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Puro Futbol : Roberto Fontanarrosa :

Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search. An Argentina street scene. She was surprised I had never heard of the man. You can call him, she told me. Why would I call him? I had been traveling across Argentina for several months before happening upon Rosario, a city four hours away from Buenos Aires on bus, where the tourist traffic was so incidental that I was the sole guest at the town hostel the nights I stayed there.

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Its river is dirty, and its prized flag museum grandiose. And yet, in the days I spent there, I became attached to the city—not because of anything it offered, but because, quite by accident, I found myself in a gratifying daily routine. The theme at the hall would change tango on Monday nights, salsa on Tuesdays, student bands on Wednesdays , but the crowd hardly did.

During that stint in Rosario, I matured as a traveler. I learned how satisfying it is, in the middle of a long trip, to drop your pack in an unassuming place, commit to it, commit to routine and to not seeing much at all. But undoubtedly the memories of Rosario abide because of my having met El Negro. He was also something of a local hero in Rosario, where he had grown up and had pledged his very public, very immoderate loyalty to a local soccer team.

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I was able to reach El Negro by telephone the day after meeting the woman in the bookstore, and he agreed to let me interview him several days later. In anticipation of my meeting with El Negro, I bought a tape recorder. I had not done much interviewing before then.

I spent a long time drafting questions. I remember my nervousness as the hour before our encounter approached; I found his house and sat outside for the remaining minutes testing and re-testing the recorder. And then I rang the bell; his wife, Gaby, ushered me in, and I found El Negro, bearded, sharp-eyed, gaunt… and immobile.

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Paulo Coelho. Jose Rodrigues Dos Santos. Maria Antonieta Collins. Arielle Ford. Chuck Hogan. Jane O'Connor. Laura Numeroff. Paco Ignacio Taibo. John Gray. Got it! Change Country.

World Football (Soccer) and Everyday Life

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