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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 25, Headlesschicken rated it liked it. Being an avid fan of fantasy and fiction novel, I was excited to start this book. I loved the steam punk element of the world and how it was linked to the plot and characters. Having read Harry Potter and Ember in the Ashes series, I did find the book to be very similar to those.

The characters were well written but I felt that the character of Tia could've been improved more. Also, the parts where Tia does something wrong, feels like she should be punished but isn't- was repeated a lot. As for Being an avid fan of fantasy and fiction novel, I was excited to start this book. As for the plot, I enjoyed the overall story but I think most of the book was about describing the scenarios or the expressions and stuff rather than actual things happening on the plot.

I wish there were more plot twists and progressions. The concept of wielders and callers was genius though.

Stop calling PostgREST “MAGIC”!

Overall, I think the author did an amazing job writing the book. The word choices and dialogues were perfect. The relation between Anna and Tia was beautiful and showed the importance of strong female friendships. I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy and magical stories and want to immerse themselves in a captivating story.

Also, the book cover is gorgeous and worked perfectly with the story. Apr 28, Sara rated it really liked it. I felt like Kummam truly took the criticism she got and worked on it to better her craft. Woods attacked with his Geist again, and with the help of Kessig Wolf Run , traded it for the Goyf, Hunt falling to 7 from the token Angel. When Woods tried to pump his Hierarch on the following turn, Hunt killed it with Putrefy. With the board now clear, Hunt found and played another Treetop Village , but Woods again toasted it with a Bolt before drawing and summoning a Kitchen Finks of his own.

Hunt took out the first half of the Finks with a Damnation , but couldn't stop Woods summoning a Snapcaster Mage to flash back a Lightning Bolt in order to finish game one. Woods had no play on turn-one, only fetching a Stomping Ground s with a Scalding Tarn. He had no spells on turn two either after playing a Plains. Woods finally summoned a Kitchen Finks , taking himself back up to 18 after playing an untapped Temple Garden. Hunt played a Forest , and passed the turn. As yet, he had no Swamp s in play. Woods attacked with the Finks, and the Elder blocked, before going in search of blacker pastures.

Hunt summoned a Shriekmaw , killing the Knight, before attacking for 2 with the Tarmogoyf and playing a Golgari Rot Farm.

Calling all magic-bean-buyers

Woods fell to 16, then 15 when he cracked his Rainforest. The Finks attacked Hunt to 17, and Woods summoned a second one, going back up to He attacked Woods to 13 with his team. Hunt summoned another Sakura-Tribe Elder , which soaked up the next attack from the Finks. Hunt prodded awake one of his Treetop Village s, and attacked with it alongside the Shriekmaw , knocking Woods to 4.

How To Draw Down the Moon

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