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Thangkas that can be dated on the basis of inscriptions mostly portraits oflamas permit stylistic classification from around ; however, it also becomes appar-ent that there was certainly more than a single line of development, as parallel schoolsexisted. This presentation explores the question of whether an at least relative chronologycan be posited for the extant material and whether schools of painting can be distin-guished from one another. Analysis of Tibetan titles: Towards a genre-basedclassification of Tibetan literatureOrna AlmogiIn the last few decades the number of accessible Tibetan works has increased dramati-cally, bringing with them the need to be catalogued and documented systematically.

Ti-betan literature comprises a variety of genres, which are based on both the different sub-ject matters and the diverse stylistic forms and methods of presentation. This diversity oftopics and methods of presentation makes cataloguing Tibetan literature highly chal-lenging. The schemes found in most existing catalogues were designed to suit a particu-lar limited collection. But no genre-scheme has yet been proposed for cataloguing theentire corpus of Tibetan literary works.

To optimise the accessibility of Tibetan writingssuch a scheme will have to include the broadest spectrum possible of genre types and keywords. What factors are essential for a genre-based classification? Of primary importanceare no doubt the Tibetan titles themselves including the terms for genres they contain.

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Asother scholars also noticed, title analysis is not as easy as it first seems. On the one hand,several different titles may exist for one and the same text, and on the other hand, anyattempt to classify Tibetan texts by mechanically relying on the Tibetan genre terms provesto be problematic. In my paper, I shall clarify the importance of Tibetan titles and possible implicationsfor cataloguing.

I shall attempt to analyse the various types of titles and their differentcomponents, including their ornamental parts. Finally, I shall propose strategies for acataloguer to make the most of titles. Exotica Tibet and the poetics of post colonial representationsDibyesh AnandTibet has remained at the edge of postcolonial theory while the latter too has only mademinor skirmishes into Tibetan studies. In this sense, my paper sends a postcard from theedge to both the study of Tibet and the Tibetans as well as to postcolonial studies.

Thispaper is about the writing of Tibet in the international political imaginary. It argues forenculturing political analysis and politicising cultural analysis if we are to appreciate therhetorical tropes underlying the poetics of colonial and postcolonial representations ofthe non-Western peoples and places such as Tibet and the Tibetans. Against some Tibetanists, it stresses that Edward Said-inspiredOrientalism critique is relevant in the context of Tibet too.

The empirical case of ExoticaTibet is contextualised within a more general postcoloniality that is postcolonial criticalspirit. Tibetan students in Soviet RussiaAlexander AndreyevThis paper is intended to shed light on the hitherto unknown story of Tibetan students,who were educated in the USSR in the ss, in the wake of Soviet-Tibetan rap-prochement. According to Russian sources, in early February , a group of four Ti-betan teenage boys, accompanied by the Dalai Lamas diplomatic courier, one ChampaThogmed, arrived in Urga Outer Mongolia , apparently on the initiative of Tibets ruler.

The paper discusses their curriculum, the life condi-tions and leisure as well as various mishaps they met with, based on the available infor-mation in the extent Russian sources. A report on Bhutanese castle ruins and caves associated withLha-sras Gtsang-maJohn ArdussiAn important ancestral figure in the early history of eastern Bhutan was Lha-sras Gtsang-ma b. According to most Tibetan histories, Gtsang-ma was sidestepped for nomination as btsan-po due to his being a committed Buddhist.

Instead, sometime during the reigns of hisbrothers Ral-pa-can and Glang Darma he was sent into southern exile and assassinated. In Bhutan, however, traditions view Gtsang-ma as the progenitor of old ruling familiesfrom districts near Tashigang, whose independent kingdoms were absorbed during themid 17th into the unified state of Bhutan. Today, there remain largely uninvestigatedruins in eastern Bhutan connected with Gtsang-ma. There are, in addition, less certaintraditions connecting him with old temples and cave sites in western Bhutan.

In thispaper, I propose to review some of the issues of the various Gtsang-ma legends, focusingon the castle ruins and caves with which he is tied. The latter was also famousin Bon-po histories as a place of gter-ma concealment. We are the Lhopos, we do not have Tibetan origins. TheTibetans are the refugees: Understanding the perception ofTibetan identities in contemporary Sikkim, IndiaVibha AroraThis paper seeks to explore the changes in the perception of Tibetan community in con-temporary Sikkim by following a historical approach to understand the inter-relationsbetween Tibet and Sikkim.

Lhopos is the term used to refer to the ethnic group of Bhutiaswho reside in Sikkim and who historically migrated to Sikkim in the 14th century. Kabi isthe sacred site where a historic blood brotherhood treaty was solemnised between theindigenous Lepchas and the Bhutia migrants. This event marked the entry of the Bhutia groups in Sikkim.

In the 17th century, Phuntsog Namgyal who was a descendant of Khye Bumsa wascrowned as the King Chos-rgyal in Tibetan at Yoksum by three influential monks be-longing to the Nyingma sect. These monks had fled from Tibet fearing persecution by theascendancy of the Gelugpa sect in Historically the influence of Tibet has been verystrong in Sikkim. A reading of the document History of Sikkim written by MaharaniYeshay Dolma and Maharaja Thutob Namgyal in explicitly testifies to this influ-ence. Another document, the Gazetteer of Sikkim Risley lists 14 clans as the origi-nal root clans of the Lhopas in Sikkim.

This document is also now being cited by theLhopos as the evidence of their claims to indigeneity.

Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

Only the clans recognised by thetwo documents History of Sikkim and the Gazetteer of Sikkim are the rightful claim-ants as Lhopas. The identity of the Lhopas has also been affirmed in civil law. The Land RevenueOrder no. The proclamation forbids the alienation of landbelonging to the Bhutias and Lepchas to any other group than themselves. These provi-sions and other customary laws were also incorporated in the merger agreement of Sikkimwith India in Article f of the Constitution of India is committed to respect therights of the indigenous Lepchas and Bhutias. However the Scheduled Tribes notificationof led to a rede J'ai du Bon Tabac.

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The lamare tapes senator kathog - Ebook List

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