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How to establish and conduct Ascended Master Teaching Groups. Featured are primal requirements for an efficacious service, and the responsibilities of each group member, including its leader. The book is an indispensable aid for those involved in group activities. How to take advantage of these radiations. Item E7. These graded instructions contain a summary of the teaching and all information necessary, if applied, to make the ascension in this embodiment.

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They are written in an easy-to-understand manner. A must for both group leaders and dedicated students, who study … Continued. Description of the initiations necessary to gain the ascension, with emphasis on mastering the initiation of the God-virtues of the First Ray. Do not underestimate the power of ritual and order: it is something you have experienced many times at the level of your soul. If you wish, you can remember.

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The Coronation, and the Seventh Ray | A spiritual blog on life

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