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Outbreak, Myrtle Beach: Hours, Address, Outbreak Reviews: 4.5/5

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The walking dead exert their damaging effect through two clearly delineated mechanisms. Firstly, they are wantonly destructive of public property in an attempt to obtain their primary source of nutrition, namely human brains. Secondly, once these brains have been harvested, their donor rises through infernal power as a new zombie, hungry for more of the same, and with the potential to create additional zombies. Strategies for the effective control of zombie outbreaks have varied.

However, a new simulation model provides a simple illustration of the likely effects of different policies, which may be explored here.

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The model contains three classes of entity: humans, zombies, and obliterated corpses humans and zombies. These move around a simulated cityscape at pre-determined rates. Zombies maraud according to a random walk, and upon encountering a human, eat its brains to produce a new zombie. Zombie generation is hence an infectious process.

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A particularly nice feature is the simulation of panic in the human population, which leads them to move at a greater rate in the presence of a zombie, which may well of course drive them into another zombie. The most effective countermeasure against zombie outbreaks has previously been shown to be aerial bombardment. Troops on the ground are not favoured because they are ineffective at the dismemberment — a prerequisite for zombie inactivation for a simulation study of this, visit this link. However, carefully targeted high explosives successfully achieve this.

Epidemic of the Undead

A regrettable corollary is collateral damage, as nearby human life is inevitably destroyed. However, these innocent bystanders would, in the absence of intervention, would likely have become zombies — and a threat to their neighbours. OK, enough. The underlying model is similar to simple simulations of infectious disease spread, and we can use it to illustrate several important concepts.

Firstly, have a go at the game. A single zombie is highly infectious, and given the high population density in the city, as soon as one emerges you have to give up on the entire surrounding block. Which illustrates why, in the control of hugely infectious diseases like influenza, early detection is essential.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles - Outbreak

If by the time you are aware of the problem the virus has already spread to multiple locations, it is very difficult to control it. But such mass dosing is obviously logistically very difficult, especially in the parts of the world where any pandemic strain is most likely to emerge, such as Southeast Asia.

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  6. Another problem is how many times outbreaks emerge. One of the most difficult things about the zombie game is that it starts with four randomly placed zombies. By the time you have identified and bombed one or even two nests, the third and fourth are already well advanced. A zombie in the middle of a densely populated area is a far more immediate threat than one with few potential humans to infect, so you quickly learn to deal with these first.