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It takes much less of your own energy that way. If a body is at rest, forcing that body into motion and then directing it takes a lot more energy. Our sacred belief systems are built-in emotional triggers. They are potential emotional energy and a moral panic attempts to tap into those and create a herd stampede for the benefit of a few people who are called moral entrepreneurs. A moral panic is a feeling of fear amongst a group of people that threatens their tribe. The Dictionary of Sociology defines moral panic as the process of arousing social concern over an issue, usually the work of moral entrepreneurs and the mass media.

The media are key players in provoking moral indignation even when they do not appear to be consciously engaged in any kind of moral crusade or muckraking. Simply reporting the facts in some cases … In some cases, simply reporting the facts without proper context is enough to generate anxiety and panic.

Those who start a panic and point out a fear to social or cultural norms have been named by researchers as moral entrepreneurs while people who supposedly threaten the social order, the dangers of the herd, are described as folk devils. Moral entrepreneurs are encouraged to participate and to gin up this panic for some sort of payoff.

You can look it up. These are just some easy examples from our history of moral panic.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Rubrect put a cork on fork, may I got to the bathroom?

Socialist Erich Goode argues there are five characteristics that constitute a moral panic: concern, hostility, consensus, disproportionality and volatility. People are panicked. One must have concern within a tribe that another tribe is a danger. There must be hostility between the two tribes that the moral entrepreneur can exploit for their purposes. The moral entrepreneurs must be very vocal and the folk devil group must be weak and disorganized so that the moral entrepreneur can gain traction and make the folk devil group appear much more dangerous than it actually is.

Concern means there must be belief in a tribe that another group is going to have a negative impact on their herd norm. Two, hostility must either exist or be created between these two groups so we can divide them into us and them. The leader of the us is the moral entrepreneur trying to create division. Them are the folk devils who are supposed to represent some great danger.

Consensus means that within the tribe, there has to be enough belief that this folk devil group poses a real threat. The fourth characteristic is disproportionality. This means that the action recommended by the moral entrepreneur is disproportionate to the actual threat posed by the accused group. Remember, it would not be a moral panic if we had a legitimate remedy to a legitimate threat. The whole point of a moral panic is that we are panicked way out of proportion to the actual threat that exists.

The last characteristic is volatility. Moral panics are very volatile. The media decides there are other more interesting narratives they can be pushing and everything dies down quite quickly. They intentionally gin up the danger by distorting facts, by propagating falsehoods in order to raise the level of danger so they can be heard in the den of competing issues that people are trying to engage.

Unfortunately, this quickly becomes a race to the bottom. We have one group concerned with terrorism, another with poverty, another with racial injustice, another with freedom of religion. Each of these wants to be the top priority in the new cycle. They also want to be the top priority for government action. Well, each of these has huge incentives to gin up fake controversy so their issue gets heard. If everyone else ignores the rules and uses steroids, you will be out competed. In this case, the steroids are the false facts and distorted statistics that you have ginned up to make your issue seem more important than it is.

This is how things are done. Well, the problem is false facts are a Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of your movement. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Damocles was a man who told his king he thought he was lucky to have all of his wealth and luxurious life. Damocles sat on the throne and the feast began until he noticed a sharp sword hanging over his head that was suspended from the ceiling by a single horsehair.

Who Put Scoundrels in Charge?

Yes, there is luxury but always a hair away from being overthrown, or poisoned, or killed, or beaten at war and invaded. This is actually the life of the king is like. People start looking at your facts. Half of them make no objective sense. Any support you would have had for your movement from clear thinking reasoning people disappears. What can they do if they know half of their facts are distorted? Well, now they must shout down objective debate. These movements, when they started off, welcomed objective debate.

They wanted people analyzing their facts, analyzing their statistics, understanding what their point was. Well, now they get objective attention which exposes them as frauds.

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What can they do? Now, they must shout down reasoned debate. Raise the stakes, up the ante, lie more in order to gain converts based upon emotion. No, we just made that up. By the way, we redefined rape, different than the words ever been used before. This is a real problem we want you to pay attention to.

Who Put Scoundrels In Charge? eBook: Josh Langston: Kindle Store

When is the last time you remember a social danger that was underplayed where there was nobody running around in a panic talking about how the world was going to end in a year unless we fix it right now? What are the consequences of this human tendency to begin a legitimate movement, embrace a huge amount of falsehood to get additional momentum?

The national consensus investigates. Many are disappointed by what they see as frivolous and false information so the legacy of the cycle of legitimate issue, moral panic, ramped up falsehoods and then being debunked only results in greater division between all the parties.

About the Author

Everyone trust each other less. Everyone hates each other more and the cycle continues, continues and continues. Once a cycle has played out, trust has gone down.


Given enough time to forget, people are even more willing to believe in the next round of even greater lies. Global warming may or not be a legitimate phenomena that we all need to be very concerned about but Al Gore in ran around in hysteria predicting the North Pole ice cap would be ice-free in five years.

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