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On page 8, have the students find the term the Chinese used for the mystical person said to be the founder of Daoism and give the English translation.

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Ask them what they think the term "Old Master" reveals to us about Chinese attitudes, even today, towards old age and teachers. Note that they all have Chinese members in their populations.

Ask whether it is necessary to be born Chinese in order to practice Daoism and how they know pages 44 - In conclusion, underscore two points: Daoism is so deeply a part of their culture that Chinese people may not think of some ideas and things as specifically part of Daoist thought "tai ji quan," a form of martial art and meditation, is a good example Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism exist side by side in Chinese culture and the Chinese borrow and accept ideas from all three beliefs which are referred to as the "Three Teachings" or "Three Creeds" see pages 18 - When using oil, hold the candle horizontally as you rub the oil on.

Olive oil is a good basic for any spell, or you can use essential oils that match up with your intentions. For example: lavender is associa Calliope's Altar Favorites.

Incense for Calliope

Your altar is super personal. You can have one or multiple. They are where you display your magic items in a way that makes sense to you. You can leave your altar untouched, or updated it regularly. It can have any items you want on it, there really are no rules as long as it makes you feel connected to yourself and connected to your magical items.

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Some people use their altars specifically as a place to charge their crystals and magical tools. Some are for display purposes Self Esteem. Self esteem is confidence in ones own abilities and worth, which directly relates to self integrity, self worth, self love, and self respect. Self esteem effects how we interact with the world around us.

Calliope Oil

Self esteem is a protective function that is meant to reduce anxiety around life and death. The ultra-smooth viscosity of the oil feels like a dry oil. And, like the feel, the scent is a first; the list delicious delights may sound a tad heavy, but are actually subtle. A sainted Frankincense comes forth at the opening thrill, but quickly glides into the sensual Orange Blossom playing with a little nip of Black Pepper.

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The art here is different as the top notes fade quickly into my always favourite Night and Dawn Blooming Jasmines. The sweet fleeting juices of Orange Blossom and organic Blood Orange Peel lend a tender citrus shine as joyfully as the Rose Otto, but Jasmine fans rejoice! The end result on skin is the sensual veil of Jasmine as your last sniff. A brilliant creation, rich, warm flowers are what Laurie knows best.

19 Secret Powers of Frankincense and Myrrh (WARNING - this video will change your life)

She has created something true special out of her infatuation…something that transforms skin with a decidedly vintage charm. Cart: 0.