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Tee hee!!! Good times to be had by all with this read! Cocktail Series Reading Order. The author is so funny in real-life, and she translates that perfectly to her quirky but really real heroines. And she never skimps on the romance. Like this one? But his entourage and the paparazzi are making it extremely difficult. Three in one in this one! Which meant a TON of it was read to my husband, and I got a kick out of his chuckling too. Out loud? There was cackling at that point. Kristie: Maryse its on my list.

Yah… so hopefully that little discussion will give you an idea. Definitely a ton of fun to be had with this one! Her internal dialogue killed me, it was so funny! I spent a Sunday afternoon in grin-mode, and by the end my cheeks were hurting. BAD boys!!! I was actually laughing out loud through a lot of it.

Lots of steeeeamy romance in this series, and moments of heartbreak, too, but OMG is it funny! Especially this book. The RT Book Convention. Shannon: Would love an update on this list! The best part is that the romance is swoonworthy, while the comedy is very smart. The story and characters are complex and real, so that we fall in love with them.

One of my favorites!! This one is the best. Sweet, romantic, priceless. And the main male character? Cheryl: Just finished That Guy. Enjoyable, funny read. Tammy: Oh. Just finished this book and I want to cry because it has ended! I laughed and swooned so hard! Definitely my kind of funny. I hope she continues to write comedy like this! It was hilarious! I like how it pokes fun at the usual romance tropes and yet still manages to play out a lot of them and not be too corny, but funny.

Sometimes that stuff annoys me. Lol, the anger from him was so good.

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I have country family, and some of the stuff she says totally fits in with them. Great pacing, so way HOT, laugh out loud funny. Sooooooo good! Ashley: I just finished Surprise, Baby! It had me laughing out loud a bunch, swooning and smiling to myself. The narrators really make this story come alive.

Full-on laugh out loud belly laugh story. Did have a smidge of angst but great well-written story!! Northernstar: I just finished 1 Crush and what a brilliant read! I loved the you know…. I thought the book was so funny and often found my self laughing out loud. A new fav author for me. Great recommendation. Cristina: I cannot get over how freaking hilarious 1 Crush is!!!! Ok so confession… I sneak-read at work.

When I have down-time, I need something to fill it and reading via Kindle Cloud reader is my go-to, every single time. I even have my computer screen angled a certain way to keep people from seeing it so I can have that extra second to close the browser before they head my way. Anyways… Back to 1 Crush… the only issue with reading on company time is when I come across a book that literally has me busting a gut! You laugh… much harder, and with no hope of stopping. Please make it stop! Love it when a book makes you laugh out loud!!

It is a laugh out loud, snort, cry, cannot put down, story! Cheryl: I did read The Worst Best Man and at first it was a little over the top, but it was hilarious and the h was strong and feisty. I read this 2 yrs ago and it is has stayed with me since, definitely a favorite. So many laugh out loud moments! I also really related to these women and their struggles. I was reading excerpts to my husband between gasping for air and hysterical laughing fits. It was so funny. Tears in your eyes you laugh so hard funny.

There were loads of snort out loud moments. Maryse, you need to read it! Absolutely hilarious from start to finish and nice slow build friends-to-lovers storyline. Grey: bev said raunchy and now I want to read it… LOL!

16 Twisted and Dark Romance Books

Perfect pick me up when I needed it. His dad is gruff, hilarious, vulgar, yet sweet and loving in his own way. My favorite combo. I am literally laughing out loud. Karen: Katie Macalister, especially Men in Kilts. She is a writer that falls in love at a writers conference and moves to the highlands. Names a lambs curly like poodles and it made me laugh.

The first book is You Slay Me. I read these years ago, it led me to MaryJanice Davidson, who I did see on the list. Katie has a lot of funny reads. These authors take me back to the days pre kindle of scouring the used book stores and paperback exchanges. Sometimes you need a smoking hot alpha dragon and a slobbering Newfoundland! Thanks for your great recommendations Maryse — I love your blog. Rochelle: My all time favorite rom-com is Susan Elizabeth Phillips. All her books are well writtem and LOL funny.

It is laugh out loud hilarious! Two authors that never fail me!! I loved the independent and strong women in the books. Soooooo good. Pia: Just finished Bossman by Vi Keeland. Highly recommend this one. A sexy funny guy? Oh yes! Suzy: Ohh! Jennings, Omg! Hilarious, sexy, fun!!! Definitely needs to be a headliner on this list! I compare it entertainment wise up there with Wallbanger, its just that good!

ARRA Finalist

It was great!!! Love love loved it! Not sure if the author has any other books, but I love, love, loved this one!! So glad I found this site! And this list in particular — romantic comedies are my favorite and I agree with so many of these suggestions!

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B Easton. I want more from this author. Nay: knocked my socks off with the 44 Chapters series. It was a sweet, romantic comedy with a clever storyline that has a few twists along the way. Owens goes even further pink glitter in the car air vents, KoolAid in the shower head, and so on — I was laughing constantly! Maria: You mentioned the Pride series by Shelly Laurenston, which are awesome, but even funnier are her Dragon Kin books by her alter ego G.

The family interactions remind me of the Bridgertons by Julia Quinn, only a little more violent and with dragon shapeshifters instead of English nobility. Joy: Jana Aston has written sexy, steamy, hilariously amazing one-night stand books. The Wrong Series has 4 books…. I laughed so hard I spit water all over my hubby and I may have peed a little. Linda: Anything but Minor by Kate Stewart is outstanding!! Loved it!!! So yummy!! Bossman and Cream of the Crop equally perfect. Not sure what my next pretty will be!!!!

Maryse: …it is hilarious and so far, so good! Sweet and funny as heck. Goofy things that happen to the heroine sometimes a it far-fetched… but then again maybe not, ya know? Volume 1 and absolutely loved it! I need the next, ASAP. It reminded me some of the Charley Davidson books, seeing ghosts and all. And was humorous omg a seen with Lestat literally had me clutching my belly from laughing so hard , the mystery was really good, I loved the side characters, Artie and Marina, Gran and her Mom, and the potential love interests kept me thoroughly entertained. Titles like one for the money, two for the dough, etc.

It is a really great series my mom got me into…a new on comes out right around our B-day each year and we always grab the next one. They are the BEST!! There are some serious laugh out loud, hold your stomach moments! Tammie: Neanderthal seeks human is absolutely a laugh out loud novel a really great read good character developments and loveable witty writing!

A nice light hearted read and funny to boot! Completely fits everything that you are asking for! So good! Lisa: I love Christina Lauren.

The Royal Romance: Book 2 Choices

Those girls are guaranteed to make me laugh out loud. And yes their illustrated covers are excellent. Every book gets better and better! Bader had me giggling just like all them in the book! It is a romance and a good one! It is so nice to read a book and not roll my eyes and get frustrated with the predictable storyline. It is hysterical g and has MMA fighters. Lots of them I think it is more comedy than MMA.

Not sure but that is up there for me. I own all her books she is a favorite for me. Yes she is that funny and all her heroes are in law enforcement or use to be. There also always a animal pet of some kind in her stories.

Kindle Editions

Her book Gotcha! Two lawyers, a predictable storyline but some VERY funny scenes. Jan: See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson recently mentioned on the sports romance list is another sweet romance with some very funny, laugh out loud moments. Fun fun fun. There is also a very mysterious alpha male, and you know a little more about him in each book. A very fun series, I definitely recommend it. Linda: Absolutely adored this read!!! Max and Georgia just make me smile. Oh my gawd. Beyond hilarious. Jean first and the the rest of you who kept recommending this book.

Thank you, thank you. I would have never read a book with that title and that cover if not for you lovely ladies. Funny does not describe it…just. And smexy. Loaded with hotness, tons of laughs, witty banter and smex. Benadryl and this book are 4EVER linked in my mind.

Cristina: I just finished all the Bewitched and Bewildered books too! Thanks for the recommendation!!! What a fun-loving group of people and spectacular story line!!! Love, love, LOVE the entire group!!! I wish I was mated to one of them!!! I was laughing so hard there were tears!! This book is the perfect mix of romance, comedy, drama, and paranormal. I wish it had audio so I could listen on my drive. Priceless interactions. Definitely lots of laugh out loud moments! Anything Christie Craig writes is hilarious! My favorite though is her Divorced series which sits on my keeper shelf.

All three books are really funny and fast paced and just wonderful! However, I think that had a lot to do with raising toddlers at the time I read them, lol — I needed books that made me feel like an adult! Thanks Lisa! Anything that makes us laugh and love will work! Goodness…I forgot about Hey there, Delilah.

Opener of Against the Cage was laugh out loud funny but it was all sorts of hot too. MMA hawt! Great list Maryse! A writing teacher, mentor and manuscript assessor. I was so sure I knew what life was about and what I was on the planet for.

Paperback Editions

Life has slowed down into coffees that last all morning, conversations with loved-ones that feel pivotal and taking the time for self-care: eating, sleeping, tending the garden. Perhaps this is the business of grief, now that my role as the executor of two estates is over. Examining small details. Allowing a space between thoughts. Listening instead of talking all the time.

Is this normal? But it seems to be heading in a positive trajectory, rather than the opposite. And whether it ends in me writing again…well, I hope so. My characters were always so real to me that I miss them as if they were friends on holiday. All I can do at this stage is stay with each day and give myself the best chance I can to get back to those worlds. This giveaway closes on September If you enjoy any these books, please take the time to review them on Goodreads or your ebook retailer of choice. Reader reviews help them so much.

Need to fill your Kindle with romances that will make you swoon this summer? Are you excited? During this period, book 2 of my Husband Series, Husband Stay has been reduced to 0. Angela Lata is the quiet friend, who only ever wanted two things out of life: a singing career and children. The best way to get over one man is NOT to sleep with another.

The trouble is, Angela has never had good sex, let alone great sex, and on the eve of her diva dreams coming true, Jack promises her both. All it takes is one night with him to ruin her completely.

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Every date afterward suffers in comparison, and with her biological clock ticking loudly and her career not living up to her expectations, what she needs is father material, not pleasure-on-tap. Click on the picture below to find a heap of new Kindle Unlimited books, everything from cowboy and medical romances to paranormal, erotic, sci-fi and romantic suspense. Amazon Giftcard , author newsletter , book review , erotic romance , joey , monthly draw , prize , writing. Exciting things are happening in the Erotic Romance world.

Well, the award has been presented and I was pipped at the post by Vi Keeland, who won with her book Bossman , which BTW is a fabulous read. So no hard feelings here. The list of retailers is below:. I hope you all have a fabulous March wherever you are in the world. He was one jittery little guy! I hope you enjoy Husband Sit. Put on your oven mitts for the scorching sex scenes and be ready for a funny emotional romp. A fabulous validation from readers — many thanks! So love yourself up so much you feel pampered!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. But before all that hard work, you deserve a relax with some holiday reading, and I have just the opportunity for you to fill your e-Reader with some great romances.