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  1. Discours de la poésie épique et de l'excellence du poème de Télémaque [par A.M. Ramsay]
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Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. Article activity alert. Payen et J. Paris: Martinet. A manuscript note on the flyleaf of volume I of the misidentified copy points to this footnote in justifying the as the publication date of the text. The note in question, which appears in numerous and perhaps all Coste editions of the Essais, is found on page 2 of volume VII of the edition.

She suggests that the other extant manuscripts descend from the de Mesmes copy. I adduce two kinds of evidence to support this contention. Nadia Gontarbert Paris: Gallimard, Marcel Tetel Paris: H. Champion, , pp. Leipzig: Verlag von Karl W. At the top of fol. Moreover, in the margins of fol. The more significant debate concerns the dating of the de Mesmes copy of the Servitude volontaire itself and not the dating of the texts bound with it. He argues that such details as handwriting and paper size clearly date the copy of the Servitude volontaire in the de Mesmes manuscript to the seventeenth century.

Discours de la poésie épique et de l'excellence du poème de Télémaque [par A.M. Ramsay]

See Le Clert, Le Papier, t. II, p. My findings also support the possibility that this manuscript is the oldest of the known copies, although they do not prove it. I do not seek here to resolve the even thornier question of which manuscript offers the best text, although I will suggest in concluding that too much concern for the identification of the best text may distract us from potentially more fruitful avenues of inquiry. Bourgeon contends that the manuscript is not written in a sixteenth century hand. Fortunately, since the debates of the paleographers may be infinite, I can adduce other evidence to support my skepticism about his objection.

Yet again, the manuscript in question is on paper bearing a readily identifiable watermark. It consists of the device of Charles IX: two interlaced columns surmounted by a crown. This watermark is Briquet and it is found on paper dating from as early as , with a lacuna until Briquet observes that since Charles IX did not become king until , the date might not be accurate, although it does appear on two separate documents he examined. He surmises that they could be later copies of a document from It is worth noting that the three papermaking families identified thus far were intimately linked.

Both traced their nobility back to the same ancestor, Simonne Le Compasseur. He suggests that the paper was made during the reign of Henri II. For reasons about to be discussed in the body of this essay, there are reasons to doubt such an early date of fabrication.

IV, pp. One of the two is readily identifiable. It consists of a pitcher surmounted by a fleur de lys with a handle on one side and an upside down heart in the middle. The papermaker has not been identified. The other watermark might be Briquet , although this identification is tentative.


Briquet is attested in documents from the s. This might be Le Clert , which is found around One final document bound in Dupuy also merits mention here. II, pp. This watermark is probably Gaudriault , which dates to the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

‎Discours de réception à l’Académie française on Apple Books

This paper was probably made by the son of the Edmond Denise who was the fabricant of the paper on which the de Mesmes copy of the Servitude volontaire is written. Containing a fascinating array of materials, it, like the Folger manuscript, merits a dedicated study of its own. Others consist of financial analyses of possible publishing endeavors or projects to curry favor at the court. Documents dated as late as the s are bound in the codex. According to Briquet, the earliest attestation of the watermark is ; Gaudriault says it was used quite frequently in documents dated and but is also found in documents dated as late as All are religious texts and they immediately precede and follow the Servitude volontaire.

See Le Clert The Meditation comes immediately before the Servitude volontaire.

I point to these documents for several reasons. Might these documents have one been bound separately from the rest of the codex, or at the very least come from the same source? Both are variations of the coat of arms of France and Navarre. According to Gaudriault, Thomas Daurelle was based in Ambert and active from to The second watermark has a small cartouche under the shield bearing the initials AB or AR. Delauney reproduces a watermark very similar but not identical to this one with the initials AB in the cartouche A similar watermark is found on a document near the end of the codex.

This is probably Gaudriault Based on the Denise family arms, this watermark is Gaudriault 79, which dates to Often, the text in Vb. This is not, however, always the case—sometimes the Folger manuscript offers the same reading as other manuscripts where they differ from the de Mesmes copy. Particularly suggestive are variants shared by the Folger and Ambrosian manuscripts, although there are also points where the Ambrosian manuscript has the same text as the de Mesmes copy when there is a variant in Vb.

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