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He searched for costumes and ultimately rented from Maine State Music Theater. It showed that families that are broken need a little bit of a push. Mary does the pushing. Max has pushed his parents into theater. Declared his mother Eileen, "I was a banker and my husband's a financial guy. Max has taught us a lot in the last 10 years. Said Eileen, "He was the proudest messenger you ever saw. Eileen became a messenger herself, delivering production goods. I'm Max's secretary," she added good-naturedly, "for he needed an adult to sign contracts and checks.

I told him there weren't any theaters around, but when I got home the next day he said 'We have a theater. It's hard enough to stand up in the playground, deem yourself the leader and choose up sides for baseball. Now imagine trying to direct student actors who are older than you. She quickly Max Davine is, no doubts, one of the finest Australian writers of today.

Prepare to cry throughout the book. Jul 04, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , environmental-fiction , animals. A herd of elephants roams peacefully around India in the late 's under the watchful eye of their matriarch. The matriarch recently gave birth and her baby watches mom carefully as she makes friends, plays and watches for predators.

Mary and Max - Wikipedia

As the herd migrates, they notice that the funny apes keep getting closer to them and are building structures and making lots of noise. One day while the matriarch is protecting the herd from a tiger the pale apes intervene, killing the tiger and the matriarch. He A herd of elephants roams peacefully around India in the late 's under the watchful eye of their matriarch. Her baby is left crying by her side. The baby is taken and chained by the white apes, which she learns are people.

The baby named Mary and treated cruelly, punished until she learns to do what the people want. Mary is eventually sold to Sparks World Famous Circus where she learns to perform and is hurt less often. She learns to think of the circus performers as her herd. However, her memory of all of the past cruelty and her life as a wild elephant never leave her. The day comes where Mary can not take the pain and loneliness.

Mary's actions that day will go down in history. I have always had a hard time reading books like this and I knew that Mighty Mary would be no different. Especially since she was a real elephant and the terrible events that led to her death are true. Mighty Mary is mostly written from Mary's point of view and displays the emotional depth that Mary and all elephants are capable of as well as the psychological changes that happen when we take an animal from the wild and attempt to tame it.

Mary's inner dialogue is heartbreaking as she is pulled from her mother and her home and dragged into the unknown to be cruelly treated, tormented, beaten and threatened with the bull stick that haunts her memories. Mary attempts to find any connection with any living thing, even the predators was wrenching to me and when she finally gave up and seemed to forget who she was, I knew it was the beginning of the end.

Books like Mighty Mary remind me and all of us that we can do better for the animals that we share this world with and that any less is cruelty. This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

Jul 02, Misty rated it it was amazing. This was an eye opening book that shows what animals truly go through when they are taken from the wild and put in shows and circuses. I found that I will never be able to look at any of those sorts of circuses the same way again. The author did a great job in balancing both fact and fiction in this book. Jul 04, Amber Hawke rated it really liked it. Might Mary was a well written book that was filled with an emotional roller coaster of a story. The book really highlighted several things wrong with how the entertainment industry treats and handles animals.

The book may have made me sad, but I'm glad I read it. Feb 02, Jeanette Russell added it. I really was thoroughly entertained by reading this novel. It was so skillfully and proficiently written, I felt. During the story I got so captivated by Mary herself, as well as, by her plight, and journey.

The book had me very keen to discover more, about this elephants life. Covered was cruelty that she had to endure at the hands of humans, which is something I feel so strongly about. Humans exploiting animals for their own entertainment and gain. Homo sapiens also exploited each other, but c I really was thoroughly entertained by reading this novel. Homo sapiens also exploited each other, but could decide upon that for themselves, whether knowly, or maybe out of awareness.

It seemed more unfair for the animals in the circus, who didn't get any choices really. This tale kept me on an emotional ride as there were highs and lows in Mary's life. These facets included fun, joy, love, fear, devastation, famine, and extreme hardship and mistreatment, to name but a few experiences she endured.

As well as Mary's account's, feelings and raw emotions, there were the human narratives. The book described saga's from several points of view, of the animal kingdom, and personal accounts of the characters human kind. Finding it a fascinating read, there was certainly times of such sadness, in the story, and hardship that had me feeling so much for this precious elephant who seemed to have such difficult and very challenging trails.

Thank you Max Davine for the amazing opportunity to read and review your latest book. Well worth the read, I say. The detail does generate the illusion that we're watching a computer-animated movie, yet the painstaking claymation process affords a look, feel and soul that has yet to be replicated through computers. One must have patience and passion to undertake a stop-motion feature of such scale, and these are two qualities Adam Elliot infinitely exerts. Another tremendous pleasure of Mary and Max is the voice cast; a cornucopia of vocal talent from across the globe.

Without a doubt, Philip Seymour Hoffman has proved one of the most versatile actors of recent years with his exceptional vocal work Capote, anyone? This is, of course, the true essence of voice acting - a viewer should not be given the chance to focus on the actor providing the voice, but instead the character they are voicing. Meanwhile Bethany Whitmore is effortlessly endearing as the young Mary, and Toni Collette is pitch-perfect as Mary in her later years. Through an immense artistry as well as an evident maturity emanated by the makers, Mary and Max affirmatively and genuinely answers a potent question: is there someone for everyone?

In adulthood, we understand that we're born into our families but choose our friends, and the year friendship between these two vastly different yet curiously similar individuals proves the theory. Adam Elliot's ambitious first feature- length claymation movie is an absolute delight, merging witty laughs with heartfelt emotion to generate this genuinely moving slice of animation.

Mary and Max is, at least for this reviewer's money, the best animated motion picture of yes, better than Up. After the terrific Harvie Krumpet and now this, it's clear Elliot is a highly talented filmmaker one should keep an eye on in future years. A good place to begin is by pointing out that Adam Elliot painstakingly created a broken world here. The inhabitants of this world are, with few exceptions, wounded or maimed. It is a world not governed by a loving God, but by chance.

By chance, Max Jerry Horovitz has asperger's syndrome. By chance, Mary Daisy Dinkle was born with a birth mark that looks like a poo stain, has an alcoholic mother, and stumbles upon a stray rooster. By chance, the two become pen pals. Mary and Max's lives and relationship with one another are at the heart of movie. Both are so alienated from society that two of their main sources of pleasure come from eating and watching a television show called "The Noblets.

War, poverty, alcoholism, bullying, obesity, mind-numbing careers, distrust, distorted body images, suicide, mental illness, loneliness, half-hearted self-help books - heck, even siphoning off charitable donations is covered in a quick 80 minutes. One of Elliot's most impressive accomplishments in the movie is the pace: we feel the sluggishness and lethargy of the two main characters. Yet, Elliot also treats us to many disarmingly hilarious scenes.

One minute you'll be cringing, the next you'll be genuinely moved, and in a blink, you'll be grinning ear to ear. Sounds like a microcosm of life itself. The quotation that closes "Mary and Max" invokes God in a surprising way. I honestly don't know what to make of it.

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In my opinion, "Mary and Max" is a work of high art and one of the finest movies I have seen in a long time. It will stay with you. A must see. The audience for it is not the children but instead very mature cinephiles! With themes like death, mental illness, friendship, parenthood, society structures and so on, it's an amazing experience that you must watch immediately!

Watch out for the exceptional score and songs of the Picture! Her mother is an alcoholic, chain-smoking kleptomaniac and her father is a reclusive blue collar worker who attaches the strings to tea packets.

What are the best diverse books for children and teenagers?

Mary has no friends. Despite having an unfortunate birthmark on her forehead and generally being teased and bullied by the other children at school, Mary is an incredibly curious child that is keen on learning everything she can about the world. One day while her mother is out 'borrowing' supplies from the local post-office, Mary hits upon the idea of writing someone on the other side of the world to ask whether or not babies come from the same place as they do in Australia.

According to her grandfather, who has recently passed away at the start of the film, babies come from the bottom of beer glasses, a fact that Mary is utterly intrigued by and one she is compelled to explore further. After randomly selecting a prospective pen-pal in New York City, she sends her crudely scribbled inquiries to a Mr. Max is a morbidly obese, middle-aged Jew-turned-Athiest that lives alone at the top of a decaying domicile.

He attends Overeaters Anonymous meetings and is prone to severe anxiety attacks.

User Reviews

Plagued by his eccentricities and his inability to form meaningful relationships with anyone, Max is gripped by a sudden uncontrollable panic attack after reading Mary's letter. Eventually he responds to his new pen-pal and the two begin a correspondent friendship that last several decades. I believe Mary and Max to be one of those rare treasures you stumble upon accidentally and never quite forget.

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Its an absolutely beautiful story rich in both the mastery and detail of the animation and also memorable character development. Elliot does a superb job of crafting characters that are ultimately shaped by their idiosyncrasies. Also the atmospheres he create for both Mary and Max make you fully appreciate the respective isolation felt by each title character. In one realm you have Max's noirish New York that represents his inherent pessimism and distrust. With Mary you have a muted Sepia feeling that represents parental neglect and abandonment. It's a clever black comedy that left me incredibly refreshed and pleased with my Saturday Night.

Read this and other reviews on the DriveInZeppelin website. I hate it when people assume that animation can only be for little kids. Why should an entire medium be relegated to a demographic unlikely to fully appreciate all the work that went into the detail and animation of this stop-motion world? That's not to say that children can't watch this movie - anything "inappropriate" will likely go over their heads - but it is a bit depressing. I don't have a lot to say about this movie that hasn't already been said.

Everything from the animation to the voice acting to the story is absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend watching. It's interesting to see how a friendship can be so deep and so well outlined, without the actual meeting of the two main characters. Even though pen friends, the bound between Mary and Max takes shape quickly, due to the lack of friends that both of them struggle with. But we can easily understand that this is not because of them, but because of the society: they are both caring and willing to give their advice to whoever wants or needs it.

Brief, this is a story of two underrated members of two superficial communities who have the luck to find each other. The plot is sad and the ending is even sadder - but it makes you smile in the end, thinking that anyone can find a friend, exactly when they less expect. In , Adam Elliot took home Oscar gold with his animated short film Harvie Krumpet, a film about the life of a simple man named Harvie Krumpet who tries to learn as much as he can about life. He used stop motion animation, a form of animation that is most commonly linked with TV Christmas specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The film is somewhat grim, funny, and heartfelt, something that this type of animation is rarely scene with. Five years later, Elliot comes back with his first feature film Mary and Max. As impressed as I was with Harvie Krumpet I was doubly impressed with this one. He uses the same style of animation only this time his skills are much more precise, detailed, and effective. He tells the story of Mary Daisy Dinkle, a young girl living in s Australia who has no friends except for her pet rooster and favorite television show.

One day she decides to reach out across the world to someone who might be her friend. Max lives alone in his apartment with his one eyed cat and pet fish who he needs to constantly replace. He is an overweight, middle aged man with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism. He too has no friends and is in need of some companionship, although he is somewhat afraid of the outside world and strangers.

He finally decides to write her back, and the two begin their friendship across the sea. Their letters and the in between narration is hysterical and incredibly clever. I like the little tidbits we are given like the way Mary's mother drinks her sherry and how Max eats chocolate hot dogs, his own recipe. They make the characters more interesting. Elliot creates a vivid world filled with right and wrong. He uses colors to define the two different continents, giving Australia brown and earthy tones while New York is black, white, and everything in between, with the exception of a red pompom that Mary sends Max.

Much like their separate worlds, they both blend in as if no one else would notice them. These characters are simple, average people who go the distance to make their lives a little more comfortable. It's sublime to see these characters grow up through the years and age and learn. We become so attached. There is so much to love about this movie. The quirky little one liners to the incredibly detailed and well done stop motion animation. Each character has clearly defined features, unique movement, and like so many stop motion pieces, there is nothing jumpy or out of place about the animation.

It is smooth, coherent, and compelling to watch. As impressive as it is the writing is just as good. You really get a feeling for these characters through the narration and their writing. If there was some way you could help them out you would. They are just so lovable. This is one of the best films I have seen this year. It's a wonderful film aimed at a more mature audience. I don't know if it can compete with Disney and Pixar's Up, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this at least get a nomination from the Academy, as it has already been honored at this year's Berlin International Film Festival.

It's a great achievement when a film can make you feel so happy the entire way through. ElijahCSkuggs 9 December Simple and blunt, the animated flick, Mary and Max, is a fantastic film and cinematic accomplishment. A beautiful, funny and touching story that delivers on all fronts of meaningful film-making. In comparable style to Wallace and Gromit, the film uses it's charming and silly style to great effect by relating two unique characters. A middle-aged man with social disabilites named Max Jerry Horovitz receives a letter one day from an inquisitive little Australian girl named Mary Daisy Dinkle.

The two via letters relate to one another instantly, and an amazing bond of friendship begins. About 2 hours ago I finished watching this flick and I'm still beaming. It's really a special, special film that just screams perfection. I feel bad for the people who'll look at the cover and dismiss it due to being animated, as this will most undoubtedly happen. But lucky for me and you, huh? MartinHafer 1 January After all, these other films were wonderful and very original and you find yourself hooked when you watch them--though you probably won't know why.

Now, with Elliot's latest film, I have a chance to finally watch a feature-length version of his wonderful and very strange work. The film begins in Australia and concerns a very lonely girl named Mary. Her parents are completely inept at parenting and mostly she entertains herself.

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One day, on a lark, she rips a name out of an American phone book and writes to a "M. Horowitz"--telling him about herself as well as asking him where babies come from in America. As Max Horowitz is a socially inept odd-ball, his response to her strange letter is amusing to say the least.

Where this bizarre business goes, you'll just need to see for yourself. However, without spoiling the film, I can safely say that I never, ever could predict where the film would go next!! Like all of Adam Elliot films, the film is just plain odd--with a delightful strangeness you can't help but like. And, even more than his shorter films, you can't believe how much time and effort he took to make this movie.

It's amazing And, fortunately, his work is totally unique and inventive. Aside from his previous shorts, I've never seen anything like it--and I am pretty sure you'll feel the same way if you try this delightfully strange film. Just don't try to understand or make sense of it Oh, and do NOT watch it if you are feeling depressed. And, although the film looks like a kids movie, I would probably think twice before showing it to young kids.

This was the first time I'm writing a review for a movie Escapes its Poo-Faced Limits tedg 15 August Gosh, another Australian project that knows what it is and successfully escapes itself.

The cult of Mary Beard – podcast

The story is about a girl with structural limits: appearance, family, attitude. The media is stop motion, which brings its own structural limits. These are severe limits, because they straddle what we know as real and what we accept as fantasy.