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  4. Parents can be Overbearing on Their Children
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She expects and imposes these behaviors on the girl Kincaid.

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In addition, it is apparent that the girl is constrained within these prescribed behaviors. In this regard, the story focuses on the significance of familial relationships in shaping individual behavior. The main points in the short story include:. The information that the mother gives to her daughter includes positive and negative ones.

In the story, the mother provides a lot of information about what to do, such as what to cook, what to do in the house, and what to do outside the house. The mother also prescribes information about the things that the girl should not do. These things that should not be done include singing benna in Sunday school, as well as swatting like a boy to play marbles.

Girls (short story) - Wikipedia

Another important aspect of the story is that the mother tells the girl about the situations when the girl should do or not do those things. For instance, the mother tells the girl that she should not walk bareheaded if the sun is up, and that the girl should walk like a lady on Sundays. The mother also demands that the girl should not eat fruit when out on the streets. In effect, the mother provides specific directions that she expects the girl to follow.

Some of the information is beneficial to the girl, such as soaking salt fish in order to reduce the salt content of the food, and not going out in the sun with a bare head. However, some of the information has the potential to be disadvantageous to the girl. For instance, the mother tells the girl how to prepare medicine in order to abort pregnancy. Such medicine is homemade and can have adverse effects on the health of the girl. Also, forbidding the girl to play marbles, even when with boys, can lead to issues in the way the girl makes social interactions with males. Sometimes, parents can be overbearing on their children.

This is illustrated in the entire story, which presents very little of the perspective or thoughts of the girl. The mother states most of the lines of the story.

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  • Girl (short story) - Wikipedia.

In contrast, the daughter says a few lines. She is on stage—acting or singing or dancing or reciting poetry in a spoken word competition—when you first see her. She plays the role of the Patti Smith character in a Sam Shepard one-act about a lobster. Stacey or Marissa or Christine will go to the appointment alone. That is all she will recall later, when you ask where she found him; she thinks maybe someone recommended him.

Girls (short story)

Someone must have recommended him, she will say. Peter Wright is short and overdressed. He lives in a doorman building midtown—a hectic part of town Marissa or Stacey or Christine rarely visits. His studio is on the 17th floor.

Analysis Of The Short Story ' Girl ' By Jamaica Kincaid

Not until she sees the kitchenette. A bed pulled out of a wall. The makeup artist asks to be paid in cash. Next she plucks her eyebrows. Her eyes appear bulbous, rather freakish.

Twenty years later she will have forgotten quite a lot of this, but not that pronouncement on her face:. The photographer likes the tight long dress she bought at a flea market downtown for twenty dollars: a crunchy stretchy velvet dress in merlot. She wears it with platform pumps or boots or barefoot. It is sick, she tells you, the way they say it.

Parents can be Overbearing on Their Children

Morbid, she tells you. You suggest that it is maybe nice, a compliment. When they get to the end of the commercial and the theatrical shot, Peter Wright suggests that Marissa or Christine or Stacey wear something less formal, something more fun. She has a small cotton sundress with her, something she found at a vintage shop.

It is sheer, with lace detail up top. Peter Wright finds certain women irresistible, and as the shoot progresses he realizes that Marissa or Stacey or Christine might be one of these women. When he suggests that she not wear underwear, he is taking a chance, but he also feels pretty sure that she will oblige. She is willing. She is looking for something. It is experience she craves. Why else is she in New York, by herself, paying hundreds of dollars for glamorous photos of her face? Thinking back on it, Marissa or Christine or Stacey wonders if it is pathological.

Her lack of fear, even discomfort. Her willingness to go along. That it all excited her, at least a little bit.

Proposing Girls - a short story

What do you think? She wears the dress with nothing underneath.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

She finds him kind of sad, but non-threatening. She sucks on a Charms blow pop from his candy dish. He grabs a second camera. She licks, sucks, makes funny faces. But now, something else.