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Getting Traffic Flowing To Your Blog
  1. How to Build a Website: the Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Setup (July 19)
  2. 2. Install Yoast SEO
  3. Beginners guide to Blogging

One, you can do it manually by downloading the files from WordPress.

How to Build a Website: the Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Setup (July 19)

In a quick glance, here are the steps you need to do:. Okay, I suppose you just skipped the manual installation guide and come to this part. Wise choice ;. In most cases, the URL will be something like this depends on the folder you installed the WordPress :. This will be the part of the blog where only you as the administrator can access.

Truth is, most individual WordPress bloggers do not create their own blog themes. Rather, what most of us do is to pick a ready-made theme or a raw theme and customize it according to our needs. If this is your first time establishing a WordPress blog, my suggestion to you is to start with a ready-made theme and tweak it along the way. This is where you can get all the free WordPress themes. Themes listed in this directory follow very tight standards provided by the WordPress developers, hence in my opinion this is the best place to get free, bug-less theme designs.

Themes offered in Theme Club are usually professionally designed and updated regularly. There are a lot more others out there — some clubs even cater to a particular industry, such as realtors or schools; but we will only cover three in this article. Visit: ElegantThemes. Elegant Themes is arguably the most popular WordPress theme club in the industry.

With over , happy customers, the theme site offers over 87 beautiful and stunning themes to choose from. It also lets you download premium plugins that will supercharge your online business. Subscription on Elegant Theme is affordable enough. It is affordable and easy to use, and the customization options are pretty much endless. Whether you are a casual blogger or an experienced businessman, Elegant Themes is not only a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website, it also helps to make your site navigable and more user friendly, which is good for attracting more traffic and boosting business.

Visit: StudioPress. StudioPress offers flexible pricing based on your needs. Visit: ArtisanThemes. Instead of downloading themes with pre-made layouts, this theme club lets you build a theme from scratch using over 20 modules calls to action, tiled displays, portfolio elements, etc. You can unleash modules on its themes. Two of its most functional and contemporary themes are Indigo and Modules.

2. Install Yoast SEO

Simply choose the theme that best describes your business so you can set it up in a matter of minutes. You can only use the Ready Made Sites if you have installed the theme from the shop as specified. WordPress Themes Marketplace is where you can choose and buy professional designed themes from multiple vendors. Because WordPress has such a big user base, there are are actually a number of great marketplaces and thousands of vendors and developers to choose from.

For example, my personal favorite, Themeforest part of Envato , offers large collection of premium WordPress themes neatly organized based on themes, date added, user ratings, and price. These plugins can help you integrate functionalities such as online shopping, booking, and opt-ins. But before you get excited, you need to install a few plugins that can ensure the performance, security, marketability, and customization of your website.

This plugin helps check all your comments against its service to see if they are spam. Vault Press, on the other hand, is a real-time backup and security scanning service designed by Automattic, the company that operates more than 24 million sites on WordPress. This plugin gives you the functionality to backup and synchronize all your posts, comments, media files, revisions and dashboard settings on the servers. WordPress allows unlimited login attempts by default. After a specific number of retries, it blocks an Internet address from making further attempts to log in, making it difficult for attackers.

Although WordPress is a SEO-friendly blogging platform, there is quite a lot more to do to improve your basic on-site SEO scores with the help of plugins. Once you have your blog live and are writing compelling content, you are going to need an easy way for visitors to share your content. The best option is a social media plugin, which will automatically position small icons above, below or beside your content so that people can share it. It improves the user experience on your site by increasing the server performance, reducing the time taken to download and increases page loading speed.

W3 Total Cache is recommended by many top web hosts and used by quite a number of big blogs. Domain and hosting, checked. WordPress setup, checked. Blog theme, checked. Essential plugins, checked. Now, you can do a ton of stuff with your widgets, but most people keep it pretty basic, including things like a search bar, email sign up form, Facebook like box, or recent comments, just to name a few. You control what goes where and what you want to show with widgets. So head to the left hand side bar again and click Appearance and then Widgets.

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Your theme might have more spots available. All you have to do to activate a widget is simply drag it over to the place you want to put it. You can play around with your widgets to see what you like where. Check out: The 60 Minute Blog Audit to get some direction. Your website is almost good to go. The menu is going to help you determine what pages get shown on your site. You can also use menus to showcase only the pages you want visitors to be able to access. To start, click Appearance and then Menus from the left-hand sidebar on your dashboard. Next, you simply want to decide what pages you want to show in your menu.

You simply click the box next to the pages you want to be in your menu, and then click Add to Menu. So even though I have a bunch of pages in the pages box, I only selected a handful of them to be in the main menu. You can then click and drag each of these boxes to put them in the spot you prefer. You want to be sure you know where this menu is going to be displayed. In this case, my theme allows me to put a menu in the footer or have a main menu, this is going to be my main menu, so it will show at the top of my website.

Once you have your menu set, click Save. I like to have my blog right there front and center. For the Front page choose from the drop down the page you want to be your front page, this could be a home page, a sales pages, anything you like. Then for the Posts page, use the drop-down to select the page your blog is called. Click save and you are good to go. This post walked you through all of the specifics of the technical side of starting a blog. Ok, I know that was a lot of information.

Thank you Sean for this excellent tutorial on how to setup a blog. Unfortunately I made the mistake of signing up with wordpress. Thanks Giahung. You can also pretty easily transfer content from wordpress. Let me know how it goes! Hey Sean, I really want to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Your site was the final spark that made me decide to finally take the plunge and go for it! This is after spending the last several years of reading blogs from other digital nomads and location independent folks. Hopefully one day we can all be living our dreams! Any idea?

Beginners guide to Blogging

So your gravatar is based on your email address, not your site. So just make sure your using the email address with the gravatar on the new site.

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Starting a blog is an excellent way to learn more about yourself and to share your experience with others. Reflecting on things and putting them down in writing really helps you solidify concepts in your brain and can really help you. At first you suck, but slowly you start sucking less and after a while you start plucking out more quality content. The key is to learn on the go. Hey Sean, great how-to article. It adds Google Analytics tracking code to your site, and shows all the most useful analytics data in WordPress admin panel — how much visitors came to your site, where they came from, bource rate and much more information and this plugin is free.

Hi Sean!

Great post, clear and easy to follow. Your article is very valuable for small business owners because blogging can be a powerful tool to share knowledge and create qualified leads. A blog is great tool to build trust and become an expert in the eyes of your potential clients. Finally, the missing pieces.

I have secured a couple of domains through Bluehost but have not made them active yet because I have used Bluehost hosting with WordPress. The learning curve was a bit much for me, so I gave up, the 2 sites I had went no where fast. You have motivated me to try again with the 2 remaining domains I have. I agree that Bluehost has great customer service. You have done it here, great post. Aloha, Sean A friend of mine just began a blog to help set income ppl to invest in stocks and get good dividends.

Well, if he can do it …. Thanks for the step by step instructions. Hi Sean, can I send you a private message. I would like to ask you questions about this tutorial and get your opinion if possible. Thank you for this. Started reading this on Thursday and had things up and running though still incomplete on Friday. Awsome tutorial!

Great article man!! This was the flagship post that has helped me dive into my new blog! Any suggestions? Would you reccommend to host the blog in the country where I am? I have a german blog for the german area in Europe. I have just heard about a hosting site called SETT and wondered whether that is the thing to go for now?

I chose Hostwinds instead of Bluehost. I have my theme installed, but clearly have much more to finish. Are the remaining steps you outlined going to work regardless of the host used? Your email address will not be published. To name just a few of the skills you can learn by starting a blog: Learn how to setup a site on WordPress the best platform for those just beginning, or are non-technical The basics of Search Engine Optimization The importance of copywriting and how to create content that gets shared Social media for business The list goes on. Table of Contents.

Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Pocket. Keep Reading. Comments Thank you Sean for this excellent tutorial on how to setup a blog. Thanks for the inspiration! This is the most detailed post on the topic. Where the hell were you in ? This is a great tutorial! I now have my site up and running!

Hey Sean, Great article man!! Hi Sean, thanks for this awesome blog post! Thanks in advance for your answers Volker Schaefer. Is all this still relevant and good to go? Sean — from Ireland. Sean, I chose Hostwinds instead of Bluehost. Thanks, Mitch.