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You will fall down into sewers. Before going any farther equip your gas mask. Go to the pipe south-west from where you are that is covered with a grill. Use a rope on the grill and ask Edmond to help you pull it. Go through the pipe to Plague City.

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Speak to Jethick who is located on the east side of the square. Show him the picture of Elena and he will recognise it. He will ask you to return a book to the Rehnison house where Elena was formerly staying. You can find the house north of the large building see map above. Ask them about Elena and you will be told that Milli can help you.

Go upstairs and speak to Milli.

Plague and the City - CRC Press Book

She will tell you that she saw Elena taken to the Plague House. It is a house with a black cross painted on the door, on the southern side of town see map above. When you try to enter you will be stopped by the guard make sure you tell him that you're looking for a kidnapped woman. To obtain a warrant to get past the guard you need to talk to Bravek. Talk with the Clerk and inform him that you must talk with Bravek as the issue is important. After being given permission, go upstairs and talk to Bravek. Bravek has a hangover and you need to give him a cure.

A: If you lost your gas mask, you must complete up to step six in order to get it back. To get it back, 'Search' the cupboard in Edmond's house. You can also do this after the quest. A: Nothing, do the Biohazard quest to find out why. Stuck on something? Want some more tips? Ask on our forums. Episode 1 of our multipart quest. A shadow of disease has overcast Ardougne. Edmond's daughter Elena has gone missing in West Ardougne whilst trying to help the plague victims there. See if you can find out what's going on. Step 1 Talk to Edmond.

Talk to Alrena, collect dwellberries.

[OSRS] Biohazard quest guide

Talk to Edmond. Pour 4 buckets of water onto mud patch. Dig soft mud. Step 2 SW end, pull grill. Tie rope to grill. Pull out the grill.

Plague and the City

Climb through pipe wearing gas mask. Step 3 Tell Jethick. Talk to Ted Rehnison, north part of city talk about returning a book. Talk to Red then Milli upstairs. Open door to house with staircase, SE West Ardougne. Talk to Mourner. Step 4 Talk to Clerk. Talk to Bravek. Read scruffy note. Make Hangover cure. Step 5 Go back to building step 4. Open door, talk to Mourner, sneak in.

Go downstairs, talk to Elena open cell door. Go upstairs, search barrel for key. Unlock Elena, talk to her.

1st Edition

Go back and talk to Edmond. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, said that sealing off a city is a rather extreme set of precautions to take for a single case of bubonic plague. In recent decades, there have been an average of seven cases of bubonic plague a year in the United States, the CDC says. When bubonic plague cases occur in the U.

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In cases of pneumonic plague , U. People with pneumonic plague are isolated from other patients during treatment, the CDC says.

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This response has been quite sufficient for dealing with plague cases, Schaffner said. Schaffner wondered whether Chinese public health authorities had more information that they have not released, such as reason to suspect more cases. Follow Rachael Rettner RachaelRettner. Original article on Live Science. All rights reserved.