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Herb Syrup. Bottle, cork tightly.

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Give 2 tablespoons frequently. Lemon Jelly. Wash the egg shells and crush, and beat the whites slightly. Add wine, if liked. If not clear, strain slowly a second time. Home-made Lemonade. Restorative Jelly. Snow Cream a substitute for whipped cream, and used for decorating. Substitute for Whipped Cream. Put the remainder on to boil; cream the butter and sugar. Add the yolks of eggs and beat. Egg Flip. Beat it well with the sugar; add water and spirit.

Pour into a clean glass, and serve. Centre for Napoleons. Beat eggs. Icing for Top of Napoleons. Cut in oblong pieces. Cream Puffs. Stamp out in rounds. Eggs, whipped Trout, boiled Venison, broiled Eggs, raw Milk, boiled Milk, raw Turkey, boiled Parsnips, boiled Potatoes, baked Beans, French, boiled Cabbage, raw Turkey, roasted Goose, roasted Lamb, broiled Oysters, raw Eggs, soft boiled Beefsteak, broiled Chicken soup, boiled Mutton, broiled Bean soup, Haricot Mutton, roasted Bread, maize Mutton soup Bread, white Potatoes, boiled Eggs, hard boiled Eggs,' fried Butter, melted Oysters, stewed Beets, boiled Veal, broiled Fowl, broiled Beef, lean, fried Salmon, salted, boiled Beef, salted, boiled Soup, marrow-bone Pork, salted, fried Veal, fried Duck, roasted Cabbage, boiled Pork, roasted Wall-paper; How to Hang It.

Beginning at one corner, place the upper corners of the paper in position, press it right along the top. Paste for Wall-paper. See also Pastes.

To Paper Damp Walls. Lime Whitewash. Mixing Paints. Combination of Colour for Tints. Flesh Colour. French White. Grey, Silver. Green, Bright. Green, Dark. Lead Colour. Straw Colour. General Rules. If sufficiently cooked it will set. White Enamel. This enamel will please everyone. Black Walnut Stain. Black Stain. To 1 quart water add 2 ozs.

This is excellent for chairs, etc. Yellow Stain. French berries and ] oz. Bright Red Stain. Brazil-wood chips, and set aside for two or three days, stirring periodically. While still wet brush on a solution of alum in the proportion of 1 oz. Oak Stain. Allow it to dry completely, then oil, and the wood will look well for several years. Rosewood Stain. This serves also for cherry or mahogany. Mahogany Stain— 1 Into 1 quart of turpentine put 2 ozs. Floor Stain. Keep free of dust, and then varnish.

Cracks in the Wood.

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French Polish. Garnet dark. White milky. Allow the varnish to harden for at least 24 hours, when you may begin the polishing. When a certain amount of shininess appears all over the surface, set the article aside for a day in a place where dust cannot adhere to it. In the third and final polishing rather less French polish than formerly is required.

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In another vessel put 1 quart motor spirit, 3 ozs. Id gallons turpentine, 4 lbs. Boil until stringy. Recommended for house and sign painting. Mix with the first whilst still hot. Gum amine is African copal. Dissolve by means of heat. India-rubber Varnishes. India-rubber in ' tiny pieces and dissolve in i lb. Add 1 lb. Filter while still hot into bottles. This takes some time to dry. Unvulcanised rubber is meant. To Polish Veneers. Furniture or Floor Polish.

Castile soap. Fill up the bottle with water. Furniture Cream. A very little of this cream gives a brilliant polish. Floor and Linoleum Polish. Glue Fireproof.

The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook

Strain through muslin. Paste Everlasting. Adhesive Paste. Paste for Faper or Leather. Liquid Mucilage—Melt together i lb. Glue Moisture-proof. Paste for Fixing Floorcloth. Colourless Cement. For Simple Breakages. To Fix the Handles of Knives and Forks. Melt and blend the ingredients, and use in a liquid form. Cement for Leather or Rubber Goods.

BMA - E-books for junior doctors

Dissolve together and use whilst hot. For Cracks in Roofs, Etc. Stir well, add 7 lbs. Soft Soap. Carpet Soap. Keep in a tin or jar. Camphor Soap. Oatmeal Soap. Sand Soap. Magic Cleanser. Add 1 h ozs. Washing Powders. Gieasc Extractor. Bleach for Boiling Clothes. Glaze for Linen. A Strong Bleach. Evidently this Account has. Apply very carefully else it may burn. For Scorched Linen.

Add to the liquid 1 o Fire Extinguishing Fluid. Ink Stains. Marking Ink Stains. Black Writing Ink. Blue Ink. Copying Ink. Mix and shake at intervals for 10 days. Strain and bottle. Invisible Ink—Mix 20 parts water with 1 part sulphuric acid. Use a quill pen and the writing can be seen by heating the paper. Indelible Ink for Marking Linen.

Write with a quil pen. Ink for Ticket Writing. Luminous Ink. Red Writing Ink.

Top Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Writing

Strain and add i oz. Fine Marking Ink. Vanishing Ink. Black Sealing Wax. Red Wax. Venice turpentine in a gentle heat. For Fair Hair. Shake well. For Grey Hair. For Greasy Hair. Hair Wash. Lotion for Falling Hair. This preparation, which stimulates the growth of hair and delays its turning grey, should be applied two or three times a week.

Hair Pomade. Perfume according to taste. Rub well into the scalp several times a week. Curling Fluid. Lotion for Parasites. Established 3C Years. Telephone—Central Corner of Flinders and Pulteney Streets, Adelaide. Jockey Club Sachet. Mix well together. Decant the clear water for use. Smelling Salts. Pearl Powder. For the skin. Rose Powder. Violet Powder. Bath Powder Perfumed. Dusting Powder for Invalids. Shaving Cream. Strop Preparation. A mixture of myrrh and pitch removes the white specks from nails.

Lip Salve. To Precipitate Whitening.

20 Things from Dr. McGill (1 of 4)

Keep in well-covered tin. Brilliant Powder. The polish is surprisingly brilliant and lustrous. To Clean Silver. Keep in a jar. Splendid for chased silver, as it leaves no suggestion of whitening. To Re-lacquer Brass. Bottle and cork; place in a pan of boiling water, agitating frequently until the contents are dissolved. Paste for Brasses. French Baking Powder. Mix and sift. Lemonade Tablets. When perfectly dry mix in the tartaric acid, and keep in air-tight tin in dry place.

These two are non-effervescent. Lemonade Effervescing. Cork and tie down immediately. Lemon Kali. Stir it well up, bottle, and cork. Two tablespoonfuls to a glass of water. A small teaspoonful to a glass of water. Soda Foam. Boil two or three minutes and flavour to taste. Anchovy Paste. Mustard Plaster. Mix the mustard with 3or 4 ozs. Stir together. Porous Plaster. Epsom salts, 4 ozs. Mix and pound them together till fine. Seidlitz Powders. The white contains 38 grains tartaric acid. Herbal 'Tea.

Many people have an objection to taking liquid. All Parts Interchangeable with the Singer Machine. Horehound Syrup. Dose:—One tablespoonful. Linseed Syrup. Stir well to-egther, and allow to cool. Bottle and keep well corked. Drying Mint. Coffee Essence. Good Variety Beautiful rich-toned new German Models to choose from at most reasonable rates.

Open Friday Nights. Phone Lemon Cheese. Put into a saucepan, stir over tire stove until the butter and sugar are dissolved. Pour into jars and use cold. Flavouring for Soups, Etc. Black Beetles. Fly Paper. To Waterproof Tweed. To Waterproof Cloth. Waterproofing, Transparent, for Calico. To Waterproof a Tent. Benzoin Comp.

Rhubarb Mixture. Sal-ammoniac, Chloride of Ammonia; Salt of Tartar. Tike 1 cup butler. Roil until it cracks when dropped in cold water. Pour into a greased pan and set to cool. Roil for quarter of an hour. Let it cool and add 2 cups honey and h cup yeast. Bottle shortly after fermentation commences. I cup warm water, 1 cake compressed yeast, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons melted butler.

Raisins, currants, or cardarmom seed. Dissolve the yeast in warm water. Knead lightly and mould in small biscuits or twists. Raisins, currants, or cardarmom seed may be added at discretion. Bring U cupfuls of honey to the boiling point. Skim, if necessary'. Add j cupful of butter and cool. Add 2 cupfuls of pastry flour, stirring it in carefully.

Let this mixture stand over night. Ice when cool. I egg. Roll out on baking board, and cut with doughnut cutter. Try in hot lard. Add the egg, well beaten, and the milk. Mix the honey, salt, and cornstarch. Candied honey is preferred. One cup butter. Flour enough to make as stiff as can well be stirred. Bake at once in. Two eggs well beaten, 1 cup butter, i cup sour cream, 1 cup honey, 'J cup sugar. Then bake in slow oven. The above will keep moist for months.

Dissolve gelatine in the usual way, heating it over a teakettle until thoroughly dissolved. Mix, put over fire, and stir only until the sugar is dissolved. When ready for use the bowl of fondant. The use of honey in fondant obviates the necessity of using cream of tartar. Cakes, etc. Consideration Shown to Clients when in Distress.

Well built in Solid Oak it consists of 4 pieces as shown. And the Price? Wilson Chairs and Couches :. Use towels and friction as in the sponge ba No. V III. Still a very good imitation may be managed by seating the ,patient on a cane-bottomed chair and putting a, vessel round, so that, it will exclude outer air. A false mem- brane stretches across the throat and suffocates the patient. This disease, and inflammation of stomach, have to be treated about in the same way that inflammation of bowels is treated, adding moderate drinking of iced water, in case of stomach affection, and for the liver, No.

If, in either case, there is much fever, Nos. Miscellaneous Complaints.

Agrimonia Eupatoria, Linn. Pimpinella Anisurn, Linn. Asparagus officinalis, Linn. Part Lfsed. Sanguinaria Canadensis, Linn Part Used. Fluid extract: Dose, drops. Burweed, Goosebill. Cinnamomum Camphora, T. Nees and Ebcrm. Parts used. Foeniculum dulce, D. Deservedly the most popular of tonic medi cines. Useful in loss of appetite, stomach and digestive affections, arising from mental and nervous exhaustion. As a remedy for various gastric disorders it takes a leading place, acting very beneficially in acute inflammatory conditions.

Syn-— Lignum Vitae, Lignum Sanctum. Parts Used— Wood and Resin Action. Humulus Lupulus, Linn. Lupulin: Dose. Part Used Herb. In many parts it is brewed and sold as Horehound Ale, making an appetising and healthful beverage. Horseradish B. The rind is mostly employed or flavouring purposes both in the household and in medicine. Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology 2nd Edition. Energy Management Handbook, 5th Edition. Power of Attorney Handbook 5th Edition. Handbook of Psychological Assessment 5th Edition. Small Animal Surgery.

Small Animal Gastroenterology. Small Animal Arthroscopy. Small Animal Nutrition. Small Animal Ophthalmology Secrets. Recommend Documents. Handbook of Small Animal Spinal Surgery Acting Monologues. Aviation Military. History Military Repair Rowing Sailing. Africa Northern Pictorials. England Scotland. France Germany Netherlands Pictorials Spain. Current Stock: 1. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

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