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Classes could also choose to participate in our Writing Contest , or select a particular Bleu Mobley title of their choosing to complete as a class or interdisciplinary set of classes as is being done as a pilot program at Rutgers University, Spring The videos, text excerpts not included in the printed edition, interviews, articles, and other supplemental materials can also be used to study and discuss A LIFE IN BOOKS , and serve as an example of how creative writing can manifest itself in other media beyond the confines of a book.

The traveling exhibition can also serve as a resource for classes who are using the book. And of course, copies of the book are also on display. This exhibition is designed to travel easily and inexpensively. It fits into a few boxes, ships at a reasonable cost, and is relatively easy to install. The art and text panels are archival inkjet prints mounted onto sintra board, with mounts on the back.

Michael Avallone

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Crossing the BLVD lets you listen and browse and understand. Studs Terkel in cyberspace. More visceral than most biographies, The Portrait Series is an extraordinary set of books that allows you to physically hold the subjects in your hand as you read their eccentric, strange, dangerous and amazing stories.

The result is this marvelous, bustling page book. Except for the work of the famous French designer Robert Massin, I had never seen an approach to typography quite like this before. And unlike the work of Massin, which was in French, I could actually read this. He is given the chance to give it back without dying. Unfortunately, Noon doesn't know what it is.

Noon isn't scared, just cautious. Then the producer, who has hired Noon to investigate, is put in the hospital. Then the killing starts. It helped him win a lot of money on game shows.

Curious Beginnings - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 1

It also haunted him with what happened at the end of WWII and that got him killed. Freeing her just puts him in the middle of a hunt for gold that sets other people out to get rid of him quickly. It was somehow related to a blue movie that a fashion queen wanted recovered.

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Noon is surprised when the White House asks him to look into the case. One of the large entourage was also an assassin hired to kill him unless Ed Noon, specifically asked by the President, can stop the unknown killer. Ed Noon is asked to investigate when one of these men disappears, along with that vital container.

The man's daughter comes to Noon but is it for help or for a patsy and will Noon live long enough to learn which? He was working his way towards the most famous one in the country and she asks Noon for help. The President sends Noon to quiet things down but life doesn't work out that way. Now someone has shown up with photos and is threatening to destroy her.

One source indicates that this was a rewrite of an early Noon story from the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. When a reporter uncovers the truth, Noon is offered a lot of money to kill him. When Noon refuses, his life takes a dramatic turn downward.

Editorial Reviews

Two decades later, her son, a successful playwright, has a major grudge against Noon and is out not just to kill him but to destroy him. To give your opinion, you must be logged in. Sign In Register. Full Name:. Author's 2nd book.

A Life In Books | The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley

Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Learn more. Read more. Don't have a Kindle? Chance to win daily prizes. Get ready for Prime Day with the Amazon App. No purchase necessary. Get started. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 8 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Ed Noon is a typical pulp era private eye operating out of an office so small he called it the mouse auditorium.

In later novels in the series, he actually moves to a more normal sized office and hires a secretary, Melissa. But he's still the same wisecracking Joe. In still later novels in the series, he becomes a super spy and meets space aliens. But in this book, the second Ed Noon book in the series, he's still the original swashbuckling PI. One of the best things about Noon books is Avallone's wild phrasing and crazy descriptions. The book begins with a new client rushing into Noon's office: "She was a brunette edition, pocket size, but her binding was not what you usually find in bookstores.

This was a very good looking one. That meant only one thing to me.

Ed Noon Series

A lot of trouble. When told that this is June Wexler and that her twin sister is April Wexler and June is scared of their chauffeur Anton, Noon wants to know if Anton's surname is March. Too bad June doesn't think he's funny.

He knows who they are now. The rich spoiled heirs to a tremendous fortune who were in all the gossip columns.