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  1. Meet Molly: The Truth About MDMA
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  3. The agony after ecstasy
  4. Focus: ecstasy after-effects that could last a lifetime | Education | The Guardian

And my friend was in that car for like 1 hour haha. Joined Dec 17, Messages Location Florida. No it wasn't from tears of joy. My friend started to open up about something that happened to him recently that sucked ass and he started to full out cry then we all started to talk about our problems and times that sucked ass for us and we all were crying. JasonSmith Bluelighter.

I've never cried during a roll and would hate to. I could only imagine how badly it would end up. But if one person starts crying then it'll set off a whole chain-of-crying-people.

Meet Molly: The Truth About MDMA

Everyone gets eachothers's vibes throughout the night. Ecstasy increases your emotions exponentially.

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Hearing someone else's sad story would most likely make you extra sad, then you'd think of some tragedy to share or just think about to yourself after that. If everyone's rolling super hard and dancing away, having a blast, no ones going to be thinking about tragedies or other sad shit that's been going on. IMO at least. Wierd "i love you mans" and crazy emotional moments always seemed to fuck my high up.

Like i would realize some dude i barely knew just told me he loved me, that i was cool as fuck and tell me why.

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Always always always fucked my roll up. M Brace Bluelighter. Joined May 7, Messages Joined Nov 22, Messages Location Canada. ColtDan Bluelighter. Joined Jul 27, Messages 24, Woodrowbt said:. ColtDan said:. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, Joined Jun 21, Messages 8, Location Inside of a heart-shaped box.

The agony after ecstasy

I always cry from X on the day after taking it. Watching a movie that normally would have me laughing at how cheesy it is has me balling like a baby the day after a good session. Stoner Witch Bluelighter.

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  • Joined Oct 24, Messages Yes I have. Joined Nov 14, Messages Joined Jul 26, Messages 11, Location Somewhere over the rainbow. I have never cried on mdma but I have been around someone who has. He has an incredibly fucked up life some self induced and some being from a broken type of family and we started talking about his son a little bit and that caused him to cry.

    Camila Cabello - Crying in the Club (Official Music Video)

    There are so people who are just able to wear their emotions on their sleeves a bit more when they are taking mdma and some people are able to keep their emotions safely hidden away. Mdma doesn't force anything in a person, the person always allows the experience. Some are just more open than others, or want to experience something that someone else might not want to.

    Focus: ecstasy after-effects that could last a lifetime | Education | The Guardian

    Joined Jul 6, Messages Location California. Na but came pretty damn close my second time rolling But that's because I was Super emotional It was ridiculous lol but they would have been tears of joy tho hahaha Man i wish I could do that night over. WorldWarMe Bluelight Crew. Joined Jan 22, Messages 1, Location Vancity. We imply that untethered grief, by virtue of its excess, does not hew to the cultural expectation that beauty be placid and symmetrical, fundamentally unthreatening. Sometimes the very notion of the ugly cry seems, more than anything else, an inside joke: What woman has not been schooled in the doctrine of Western patriarchal standards of beauty?

    We know when we have transgressed—when we have become more than men can fathom. And so, just as the ugly cry was produced by our fear of unrestrained emotion, hysteria, too, was understood as a condition born from excess. In most cases, female distress was only palatable in its most submissive and delicate variations. As he raised his eyes now he saw a certain helpless quivering which touched him quite newly, and made him look at Rosamond with a questioning flash.

    At this moment she was as natural as she had ever been when she was five years old: she felt that her tears had risen, and it was no use to try to do anything else than let them stay like water on a blue flower or let them fall over her cheeks, even as they would. When, in , Julia Roberts cries at the opera in the appropriately titled Pretty Woman , she glistens softly , a John Singer Sargent painting made flesh.

    We like our sad girls sexy—and that sexiness can only blossom from tears easily wiped away, not a red face swollen and gooey with snot. They peddle the illusion of emotional freedom without aesthetic compromise; they reify the metric by which we are judged and, sometimes, judge ourselves. When women are treated as art, we can brush away an errant tear, straighten our blouses, and return to our desks and classrooms and dinners with regality and confidence.

    No wonder the ugly cry is captivating in its own way: It delivers us from the stranglehold of conventional beauty, asks nothing but that we face our pain.

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    • To cry this way—vigorously, heartily, vulgarly—reveals vulnerability at the same time that it conveys physical might and mettle. Our bodies can speak for themselves, says the ugly cry. Women do not exist merely through representation; we are neither watercolor nor clay. I recognize myself, and my agitation in knowing that my own well of emotion is at times too potent and charged for even me to grasp. She is the woman who takes her vibrator to bed not as a Victorian remedy for tempestuous feeling but to scream louder, to dwell in the frisson of sensory ruckus.

      She knows what I struggle to embrace: that those who would call us ugly for being too freely emotional had better heed our cries and tremble. Oprah Winfrey, the original ugly crier.