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  2. The Language of Grasshoppers: Framing Your World Through Words: Wb Temm: Panworld Global
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They lay their eggs in soil or leaves utilize their ovipositors to insert eggs into soil or plant material.


There are crickets in every part of the world. All species of crickets are leaping insects about. They have four wings; the two front wings are leathery and stiff, while the two back wings are membranous and are used for flight. Crickets are either green or white.

The Language of Grasshoppers: Framing Your World Through Words: Wb Temm: Panworld Global

They may live on the ground, in trees, or in bushes, where they feed largely on aphids and ants. The most distinctive aspect of crickets is their song. Male crickets rub a scraper on one front wing against a set of teeth on the other wing. They can vary the pitch of their chirps by speeding up or slowing down the movement of their scraper.


Some cricket songs are intended to attract mates, while others are intended to warn away other males. Both male and female crickets have sensitive hearing. The warmer the weather, the faster crickets chirp. In fact, the snowy tree cricket is so sensitive to sound that it is often called the "thermometer cricket.

Grasshoppers are very similar in appearance to crickets, but they're not identical. They may be green or brown, with yellow or red markings. Most grasshoppers lay eggs on the ground.

Like crickets, grasshoppers can make a sound with their forewings, but the sound made by grasshoppers is more like a buzz than a trill or song. Unlike crickets, grasshoppers are awake and active during the day. The following traits separate most grasshoppers and locusts from their close cousins, the crickets and katydids.

Chen analyzed lifestyle and savings data for speakers of different languages, and the results appear to back up this line of thinking. The Atlantic reports :. German, Finnish and Estonian were 30 percent more likely to save money, 24 percent more likely to avoid smoking, 29 percent more likely to exercise regularly, and 13 percent less likely to be obese, than speakers of languages with strong future tenses, like English.

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In an attempt to rule out cultural influences, Chen compared statistics between people from the same country, and found that the patterns held even among people who grew up in the same country speaking different languages. The research is interesting…but what does it mean? Should we all start speaking German, or perhaps Estonian? None of it has ever been proven to have anything to do with how people see the world or experience life.

What if you threw a party and nobody came? Without a sound multilingual SEO […]. Should you translate your brand name or business name when you enter a foreign language market? What about product names? Is your brand name already a word in the target language?