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Dating two doctors who went to the same undergrad, lived on the same street, but worked at different hospitals across the city. Always use uber, never park in front of the house, always "working late", avoid grocery stores and common restaurants like the plague. Dates need to be at gala's, fancy restaurants, or places women wont venture on a day to day basis.

The Art of Cheating : A Nasty Little Book for Tricky Little Schemers and Their Hapless Victims

Pro tip cuz, cheat on her with men. She'll never know. A semester in Greek won't ruin a major in Latin. Can we separate this into two categories wife and girlfriend. The outcomes of cheating on one is more expensive than the other.

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I was always wondering how a man could be that stupid to marry a woman. There are so many downsides and no upsides, especially if you have money. People working in high finance should be smart enough to know that there are enough women that only go for the money. Even the nicest and most lovely woman in the world will not decline your money as soon as things get bad divorce.

Especially in IBD you basically give up your personal life and your 20s. Which superhero would you be and why? I want to be like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor - me. Sell her what she wants: she wants a good time. When will guys just STOP offering money on the plate? We got married when neither of us had anything, and we've been very mutually supportive, so now we're more successful than we ever thought we would be.

I wouldn't have achieved what I have without her, so if that's not "smart," then I guess I'm not either. Social network has created another hurdle. Sidechick has to know her role otherwise she'll blow it on insta one way or another. What if sidechick posts a pic of you two on her account, regardless of whether you added her or not, without your knowledge and someone else sees it. Tough thing to explain. That type of stuff. Jealousy is a real thing, if your social has a few not a lot pictures of you with some hotter chicks, whatever girl your messaging is going to think higher of you.

If you're happy with what you already have, then sure be a vampire. If you're still on the prowl though, pics with other women help a lot. I should have posted this above, but not dating women that live in the neighborhood you live in is a lesson I wish I had learned earlier. Nothing horrific has ever come of it, but I used to exclusively date chicks that also lived on the UES. It's created some awkward run ins post break ups.

When I was getting very peeved about monogamy, my wife said she's be OK with me fucking other girls as long as she didn't see it and it was one time stuff if it meant keeping me because I'm pretty great but also a giant fuck-up and it confuses chicks and they're into that for some reason. But I saw how sad the thought made her and I couldn't do it. Like honestly, I've fucked hotter chicks than my wife she's still pretty hot though and that fucks with me.

But they were all fucking piece of shit idiots or crazy or whatever.

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Great life partner. I can't allow my dick to fuck that up. But I'm fucking 24 and in great shape and shit, probably have high T, I just want to fuck everyone I see all the time immediately. And it's not even a fucking hotter chicks thing. I just want to fuck different ones. Tall ones, short ones, different shapes and colors and outfits and I just want to fuck everything. It's so fucked how sex is so different for men and for women. Like, ragefucking is a thing. Honestly, I'll fuck any bitch with legs.

And it would mean nothing to me. I'd wipe my dick, walk out, and go see my wife who I actually enjoy being around. But it would be a travesty to her. My one regret in life is not having even more sex pre-marriage. I don't even remember their names and most of their faces. It's just a fun fucking thing to do. But it's an emotional thing for women. And I'm a hypocrite too because the thought of someone fucking my wife disgusts me and if she cheated, I'd throw her ass out the house and never talk to her again.

I'd take the car keys, cancel all her shit. Oh how a I getting to work?? Ride a dick probably. But I know she never ever would. In some dark corner in the back of my head though, I almost half way wish she does sometimes so I can be the morally superior one and still fuck other bitches again. Being married has serious upsides though. For starters, we can have double the conventional mortgage loans. Society is set up to work best for married people. Look at all the top business people. They're all married. Whether or not they cheat is besides the point. I know that I'm not nearly slick enough to get away with it so I don't even.

Being single takes a lot of time and effort.

The Art of Cheating on your gf/wife

It's great to have a life partner if you're both on the same page. That's the key though. We have exactly the same long-term goals, are on the same page about money, I am super on top of our finances as a couple and individually her personal income:expense ratio versus mine, etc. Anyone who's seen my post history especially like pre understands how fucking rare that person is. So with a wife who is on the same page as you, you have two people moving in one direction financially instead of one with vastly reduced expenses and companionship. Yes, every man wants to fuck tons of chicks.

That's all that's missing. I'm all-in on VR and sex robots at this point. Also, I got a post-nupt when I realized I'd have real money one day. For the people who are newer to WSO , understand that Goldie is a true gem to this community. Never change Goldie. Kudos for some brutal self-honesty. I don't think most people have the stones nor the introspective capacity to be real with themselves about that kinda stuff.

This doesn't go away, either. At least not in the short term. You feel that way at 20; you feel that way at Testosterone is a helluva hormone. I don't even know where to begin haha.. Having a life partner is so much better than sleeping with random chicks, no matter how hot they are. Obviously marriage isn't always awesome, and financially it can be risky. But jesus.. I'd probably kill myself if I were as cynical and narrow-minded as some guys posting above are. Have a nice life. I cheated on my HS gf one time and I basically just gaslighted the shit out of the entire situation.

I lied about that shit so hard that I had my GF thinking she was the one that banged Heather with the tight ass the night before prom. Hell, I even lied to Heather with the tight ass the morning after I banged her.

Scientists Explain Why We Cheat on Those We Really Love

We were both hammered and the next morning I get the "So, what was the deal with last night" text. I was like wow that's crazy because I don't really remember but I did NOT bang your and your tight ass last night. She tried to bring it up many times in the future and I just shot that shit down so hard I think I actually convinced her we never banged. Semper Fi!!!! More like you jacked off in the middle of your personal banking internship at Chase.

Ops Guy does not forget. Ops Guy does not forgive. You insult Ops Guy, the Ops Guy takes your name down and pops up when you least expect him to. You remind me of that Janitor guy from Scrubs that always fucks with the main doctor. I insult Ops Guy one time and now I feel like there are an army of slow moving, brown-suit wearing, receding hairline having, benign Back Office Ops Guys out to get me. To extend this topic to the overarching concept, commitment can have its benefits.

Imagine your life is an income statement. The things you have committed to likely have higher margins, because you've moved past their upfront costs, and maybe even managed to create some economies of scale. That's assuming they still keep providing you with a high level of revenue and value. Yea but unlike a regular income statement, the wife can literally halve that shit, and take the balance sheet with her. Completely disagree with this! My gf of over 4 years now who is absolutely gorgeous has been with me since my lowest point when i was overweight and unemployed.

A few years ago before I met my current gf , most girls wouldn't even notice me. Not to sound cocky, but I get approached pretty much everywhere I go. Girls that wouldn't even give a look to me in high school and college DM me all the time trying to hang out. I owe it all to my current girl. Never has it been easier for me to cheat on my girl, but it doesn't even cross my mind. I'm in a similar situation.

Except it crosses my mind several times a day, every day. And also I was always attractive. Mostly just the money thing. Also drugs and shit. I feel like it depends on the woman, if she adds value to your life and is everything you look for in a woman, then I feel there would be no urge to cheat. I don't want to think that people are actually being serious on this thread, but it is clearly evident that this is the case I'm not trying to be marriage's champion on WSO haha, it's a huge commitment that many people aren't mature enough to make.

The Art and Science of Cheating | Love Life With Denise J

I've also always viewed it as an archaic concept. However, for every investment banker I know who's divorced, I've known another who has an amazing marriage. Furthermore, most bankers I've seen suffer the shit end of a divorce I've never found myself asking, "Wow, they were such a great guy, I wonder why it didn't work out? It all depends on the individual. If you put effort into your marriage, odds are you won't get asset stripped. If you're a shit bag husband that forgets anniversaries, misses your kids soccer game, and works late to sleep with the secretary.

Odds are you're in for a bumpy ride. Don't know if OP is serious or not, either way the responses are pretty alarming. Juggling girlfriends is one thing but cheating on a spouse is just fucking low-class, especially when kids are involved. Hope some of you guys grow up in time before you fuck up the lives of innocent bystanders from your inability to keep your dick in your pants.

I love that you quoted yourself instead of editing the first comment and doubled up on the SBs. Which were well deserved. Damn it's this kid again, the one that didn't get any IB offers and is here trying to spread his bitterness through WSO. Seriously, instead of posting crap like this, or anything at all, why don't you go try to do something productive with your life? Finance doesn't like you; we get it. Move on. Post-cheat depression is worse than hangover mentally. Also, the grass is not usually greener on the other ass. If you are looking your whole life to be romantic, the marriage is not for you.

Only first month or year is romantic, AKA honeymoon, and rest is partnership. I don't get it why many here on this forum are actually justifying cheating. Sure I like to romp now and then when I'm single, but if I'm giving a commitment, I expect a similar commitment from the woman too. At the same time, if the woman is insanely attractive and we're both committed to each other, but I cannot give her the space to fulfill her dreams, I would call the relationship off rightaway.

If I found out a woman was cheating on her boyfriend, I simply called it off. Most people here won't get it, it seems. As for marriage, thanks to cultural norms, my parents may have already decided upon some chick I don't even know about. So I'm trying to get as much quality snatch as possible before the deadline hits. Maybe that's why I prefer being single for now.

GoldenCinderblock: "I keep spending all my money on exotic fish so my armor sucks. Is it possible to romance multiple females? I got with the blue chick so far but I am also interested in the electronic chick and the face mask chick. Oh, how I wish! But she's likely going to be a stay-at-home type, considering the parents' preferences for a daughter-in-law. That would be dope. It's even funnier when the wife you cheat on finds out and decides to get knocked up by another guy as revenge.

How does a wife do that and not believe in her heart of hearts that her husband would kill her? I swear, you guys need to do better jobs of making your wives know murder is not off the table if they fuck around hard enough. I'm at the age where more married men hit on me. They think they are so tricky!!! I met one guy and we started talking, nice guy, etc. I google him and literally the first thing that pops up was his very recent last month run for public office along with a blurb about how he has been married for 9 years and has two children.

I took a screenshot of the article and sent it to him along with me saying "really? He never responded and defriended himself! There's just too much information online now that it's pretty easy to tell what is going on in a guys life and if it is true. Also, guys who do cheat act super weird and usually give themselves away pretty easily. I see this a lot. See, the mistake he made was giving you his real name. His second mistake was to not block you on facebook so you would not be able to search him. Relevant article for any fellow real estate guys reading this thread.

It was absolutely crazy. They had small kids. He just didn't care. Nevertheless, the wife never left him, choosing to tolerate his infidelity rather than relinquish her lavish lifestyle. He felt like he could do whatever he wanted because she didn't get any money. I think prenups are almost a license to misbehave. People get trapped in their marriages by their prenup and so they have to turn a blind eye. She says husbands who bully their way into a menage a trois with cash and gifts are another source of trouble.

He went out with a woman for that week and he ended up marrying her later," Chemtob says. But another time "the husband wanted a threesome. They had the threesome and the wife ended up falling in love with the other woman. Was literally about to comment about Harry, glad someone beat me to it. His wife held him hostage! Why do you need to cheat? Just date multiple women and let them know that you are seeing other people.. Make it last for a while and at some point she will ask you: what are we?

At that point just say its nothing serious and replace her from your rotation if she is not down anymore. Once you are done fucking around and want to get serious then you can consider dating a girl. Honestly why would you get into a relationship if you are going to fuck other girls? Its kinda insecure, just tell her straight up that you are fucking other girls and if she is not down for that just find another girl.

You need to adjust for probability of divorce in your income bracket, age group, education level, etc, which is materially lower. To be clear, the EV is worse if you are rich, but that's only because the loss on failure is high despite the probability being actually fairly low. Getting a solid prenup signed at the wedding with a pastor present solves most of the problems being stated. It isn't a black-and-white issue. Like Goldie above, I have at times wanted to screw anything not bolted down to the floor.

But you should really think about how your partner would feel, or how you'd feel if you were cheated on. I think a lot of these "it's Nature were all meant to fuck everyone else" discussions overlook that side of it. Another way to think about this is that you don't spend that much time with your significant other anymore and she will probably meet some other guy who attempts to do you know what. Ya know what the trick about being married is? I've run into people that I either ran into regularly who seemed like they'd be great or in my MBA programs there were any number of undergrads.

Every once in a blue moon I'd get something undeniably obvious where they'd do shit making eye contact, smiling, and then showing up a minute later right in front of where I was working out doing straight legged deadlifts Yeah there's chicks who look good, yeah it's easy to wonder a "what if". However none of that matters. I have already made the CHOICE not to do it, and any passing interest you may feel will go away on its own as long as you do not indulge it. Don't worry. She's cheating on you way more than you're cheating on her.

You're just too stupid to realize. You're at the first stage It's all well and good to go on and on about how only betas get married Are good women hard to find? Of course, and increasingly so. But by throwing up your hands and writing it all off and pledging to be the male version of exactly what you detest so much in a woman, you're hardly solving the problem.

He wants to test himself in a new scenario. He wants to prove that he can chase, woo and conquer just in case he forgot. Women too can be motivated by a need to re-prove their sexiness and failure to pay attention to the old car in the garage just makes the new car in the show-window seem even more attractive than it actually might be. The affair becomes then an easy cop-out in a relationship where the garden has not been carefully tended. Why those who are addicted to sex bother to tie themselves to any one person I will never completely understand. Could it be that marriage or being involved in a long-term relationship offers them the ruse of respectability while they really explore the deeper, darker side of their personality?

The Tiger Woods of this world have an insatiable desire for sexual variety that is in no way connected to traditional relationships. It does not mean that a sex addict is not able to appreciate having a spouse and a central point of reference from which from which he or she can navigate. The central point is just not enough when it comes to the sense of sexual fulfillment because addicts need constant sexual variety to feed their habit. For them the high of sex is used for medicative purposes or sex becomes a form of escapism. It is used to cover other personality deficits. Such an individual is therefore unable to be faithful unless these underlying issues are addressed.

Many affairs begin because individuals fail to erect emotional boundaries in their relationships. They are either emotionally needy and their current relationship does not cater to this or even if it does, they make the error of dropping their emotional guard with someone else. Although not exclusive to women, this phenomenon is perhaps more common among them than men. In the same way that we have a driving sexual centre which cries out for fulfillment, we also have an emotional centre which must be addressed in our relationships. This centre cries out for affirmation and validation.

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When this need to be affirmed is ignored because our spouse fails to listen to us, we can often inadvertently look to others to fill this void. If we are a woman and this person is a man, then the emotional bond with another has the potential to create a sexual attraction which if not brought under control, can lead to a full-fledged affair.

The same holds true for the guy who gets loads of attention from a specific woman in the office. If there is a missing emotional connection with his wife or significant other, then he becomes vulnerable to creating an emotional tie which can lead to sex. The thing is that emotional fidelity is quite lethal on its own even when sex is not involved.

If this issue is not addressed, what will develop is a case of divided loyalties which will undermine the primary relationship. This spells disaster with a capital D. These affair profiles are not exhaustive by any means. The truth is that some will cheat just because they can do it and get away with it. Some will do it just for the fun of it. The good news is that fidelity is not outside the ambit of human behaviour. Many new studies point to the benefits of monogamy.

If the energy and creativity that are needed to make an affair work and preserve its secrecy, were perhaps applied to our primary relationships, then probably the effort alone would bring us a sense of hope and renewal. I discovered your blog site on google and checked out a few of your earlier posts. Continue to keep up the work. Like Like. Hi, thanks so much for your comments. Are there any topics that you particularly liked or would like to see featured? Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate your interest.

Hope to hear more from you in the future.

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