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During the th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society ACS , the largest scientific society in the world, being held in Boston, researchers presented very encouraging results, achieved through some experimental tests. Although progress has been made on the detection and treatment of the disease, in fact, this cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death in the US. After 20 weeks during which the mice were fed with the cranberry extract, the animals showed about half the number of tumors.

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Those remaining were even smaller. Furthermore, the extracts of cranberry seemed to reduce the levels of markers of inflammation. The quantity used on mice was the equivalent of a cup to the day of cranberries that a man might consume. Researchers, however, have doubts that the same amount may be administered in the form of fruit juice, lacking in this case some substances contained in the peel. If you want to deepen the preventive treatment for infections and disorders of the bladder made of cranberries, you can do it at this link.

As a preventative measure, you could take 25 ml of pure cranberry juice diluted in half a liter of water twice a day, morning and night for a month, preferably between meals.

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Before taking any remedy, remember that you still need to deal with an expert to evaluate individual cases and the dosage. Ma a vederlo quantificato in questo modo, viene voglia di correre fuori e cominciare subito ad allungare il proprio sentiero di vita. Non solo. It takes 25 minutes of walking a day to extend the life of 7 years. But to see it quantified in this way, you want to rush out and immediately begin to lengthen their life path. A measure of how much each step will increase the life, a study conducted at the University of Saarland, Germany , and recently submitted to the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

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Researchers have found that moderate exercise could halve the risk of dying of a heart attack for people of between 50 and 60 years,. Not only. And if exercise has long been seen as a method to reduce the risk, due to the lowering of the level of obesity and diabetes, it seems to be also responsible for the increase of life span. Research has tested a group of 69 healthy people, non-smokers, aged 30 and 60, who did not do in life regular exercise.

Blood tests taken during six months of regular aerobic exercise, interval training with high intensity of strength training have shown the activation of a process of anti-aging and repair of ancient DNA. We can look younger than 70 years old and trying to live up to physical exercise, in fact, earns 3 to 7 years of life. Expert advice is that everyone should do at least 20 minutes of walking or jogging a day, replacing a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet: the latter elements that have helped to raise the death rate for heart disease.

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Exercise can also improve the functioning of the brain. You can start at any age, experts advise, there will still be of benefit. Dopo di che, tutti sono stati sottoposti a risonanza magnetica funzionale mentre guardavano immagini di coppie di cibi. I soggetti dovevano cliccare rapidamente sullo schermo mostrando quale cibo avrebbero scelto di mangiare. It turned out that even a slight discomfort can immediately change the functioning of our brain in ways that undermine our willpower.

Stick to a diet requires self-control and the will to give up present pleasures for future benefits. Not surprisingly, almost all they yield to the temptation, at least sometimes, to choose an apple instead of a cookie. To understand why so often we abdicate our determination, the scientists of Social and Neural Systems Research at the University of Zurich have recently studied the role of stress, which is related to different health problems, including an increase of weight.

The rejected lover image that sticks to the ice cream eating it straight from the pack is a classic, but how stress can lead us to the desserts was not yet clear. It turned out that even a mild stress can immediately change the functioning of our brain in ways that undermine our willpower. For their study, published this month in Neuron, Swiss researchers recruited 51 young men who said they were trying to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Subsequently, they were told to dip a hand into a bowl of ice water for as long as they could: a test known to induce a mild physiological and psychological stress. Compared to the control group, the people who had done that had developed higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. After that, all were subjected to functional magnetic resonance imaging while watching images of pairs of foods. One of the two foods shown on the screen was healthier than the other.

The subjects had to click quickly on the screen showing what food they choose to eat. Men under stress also showed increased activity in parts of the brain related to the enjoyment of food and less in those delegated to long-range planning.

70 Best Salute Mentale News - Infografiche e Poster images in | Psicologia, Humor, Humour

The little discomfort felt only for a little ice water alone had undermined their self-control. Ora, probabilmente dovrei farlo comunque, ma nel mio caso so anche che ha il potere di farmi sentire meglio prima di andare al lavoro. E certamente mi fa sentire bene ritornare a casa e trovare, alla fine di una lunga giornata, un letto lindo e ordinato invece di uno tutto spiegazzato.

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La Pasqua spiegata ai bambini. Il piccolo gregge

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Molti produttori aprono anche le loro aziende in modo che i visitatori possano esplorare il viaggio della spezia dal bulbo alla ciotola. Vedrete dove si verifica l'arduo raccolto del crocus viola e come i fili rosso ruggine vengono tolti dal loro rifugio viola prima di dirigersi verso l'essiccazione. Di ritorno in paese, i petali lilla decorano le vetrine e le finestre di innumerevoli case.

E tutto quel che serve sono pochi fili per migliorare qualsiasi piatto. Semplicemente bello! Skip to main content. English Version Italian Version Used since ancient times for cooking, cosmetics and curative properties, saffron is the wonderfully aromatic queen of spices. More By Author. Celebrating an unusual Italian Easter. Syracuse Duomo: a story of 4 faiths, 6 conquerors and over years of history.

ANCEL KEYS E LA DIETA MEDITERRANEA sott ENG di Piero Cannizzaro - Rai Tre

A world without Venice: a nightmare more real than we think. See More Articles. One Day In July 9, I think that speaking with an artist is always, always an honor. And for this reason, I was truly delighted and — I must admit — quite excited, by July 2, For Italian-Americans , Despite its centenarian status, the June 28, T o be honest with you, I think Italians and Americans have plenty of things in common: big hearts and lovely smiles, to begin with, but also an June 6, Genoa: a sightseeing artistic walk.

Canevino, wines and corkscrews. Pistoia: Castruccio bridge and the tactile museum. June 29, Adelinda Allegretti. L'Accademia di Belle Arti di Sadun Tessuti ebraici in mostra agli Uffizi.