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Kami and co should have told him to fuck off after what he did in the first book, he didn't deserve to have any friends. Angela should have killed him or at the very least seriously hurt him - I don't know how she could be in the same room as him when he'd been planning to killing her. He was definitely more suited to Kami than Jared.

Her friendship with Kami was really sweet. She definitely needs a new love interest, I don't want her settling for Holly after all the shit that happened between them. She needs someone that actually respects and appreciates her. They should have at least been a little bit busy with assignments and studying - instead all they did was sleuth, angst, whine, and fight evul.

I'm guessing there'll be some Matthew related discovery in the next book. I really don't know why there was so much time wasted on it in this book - the Matthew arc went nowhere. Ugh, I hope he dies. All in all, it was a decent enough read, it just needed to be less teen-drama centric and more plot centric. View all 12 comments. Aug 13, Emily Elizabeth marked it as to-read Shelves: hype , action , adventure , not-yet-released , humor , mystery , so-excited , paranormal , simon-schuster , angst.

Sarah promised me there would be macking.

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It's part of her trilogy motto. She promised. Other than that. I just need this book. And I need it now. I'm perfectly alright with this. Though, fer realz. Where's the book? ETA: August 29, Goodreads is a liar.

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I hate everything. Someone hold me. View all 4 comments. Me: Best cameo made by a fleet of inanimate objects suddenly made animate. You, Jared Lynburn, are an onion. You're an onion parfait. Layered between many more onion parfa 4. Layered between many more onion parfaits. Me: I love the magic in this series. And the Britishness. And the boys. And the girls. And Kami. Poor Ash. Poor Kami. Holla, my babies, just kiss and make up! Mostly kiss, obviously! Me: SRB why do heap such pain on the sparkly little gem that is Kami she should know nothing but joy you monster Me: Jared, you colossal idiot.

Me: Oh, Ash. Thou hast made a valiant effort.

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Delivery man, at the door: Delivery! I ordered Chinese. Father: You've been reading that book too long. Me: Rusty, dearest, I have a lovely couch right here you could nap on if you like. Oh, hell, don't make me ship another ship, SRB, please. My armada is getting a bit unwieldy. Stop being so adorable, Rusty. If you can. Me: You can't. Me: Kami is an absolutely splendid, sparkly, magical girl made of unicorns and happiness and pluck and sass and sunshine and I adore her beyond all reason. Me: We've been planning for a big showdown for a while. That's an excellent twist!

Me: There is definitely something quippy in the water in Sorry-in-the-Vale. Everybody is so unbelievably, to be honest witty. I would move there in a heartbeat. I'd totally take a murderous, power-hungry horde of sorcerers in exchange for the guarantee of daily banter and repartee. Me: Sometimes I read the jokes in this book and I wonder if my brain secretly wrote it without telling me.

Me: Wait. Oh my God. Is this actually I'm being tricked. It's a plot. I don't trust it. Me: Stupid, of course it's a plot. It's literally a plot. This is a book. Friend, unfortunately nearby: That was not a sound as yet made by humans. Friend: Wait, that's the series with the hot sorceror boys who make jokes, and where everybody wants to kiss everybody else all the time, and, like, they're all miserable?

The one that made you scream that one time?

She was engaged to Lil' Wayne

Sep 04, Kristalia rated it really liked it Shelves: not-really-a-review , 3-tostars , age-young-adult , be-my-heroine-please. There is also nasty cliffhanger at the end but i kind of expected it I planned to give it 4 stars, but i am giving it 3. View all 14 comments. Nov 16, Morgannah rated it liked it. Untold, the second book in the Lynburn trilogy, was mainly character development, teen angst, and set up for book three. The only aspect that saved this book from being complete second book filler was the development of the myths surrounding the Lynburn family.

Thankfully we got more world building and more background on the town and the magic it provokes. Our main characters, Kami and Jared, had a telepathic connection that was broken at the end of book one. In this installment the author explor Untold, the second book in the Lynburn trilogy, was mainly character development, teen angst, and set up for book three. In this installment the author explored the complexities of their relationship now that they are no longer in each other's heads.

They both struggled with their need to be close to each other in light of their newly found privacy and independence. I will continue with book three since I have come this far and I am nosy and want to know how this thing ends. Aug 18, K. Sit down. I have a lot to say There have been much debate over Sarah Rees Brennan's second installment in her Lynburn Legacy trilogy.

Buy YOU - The Untold Stories

It had been so hyped up it almost jinxed itself. Untold has received giddy praise and somber criticism. So, which is it? Well, it's kind of both. Untold tells the aftermath of Kami and Co. Now, he's recruiting to build an army. As is with Sit down. As is with most middle books, the basic premise is preparation.

Kami needs to spread the word out to the people, to educate them and arm them of and against these evil magic doers. Plot-wise, the book suffered faintly -- I say faintly because I am unyielding in my fan-love and will be satisfied with whatever Brennan gives me. The book is slow and in the end, progress is short. We learn a little more about how magic works between the Lynburns, a few more spells, a bit more history. But somehow Kami spends more time learning karate moves, doing historical research and playing undercover agents -- all important but not quite the action readers were hoping for.

Something I really liked, however, is the time spent with Kami's parents. It's a sweet relationship with genuine affection, so the downward spiral it descends into is heartbreaking. There is also more mystery with Kami's mom. The trouble is, we are given almost no answers. As for the paranormal factor in this novel, it is hard to believe that as a town that is in the midst of war between centuries-old sorcery and good old human mortality, there is still such a thing as school, or trick-or-treating, or going to the post office.

This is one heck of a diplomatic and considerate war -- but I understand, that's the way of the game. With that said, it does make up for lost bloodshed. There is gore and appropriate repercussions are dispensed. Surprisingly, something many found exasperating was one of the highlights and strengths in the first book -- the quirky, eccentric yet lovable smart-alec attitude of the characters. I agree begrudgingly. Yes, they did occasionally meander into Annoying Ville. There were a little too many clever quips, too many droll retorts.

Kami, in particular. Sometimes I just wanted her to speak normal, which is almost sacrilegious as she is one of the most colourful and effervescent protagonists I've ever met. More than that, she stands for self-respect and self-confidence. Her psychology, understandably, needs healing. She is still struggling from detaching herself as an individual from her link to Jared. Did all her guts and spirit come solely from him or did she possess them on her own? Essentially, is she herself without him?

Jared, too, is beginning to open up. And near the end, we hear him; we are allowed access to a character who has so far been unreadable. It was such conflicting pleasure. Only Jared can do that. Having said that, they still frustrated me. Good god, the delusions! The angst!

Crime + Investigation

The misinterpretations! You see, the romantic core in the book, to me, is clear. It is just the journey there that is pissing me off. When it comes to love, these two are clueless. But so meant to be. The book is heavily focused on mending the cruel cracks left on them after the cut.

And the scars go deep. And, as in Unspoken , it is painful yet so rewarding. This book doesn't quite reach the height of expectations -- and that's okay as they were Everest. But it is still spectacular. What I truly appreciate is the spectrum of topics Brennan covers in her paranormal romance thriller: homosexuality, family dysfunctions, the plight of low income families, marriage problems, superficial beauty, self-acceptance. It is all done subtly, softly; without ever becoming cumbersome. Brennan tells an absurd, fun, heartfelt story of a girl who speaks to a voice in her head.

This voice turns out to be a real live boy. And while they wander into magical adventures, it is ultimately about so much more. This review also appears on The Midnight Garden. View 2 comments. Aug 07, Isa Lavinia rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , mystery , urban-fantasy , romance , paranormal , young-adult , otp.

First of all I should say the author was incredibly kind to send me this book - more accurately, my cat won this book for me, but that's a long story involving scratches, and forcing pets to wear little wire-framed spectacles. The fact I was sent this book by the author does not affect, in any way, my review. What does affect it, is that I've been following Sarah Rees Brennan's writing since way back when, and she has never, ever, disappointed me. In my possession I may have called it "my precious once or twice Obviously I freaked out.

Not in a "This is so great, I am so lucky! What now?! What if I hate it?! This brought me back to when my bff had a baby girl. I know you're supposed to say nice things the first time you see someone's baby, but the more I put it off, the more I stressed out over it: what if the baby was HIDEOUS? What if, when in the presence of that abomination unto the Lord all I could come up with would be something like, "Oh, she has But finally I could put it off no longer and I had to go see the baby. So cute I actually turned to the parents and expressed my relief on not having had to lie about her looks.

Much the same situation happened with Untold. I was freaking out! I was composing polite ways to critique a disappointing book, because I love the author, and I love everything she writes, but maybe she would read my dreadful review and go, "This is it, the last drop! I shall never put pen to paper again, not even to sign my own name! Don't tell her I said that! I mean the kid is really cute, but it just stayed in her crib, sleeping, which I admit, she did rather well Untold, however, starts kind of like this: Murderous scarecrows!

Girl Power! Hot boys! Hot girls! And chocolate pasta: which I did not even know was a thing, if anyone can get me some I'll be yours forever. Seriously, this is Sarah Rees Brennan at her best! I read some reviews expressing displeasure at her use of humour, particularly during dramatic moments. That's what makes it work for me! You know how when you're with someone who'd been so important to you but now is not, and for a fleeting moment there's that spark where the old friendship is there and alive, and everything is well and we're all so happy- BUT IT'S NOT, because it was just a moment, and now it's back to bleak reality.

Tell me that doesn't make the situation that more poignant: the juxtaposition of sadness and humour, it makes one so much sadder, the other so much more precious It's genius writing, that's what it is! And major props for girl friendship! Passing the Bechdel test left, right, and centre! Plus intrigue, and girl sleuths, creepy magic, and awesome portrayals of family interactions.

What more could I ask for?! Make-out scenes, of course - but those are in there as well!! Actual Rating 3. For starters, Kami makes me feel a little iffy to be honest. I like her but at the same time, I really want to shake her. Also the romance. WHAT IS UP with Kami constantly thinking she isn't nearly as attractive as any of her friends and then you see that three guys are vying for her attention! Jared has to be Actual Rating 3.

Jared has to be one of the most frustrating love interests ever but at the same time, I absolutely love him. I love how complicated he is character is and I loved getting to know him better in this one. There is something to be said about a character who you could practically write an essay on as you peel back the layers. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading Unmade but I reallly hope the romantic drama won't get worse.

View all 8 comments. Sep 08, Sarah marked it as on-hold. Literally counting the minutes until we are together. Yeah, hell on my feels. He's honestly too precious for this world - If view spoiler [Jami doesn't end up linked again by the end of Unmade, I'd riot hide spoiler ] - What, you thought I'd take pity on Rosalind Lynburn after reading this book?

You thought wrong. Favorite quotes: 'If the truth didn't help anyone, and love didn't last, what was there left to struggle toward? I'll enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with you. Jan 29, Cody rated it really liked it. The evil sorcerer Rob Lynburn is back and eager to take over Sorry-in-the-Vale and bring back the old ways of sacrificing people to aid magic. Brennan managed to create a realistic view of being a teenager with different feelings and relationships.

Kami is still her humorous self and had me laughing with some of her best quotes.. Annnnd after that silly lapse in judgment I now have to deal with Kami linked to Ash? What is happening! It was slow and a little predictable but still executed wonderfully, I just hoped for a more exciting plot. With that said after that cliffhanger I cannot wait to read Unmade. Literary-ly Obsessed Almost every issue had a silver lining that came in the form of sassy remarks to lighten the mood I love these characters.

I can see how other people wouldn't though, they all have very strong personalities and for the most part can be seen as very similar characteristically. They all have the same sense of humour however, as someone with the same sense of humour as everyone in these book, I thoroughly enjoy the banter and find myself highlighting so many quotes because they just make me smile so much.

For example, when Ash sort-of said the wrong thing when discovering Angela and Holly's almost relationship and Kami was all gung-ho "Other people's sexuality is not your spectator sport. I've seen love for her and I've seen hate for her but honestly I think she is one of the strongest heroines I've ever read about.

She is confident, ambitious and is so determined to save the town and the people that she cares about that she does everything in her power and even things that weren't really in her power to do to make sure that she does what is right by them. Although, from the moment you begin reading the book, you can almost taste the distance between Kami and Jared, I think that just helps the reader understand what exactly it was each of them lost, and why Kami had to do what she did at the end of book one.

I think Kami tried to hide the loss so hard that at first it was hard to understand why Jared seemed to be suffering so much more but that just goes to show how strong a person Kami is. She lost her best friend, she lost her main support system but she puts it in the back of her head and tries to focus on how to keep everyone safe.

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  8. Every time you were a kid hidin under the covers convinced that nobody in the world existed, that it was just you and the nightmares. Every time you felt alone in the crowd, alone by yourself, forever and essentially alone, and don't pretend there weren't moments like that. Every time you felt worthless, every time you thought there was no purpose in existing, no center to the world and no peace to be found.

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    7. I never had a single moment like that, I was never lonely a day in my life, until now. Now I feel like the world is hell, and hell is a place where souls of the damned can still see heaven. Because that's the worst thing of all. And yet I can't look away. Jared and Kami did not know how to properly communicate without the aid of their special bond and somehow that soothed the frustration I had at the beginning of the book when it was painfully lacking of the Jared I knew and loved from Unspoken.

      The whole way through I felt so awful for Ash, he was constantly walked all over and shitted on from the people he cared about most. I hate it when that happens to the characters that don't deserve it. Okay, maybe he deserved it a little considereing what happened in the first book but he's so damn cute I wish everyone would forgive him and he could be happy and not always drawing the short straw.

      Despite everything, I'm giving this book 5 stars. Everyone has different ways to decide what a book is worth to them but I usually rate books purely on how much I enjoyed the book, whether it was lacking in some aspects or not. This book has so much to offer, strong characters, humour, romance, action however I did notice that there was a lack of plot when compared the the first book and that disappointed me a little. Even with the few revelations view spoiler [Holly being a sorcerer, Rusty going out with the enemy etc. But they didn't. I'm desperately hoping they are reintroduced in the next book where something might just become of them and make the plot better than it was in this one.

      It picked up a little when the actual battle came around but during the lead up to the battle I found myself wondering how anything they were doing would actually help their cause, and that was confirmed when it was almost a complete bloodbath for their side. However there were some plot twists at the end that I never expected and I am hanging onto that cliff like there is no tomorrow.

      I can't wait for the next book. The second section here has one Lurker , and two paths that lead to different chapters, III to the north and IV to the south. Chapter III is just a room with a Seeker and some treasure usually a Conjuration spell tome and random books. Chapter IV is a large room with a cage in the center and seven alcoves. There are a few Seekers here and some skill books. Four of the alcoves contain Fonts of Magicka and Stamina , and pods with random treasure mostly books.

      Go to the middle right alcove and activate the scrye to open the gate to reach another scrye inside it, which opens the gate on the middle left alcove. Activate the scrye there to open the gate in the center. Once inside the center room, activate the last scrye to open the gate to the last alcove, which contains a vessel with treasure and the book that leads to the Chapter V. Chapter V is mostly a straight shot to the final book. Read it and choose one of the three rewards. According to a profile in GQ , the ATL actress was looking to buy some of the rapper's rare mixtapes as gifts for her co-stars on The Game in Only 1, copies were ever made, and Jay-Z personally owned about of them.

      In other words, the stuff was like hip hop gold. Once the starlet managed to finally get her hands on some of the music, she started following Hussle on Instagram. Hussle followed her back and promptly slid into her DMs. The rest is history. My homeboy did…". Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle's romance endured more than five years, which is pretty much a lifetime in Hollywood. Though the pair was fielding engagement rumors in , that doesn't mean the couple never fell on hard times. The superstars briefly went their separate ways about a year after London gave birth to their son.

      According to XXL , breakup rumors hit headlines in after T. The rapper was quick to shut it down, but by , it looked like London and Hussle were having trouble for real. We are deciding to separate and raise our son together as the main priority," he wrote wrote on Twitter via XXL. Lauren London's fiery portrayal of New New in the coming of age flick ATL is largely considered the star's breakout role, but landing the part was no easy feat.

      Prior to nabbing the gig alongside rapper T. She landed the part after a whopping five auditions! It was clearly worth the work because that role kick-started her entire career. I was a regular girl in L. No one knew I was doing it, and I did it. No one gave me that. I did that. It's not easy filling Faith Evans' stilettos. The platinum-selling recording artist is a cultural icon whose love life made it to the big screen in with Notorious.

      Diddy and Evans. This wasn't her first rodeo working around rappers the actress starred alongside T. Though Notorious was an undeniable success without her, London still ended up having a pretty busy Lauren London is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life — so much so that no one knew she was pregnant with Nipsey Hussle's child until she announced she'd given birth.

      Let's not forget this is the woman who managed to keep her first son, Cameron, away from the spotlight for seven years! London finally revealed she had given birth to Hussle's son in an adorable Instagram post , but we didn't find out what she truly gave up to be a mama the second time around until much later. She shot the show's pilot, but when she got pregnant, London gave up the gig.

      I went with my soul. Lauren London seems completely at ease in front of the cameras, but that might just mean she's a really great actress. The starlet tends to shy away from fame in her personal life and is still getting used to being in the spotlight outside of work.