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In spite of Trelayne's victories in battle, the road home is longer than the young knight ever imagined, and it must begin with rejecting his peasant companion, Derik, and denying the memory of the half-orc companion who gave his life for them. Forced to admit that the battle has changed him, Trelayne tries to be the champion for the peasantry, only to make things worse—Derik imprisoned, his betrothed rejecting him, his war-wounds throbbing. Honor provokes him to claim a duel with the swordmaster in the hopes of earning Derik's freedom, but the veterans find that winning a battle is not the same as winning a war—and not all demons wear an ugly face.

Create Widget. About Elaine Isaak. Learn more about Elaine Isaak. Also by This Author. Scars litter his body in various areas, both beast and man made. Spoiler: Lucky Seventh. Spoiler: Solstitium Tenebris. Last edited: Jun 30, History "Holy places are no longer sanctuary from death, and death is no longer sanctuary from anything.

They ran the silver mines deep in the mountains surrounding the town and became prosperous because of it. In addition to their wealth, the Sinnets were known for being an honorable family that would do what they could to protect their town. True to form, Isora's ancestor, Duncan Sinnet, was one of the original hunters who served with the first Lunarch. And so began the Sinnet lineage of hunters. Generation after generation of Sinnets have produced talented hunters equipped with heirlooms of silver from the family mines.

Even Isora's own mother, Narcissa, was one of the most blessed hunters of her time. It is often thought that Isora was always destined to be a hunter, because as they tell it, Isora had gone on her first hunt before she was born - still in her mother's womb. Isora's mother, Narcissa, had been tracking a particularly potent witch at the outskirts of the Witches Retreat. Though Isora's father had advised her to wait until after the baby was born, Narcissa was determined. The Bitterheart Witch was one of the most feared witches known to humanity, and Narcissa could feel her chance coming near.

Unbeknownst to her, the Bitterheart Witch had laid a trap in waiting for the huntress. When Narcissa made her strike, she fell right into the witch's trap. A terrible battle ensued and Isora's mother only barely escaped, but not without consequence.

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Narcissa, bruised and beaten, was cursed with the loss of her sight. She drug herself home and lasted just long enough to give birth to her daughter. Shortly after Isora's birth, Narcissa succumbed to the wounds laid upon her by the Bitterheart Witch. The curse was passed on to her daughter until such a time that the Bitterheart Witch has been vanquished. Isora, with the weight of her mother's duty and the curse of the Bitterheart Witch upon her, has known only the life of a hunter since birth.

She was sent to begin her training when she was old enough to wield a weapon and has not looked back since. She feels in her soul that every dark creature she slays brings her closer to finding the Bitterheart Witch and exacting vengeance upon her. She has been searching for the Bitterheart Witch since her inauguration as a full hunter and will not stop until the witch is slain. When her ancestors made their move to Gastaf, they vowed to return and make the town as prosperous as it once was. Isora hopes to make that a reality.

Isora's hearing, in particular, is extremely accurate. She travels discretely through obstacles that would make most hunters pause. Her skill in tracking stealthily is another reason she has earned the name. Jean Otus Would-Be Prince. Highly charismatic, well spoken, polite, and patriotic, he plays the part of the ideal military officer to a fault. In practice, however, under closer observation, he could be described as a sadist. Cold and rationalistic, calculating and disciplinary, he treated the soldiers under his command as inhuman resources to be controlled, any misbehavior was mercilessly suppressed.

This being said, there was never a mission he failed to complete, and often offered excellent advice on logistics. Moreover, every success was turned into a grab for power which resulted in a rapid ascent through the ranks. This translated to a bloodthirsty approach to hunting monsters which failed to take into account the danger an individual hunt might bring to civilians or other hunters.

So long as the mission is completed, nothing stands in his way. History: Abandoned shortly after his birth in a small nunnery outside of Thraben, Alexander had very few opportunities growing up. A childhood spent on the fringes of society instilled him with a grim outlook on the world and a voracious desire to climb his way up in the world.

Joining the army at a young age, he immediately adopted a highly competitive attitude towards all other recruits, and after strategically eliminating some other officer hopefuls, he was placed in the war college. After a whirlwind career as a student, he was elevated to the rank of Major and placed in charge of a rapid response cavalry battalion.

After this appointment reports of his activities become rather spotty, and even his own soldiers give mixed accounts of his leadership style and practices. After a disastrous collapse of the military chain of command, Alexander left to join the ranks of the hunters. After joining and receiving his blessing, he adopted a method of hunting which could only be described as dangerous and irreverent. Ebooks and Manuals

He almost seems to enjoy using other people as bait and fodder to take down his prey. He began developing a controversial following of pragmatists who preferred results over costs. This set his plan in motion to develop his own hunter army, which he could use to eradicate monsters and establish his own military junta over the small remaining human populations. Hal lucination New Member. Name: Tel Norik Nickname: Flicker Age: 24 Gender: Male Profession: Hunter Experience: Tel has been a hunter for about 4 years, but he had been training almost his whole life before being officially recognized as a hunter.

Appearance: Tel is about 5 feet 7 inches and is relatively skinny. He has a short and messy brown haircut, and has heterochromatic eyes. One green, one blue. He wears a black cloak that covers his whole body, though he usually takes it off when he fights. He wears a silver circlet that has a single teal gem embedded inside around his head. Beneath his robes, Tel wears a plate of armor covering basic garments. At first glance, the weapons appear to be just handles and cross guards with no blade, but when Tel activates their magic, their blades, composed of pure holy light, spring into existence.

However, Tel is incapable of partying normal attacks with the blade. They can activate automatically when Tel is undergoing intense emotion. He loads it holy silver bullets, and is somewhat skilled at firing it, though not nearly as skilled as with his twin swords. Personality: Tel is kind, but hesitates to form meaningful bonds. The ones that do are politely requested to never speak to Tel again. On the surface, Tel is kind, polite, respectful, even-tempered, and witty. Fleeing their home in Gastaf, the couple decided to retire and start a family in an area where they would never have to deal with any humans again: the Eldritch Woods.

During this time, Tel was rigorously trained in fighting by his father, and was given his magic blades by his mother. Tel somehow managed to escape, but was unable to find any semblance of civilization.

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  5. Still mourning his parents, he managed to made his new home in a far less inhabited part of the woods. During the time spent in this home, Tel decided to search for his father, clinging to him as his last thread of hope that life could be better. He searched every day, creating paths through the forest, familiarizing himself with the sounds and feels of each unholy creature that would stalk him, learning the most efficient ways to deal with them for 4 years. With the final thread of hope shattered, Tel broke down, almost completely giving up. He found it less than a year later, at a small town on the outskirts of the forest.

    He was taken in and treated as a family member by a kind family in the town. He was accepted by the entire town, treated well, and he felt like he had filled the void that had been created by the destruction of his home. He continued to train in swordplay. Alas, things would not stay so good, as a sudden attack another 4 years later would devastate the town, with Tel only escaping because the creatures seemed to avoid him. Distraught by the feeling of losing everything once again, Tel found himself shutting down, pushing away anything that came close.

    Finally, Tel found meaning and a way for him to put to use his skills earned in the Eldritch Woods: becoming a Hunter. Extra: His hunter ability is awaken state. Last edited: Jul 5, Lloyd Ivory Keys. Name: Dunbar 'Munroe' Francis. Nickname: Proclaimed as the "Iron Rose" during her youth for her blooming involvement against the ravenous herd of Vampires to the North when she commanded the heroic Might of the Clove's vanguard upon the Field of Flowers and won the battle for Gastaf. Now, old and sassy, most people associate that title with her tongue being as sharp as steel.

    The commoners share comedic toasts to the "Cow Queen," however. Age: 60 yearly moons. Gender: Female. Profession: Retired Hunteress. Experience: Dunbar was promoted to a Hunteress when she was nineteen, and accomplished thirty successful years serving the Church of Avacyn before she retired in order to return home to help her son, Gerald, the Mayor of Gastaf, govern their great city when her husband died.

    Past her prime, she possesses limited combative capabilities that render her ineffective physically, and so a careful application of magic is instead exercised, careful craft unknown to the human eye. Appearance: Standing at 6ft tall and kg, this aristocratic harridan has always held herself with a straight back.

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    She is a noblewoman through and through; berry-scented folds hug the crevices of her wrinkles, warts and whiskers, mind you. Fat yet elegant, rounded in the colours of her birth-house, House Munroe, a meadow of golden roses growing upon the emerald thorn hills. The metal-work armory surrounding her body adds to her weight. Her once lissome frame supported a perfect approach for her desired form of combat at the time.

    She specialized in evasive methods, moving like a morning petal in the cold wind, enhanced by the Gift, the Second Sight, to anticipate the creatures of the dark before striking with a fury of needle-like attacks. Unable to fight like she use to, Dunbar has constructed a walking stick out of her pointed steel, concealed and hidden.

    In extension, she is able to channel her magic through the designed maple-wood wand work. She is often seen flanked by two towering sworn-swords, Summer and Winter, shimmering in heavy armor to hide their ghoulish appearance. Personality: Mind yourself around this ol'crone in the chatter or she'll give you a smack in the mouth. Dunbar has come to a point in her life where non-essentials are exactly that, non-essentials.

    She does not mince her words for anyone, not even her family, and oftentimes finds it quite tempting how humorous it is to be blunt and honest when the opportunity presents itself.

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    Despite her quick witted sourness, she is incredibly wise and smart, displaying par-impressive political execution; strengthening their wealthy harvest trade economically, providing a friendly relationship between the rich and the poor and establishing a settlement that follows a sense of quality tradition. She finds herself responsible for ensuring her family survives no matter what. Her family attended to the farmlands that touched the salt rocks all the way to the western mountains and the south-reach forest. They harvested everything humanity required to sustain life, and contributed greatly to the overall status Gastaf represented out of the Three Great Settlements in the Known World with their bountiful wealth.

    Her Mother groomed Dunbar diplomatically to aid her fat-head younger brother when he becomes the Overlord, but secretly advised her to take heart with the Witches, while her Father encouraged her to pick up the sword and fight.

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