects of their parent company, Fullerton Health Australia, were also added to the design to reflect Jobfit and accurately represent the brand.

While SEO was a challenge, digital marketing was heavily involved in this project.