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He instead claimed neutrality. While the official U. Additionally, Texaco Oil Co.

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Contrary to anticommunist propaganda the Soviet Union was slow to involve itself in the conflict. Just as the Communist Party, USA was in the vanguard of organizing the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, it was also in the vanguard of the organized relief effort. Communist nurses, like Lini Fuhr and Salaria Kee — the only Black female volunteer in Spain — would later return and embark on exhaustive speaking engagements to help mobilize more relief aid.

Smith also highlights the role of youth and student organizations in the relief mobilization. Among other activities, the ASU launched an ambulance campaign in late and a six-week youth committee speaking tour. In all, by February sixty-one ambulances had been donated by Americans to the beleaguered antifascists in Spain.

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Communist-led maritime unions, particularly in Baltimore — where ten percent of the seamen who joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade were communists — staged strikes, refused to load and unload armaments, and organized and participated in antifascist rallies. Table of Contents. Cover pp.

Title Page, Copyright, Dedication pp. Contents pp. Abbreviations pp. Acknowledgments pp. Introduction pp.

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Chapter 1. International Crisis and Reactions pp. Chapter 2. Movement Culture pp. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. The Catholic Church and Interwar Anticommunism pp. While much has been written about the war itself and its international volunteers, little attention has been paid to those who coordinated these relief efforts at home.

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American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War tells the story of the political campaigns to raise aid for the Spanish Republic as activists pushed the limits of isolationist thinking. Those concerned with Spain's fate held a range of political convictions including anarchists, socialists, liberals, and communists with very different understandings of what fascism was.

Yet they all agreed that fascism's advance must be halted. With labor strikes, fund-raising parties, and ambulance tours, defenders of Spain in the United States sought to shift the political discussion away from isolation of Spain's elected government and toward active assistance for the faltering Republic.

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Examining the American political organizations affiliated with this relief effort and the political repression that resulted as many of Spain's supporters faced the early incarnations of McCarthyism's trials, Smith provides new understanding of American politics during the crucial years leading up to World War II. By also focusing on the impact the Spanish Civil War had on those of Spanish ethnicity in the United States, Smith shows how close to home the seemingly distant war really hit.

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Cox, The Midwest Book Review " Eric R. Smith adds significantly to the historiography of the U. Show More Show Less. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Unfreedom of The Press by Mark R.