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  1. Community colleges try new ‘pathway’ to student success | EdSource
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Programs in the arts, humanities, communication and design span some of the most compelling and popular programs on our campus. From global studies and computer aided design to interior design and multimedia, we've got a program you are going to love! The humanities at NCC encompass the visual and performing arts, communication studies, the liberal arts, general studies, and so much more.

These offerings are some of our most compelling and popular programs. From global studies and computer aided design to interior design and multimedia, we've got courses and programs you are going to love!

We also offer majors in the dynamic fields of journalism, multimedia production and communication design. If a four-year university program is your goal, our diverse selection of courses will allow you to complete all your liberal arts requirements and build a solid foundation for success. Can you see yourself in an exciting and challenging business-related career?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit with a goal of thriving in business or industry? Are you smart and goal driven? NCC's Business and Technology Division will help prepare you to become a successful professional who thinks critically and solves problems logically. You'll also receive personal attention from our experienced faculty who will guide and mentor you during your time at NCC.

We offer more than 40 degree, certificate and specialized diploma programs to help you reach your goals. Many of our programs also provide a solid foundation for those continuing to four-year schools. There is a continuing demand for the skills and abilities to program, operate and troubleshoot all forms of technology, from computers to smartphones and everything in between.

Northampton's computer and information technology programs help meet that demand.

With a degree in one of our exciting computer and information technology programs, you will have the latest knowledge and hands-on skills, and be well prepared to pursue a bachelor's degree in a related area if that is your goal. Whether you are using a smart phone, computer, or an enormous database that stores information online, professionals are needed to design software, maintain information systems, and troubleshoot network issues. If you are interested in working with technology in an expanding and innovative environment, consider a career in the fast-growing Information Technology industry.

Graduates of NCC's computer and information technology programs are well prepared to effectively communicate and analyze information related to computer systems, configure and maintain those systems, and develop solutions to programming problems. Northampton Community College is an excellent choice to begin your journey to become a teacher!

You can choose from several degree programs and an array of shorter term diploma and certificate options that will prepare you for professional success as an educator.

And all our education majors get real-world experience in schools beginning with their first class. Our Early Childhood Education program also offers a variety of options, including taking the program fully online. The Special Education Paraeducator program trains students to work with children with varying abilities in diverse classrooms settings, under the supervision of a certified teacher. This program can also be completed entirely online. Make a difference by caring for patients as a nurse or improving someone's quality of life through therapy. Few callings are more important or rewarding than those that seek to help the sick, or care for individuals in need of support or medical attention.

Those looking to make a serious difference in the lives of others will find programs in the Health Sciences and Social Services at Northampton of great interest. Careers in Health Sciences and Social Services come with great responsibility. They also come with great personal satisfaction and reward.

Community colleges try new ‘pathway’ to student success | EdSource

Working in these areas at times may be stressful and demanding, but at the end of the day you will know that you have had the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives. Do you enjoy working with your hands to create machinery or repair electronics? Do you see yourself in a career using the latest technology or implementing manufacturing systems?

Our industry-experienced instructors provide the perfect balance of classroom and hands-on learning activities, many of which take place in our state-of-the-art labs, which feature virtual reality welding stations, pick-and-place robots, CNC plasma cutters, programmable logic controllers, computer-aided design, 3-D printing and much more. This blended approach our students develop the right mix of skills and experience needed to succeed in the competitive job market. Some programs enable students to move seamlessly from specialized diplomas to certificates and associate degrees and provides a great foundation for students wishing to pursue an advanced degree at a four-year college or university.

Many of our programs have been developed based on high demand occupations in the region, meaning students can enter the workforce upon completing their degree or certificate at NCC. Do you have a passion for helping and protecting others? Are you inclined to help others in danger?

A career in Public and Safety Services may be for you. Our public safety and services programs train you to carry out safely and effectively the often-difficult duties related to saving lives and property. Courses often taught by experts in the field include hands-on education within classroom settings.

You'll obtain an understanding in the field, become adept with the language and culture of the professions and gain the knowledge you need to live up to professional expectations. Public and Safety Services at NCC provide the education and training you need to get started or advance your career in criminal justice, emergency services or computer forensics. Our graduates are employed in emergency management, public safety, emergency operations, law enforcement, and homeland security to name but a few areas.

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