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He sits right next to her in the booth He chats her up, taunting and teasing and surprises himself with it. She lays a smile on him which captures who she is in a second As Beth is having this exchange with Reed and enjoying every single second of it Gone is the sweet, flirtatious, sexy charming man Beth is very perceptive and senses something awful happened between this man Reed who she was liking and the fancy-schmancy woman standing over them. In an instant, Beth decides to intervene and help Reed whether he wants it or not. Grabbing his face, she plants one on him He took off on her mouth like a man possessed When they finally need to breathe, ex girlfriend is standing there staring and not believing what she saw.

Beth takes this one step further and proclaims she and Reed as a couple. Ex informs of her engagement party as a top that Beth does by saying they will be there to wish her well causing ex to stomp away. What the Hell just happened Beth explains to Reed she just wanted to help with putting that bitch in her place.

He can either go to the party or not This was an amazing read. There were characters from the other books, fully formed and with their own stories.

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It was not difficult to see what was what with them There was humor and care between all of them and we felt that. Reed was love-smacked. He was done. The Stick-a-fork-in-me -I-am-done He was so smitten with Beth These two characters belonged together She had the understanding of it sooner than him. He was scared shitless And let the romance begin I only had one little,tiny complaint; Beth was so perceptive and able to see all of Reed's needs.

She was not a silly girl and an action she did frustrated me causing me to deduct a quarter star I know It was a wonderful read and I hear from my friends who have read the other books in the series So go Daniels; enjoy and be prepared to fall for Reed I did. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways.

View all 29 comments. Hmm, not bad but not great. We'll just call it a day at 3. I don't have it in me to do a full-length review. I've been so disappointed with some of the recent new releases that I think I'm totally going to change how I select my next reads I guess it's another case of, it's not you, it's m 3. I guess it's another case of, it's not you, it's me because this one definitely seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Here's the thing, I'm finding that a lot of the recent releases are written according to a recipe: hot sex, dirty talking "alpha" male, some laughs, some angst, and a whole lotta drama Where's the depth?

Where's the intimacy? It's like eating a meal with no flavor. I enjoyed her writing style and, don't get me wrong, I laughed my ass of a few times here. But once again, I think this is another book that had the potential to be soooo much better.

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Well, until the very end I loved the secondary characters. I loved the premise of the book. I loved the witty writing style.

Catch Me When I Fall

I loved the humor. Some of the text exchanges were damn hilarious! If I were evaluating it as one of those, I would've given it 4. But, why can't we have all that PLUS some depth, emos, feels, and intimacy?? If you tell me Contemporary Romance, that is exactly what I am going to expect Reed was a frustrating hero and I didn't find him to be "alpha" at all. The author didn't sell me on why his past with Molly was still effecting him to such an extent, 9 years later.

As a result, at times he came through like a whiny little bitch to me. I also really didn't like view spoiler [ how he acted after the first time that they hooked up at the engagement party. His response was, "let's go get a drink. That's being an ass, not a swoony, sexy, alpha male hero. The book needed A LOT more intimacy and depth between the two main characters. I think this is the main area where the author missed her mark here. There was more depth and range of emotion in the secondary storyline btwn Mia and Ben than there was in the whole rest of the book btwn Beth and Reed, IMO.

The conflict at the end? Drama llama So I am supposed to believe that view spoiler [ Beth would run right back to Rocco, a man who she admitted verbally and emotionally abused her on the daily, just because Reed, who told her he sucks at relationships, didn't return her "I love you" proclamation on the first time she said it? So she is going to leave the safe environment of her aunt and uncle's house to willingly put herself back in an abusive environment?

I'm sorry Totally OTT and unbelievable to me. If this was the case, that she would do something like that, then her character was not fleshed out nearly enough, therefore making these actions come out of total left field to me. She would have had to have a lot of low self-esteem and self-loathing issues going on in order for me to believe this, neither of which I got from her character. The epilogue I have trouble believing that this would ever happen in real life. Again, I did really like a few components of the story and take my review lightly because I am in the vast minority here.

This was my first read by this author. I understand from reading other reviews that a lot feel that her writing has improved with each book. For that reason, I would be willing to read her again because I did see some major potential here. I just thought this book desperately needed some balance All in all, if you're looking for a quick, simple, sexy read that will make you laugh, you'll probably love this book!! But if you're looking for a full, in depth, emotional read, with some deep character development View all 18 comments. I don't think anyone is more shocked than me that I'm giving this book 5 stars after the last book in this series.

It was so good though! Reed is a man whore. Usually that makes me run far away After my informant told me it was safe though, I dived right in. I really loved Beth. She was funny and strong. Reed was dirty. My favorite kind of dirty though. They were by far my fav couple this author has written. I loved little Nolan and his little tool belt.

The bathroom scene in the club? Reed got I don't think anyone is more shocked than me that I'm giving this book 5 stars after the last book in this series. Reed got my stamp of approval! This one is a must read. Why; you spell it Alabama Summer series by J. Daniels of course. We fell in love with everything. The writing is superb across the series; sexy, passionate, beautiful and incredibly emotional and raw at times. Everyone feels like close friends of ours now and they have stolen our hearts.

Daniels to our automatic 1Click list of Authors. Even when you think you have none, it refuses to lie down quietly. Reed has taunted and teased us with his exploits and to say we thought his story was going to sizzle was an understatement to what actually transpired. This man….. He does not hold back. And…guess what? How amazingly HOT! But with Reed, his confidence only adds to what makes him appealing. However, not only that, he was an incredible friend. A loyal compassionate man with a heart of pure gold. That is until Beth.

And both times have been with you. Beth hugs her kindle — we hug our kindles — ergo this is LOVE. Sleep evaded me.

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Their intense want and need. The overwhelming desire and inability to take a breath without the presence of the other. We felt every step of their path; we laughed with them and at them — at their antics. We cried big fat tears at the emotional parts and we felt the feverish moments of animalistic passion that had us desperate for some freezer time to cool ourselves for a bit of a time-out.

This Author brought it all to us as she highlighted once again the beauty of friendships and love, through new eyes, whilst bringing back the loves and perfection from those past. View all 5 comments. I am in love with J Daniels' Alabama Series. If you have not read this series yet you are seriously missing out.

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When I Fall is Reed and Beth's story an the third book in this series. Reed is one of Tessa's best friends and the local manwhore of Ruxton. And of course I love a good manwhore. Reed's heart has been closed off for the last nine years after he found his girlfriend in bed 5 You and Me Stars! Reed's heart has been closed off for the last nine years after he found his girlfriend in bed with another.

He doesn't ever want to feel that way again so he's made sure not to let anyone get close. If he never lets anyone in he can keep his heart safe. Beth comes from a difficult background. Her mother is an alcoholic who passes away and leaves her all alone. When Beth finds out she has family that lives in Alabama she quickly picks up and moves to Alabama to live with her Aunt and Uncle. It's her chance to actually have a real family, people she can depend on.

When Reed sees Beth in his local bar, he walks up to her with his usual game plan in mind.. But little did he know that just one kiss would be all it would take to turn his world upside down. The chemistry between these two could be FELT while reading. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow. Beth was just so genuine, you couldn't help but love her. She did everything she could to help Reed face his ex-girlfriend when she came back to town. And Reed's dirty talking completely took away any chance Beth had of resisting him.

I absolutely loved Ben from the beginning and the way he made it clear to everyone how much he loved Mia. While Reed made my book boyfriend list, watching Ben go through the situation with Mia in this book immediately moved him onto my book husband list. I love J Daniels for bringing these amazing Bama Boys to us. She quickly became one of my favorite authors after reading her Sweet Addiction series. I would highly recommend both series. I'm really looking forward to the next book which is CJ and Riley's story. View all 20 comments. Apr 04, Alba and Her Secrets..

My God. These Alabama boys are making my heart and my panties flip! This series keeps getting better and better with each book. Every now and then, when I am in the mood to get back to a series, I always get back to the ones that I loved. The Alabama Summer series by J. Daniels is one of those. When I Fall is the third installment in this series and it tells the love story between the playboy in the Alabama crew, Reed Tennyson, and the young woman looking for a new life after living a bad past, Beth Davis.

Reed has sworn off love, he was hurt in the past by a woman and he is not having it. He surely is a one-night-stand type of guy. At least he is until he meets his one true love: Beth. Beth is starting a new life, she is enjoying being with her aunt and uncle and she loves the sparks she feels when she is near Reed. Prepare because this ride will become sweet, sexy and emotional especially when feelings get involved! You see that I had to come over here.

Daniels stole my heart with her Sweet Addition series but I do confess that The Bama boys and the women in their lives are also taking a piece of my heart! I loved the interations with all these characters loved seeing Ben, Mia, Luke and Tessa again! I really enjoyed the start with the "fake relationship" they have, the sexual tension and all those feels!

Gah, J. Daniels kills it everytime! Every inch, Beth. All of you. You and me. Of course, as you can imagine if you have read anything by this author before , Reed is one hell of a dirty talker. Oh yeah, the sex is off-the-charts and you'll definitely enjoy all that yummyness. But what I also love about this books is that they can also get very heartfelt. The past of both main characters is not as easy as the present they are living especially Beth's but these two are so strong together and they fight for what they feel.

I loved how sentimental it got towards the end and I am so happy this couple ended up together and happy! No one else. Daniels delivered another stunning love story and another outstanding couple. The series keeps getting better and better for me and this story was gold: I loved Reed and his brave girl!

Highly recommend reading this one. Beth Davis. Oh lord BETH! This woman by far is my favorite heroine from any of J's books. In all honesty, every one of her heroines are fierce, independent, badass women! But Beth, ugh she has this sweetness to her yet she's still sassy, and she's a total minx, just as filthy as Reed lol.

This book will have your feels pulled in different directions. One moment you'll be laughing and the next crying. I must give it to J , for she knows how to use the secondary characters perfectly in a story making sure that they intertwine. And she does it in a way where you will never be able to forget them Nolan!!!

I was taken on a journey of self discovery and I loved every moment of it. J , thank you for the Bama Boys ; for my heart loves them all but Reed is on a whole other level. He's a rare breed A mystical creature. I really enjoyed When I Fall and as my first read from the series, it made me wish I'd read the other 2 books first. Both characters were very likeable, the side characters too, the romance was hot, fun, and interesting. I liked Reed's obsessiveness when it came to Beth, his inner-monologue was sharp and witty. And Beth, well, she had a heart of gold. There were funny situations, a touch of drama and a little bit of hot sex.

All in all, it was a solid read that I couldn't fault, or put down. May 16, J. One time too many. Now LIVE on all platforms! I need this tonight. I need somethin 'I was in love once. I need something to break up my routine of getting off work and then getting off at home. Maybe I can convince Mia to have game night tomorrow too.

Rachael Lampa - When I Fall Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I love my dick. I push the door open without bothering to knock. We can get this much needed distraction started. I step into the kitchen and set my beers on the table. Standing at the end of the counter, he lowers the beer in his hand as his lips pinch together in a thin line. Tessa and Mia are talking behind him, not having noticed me yet. Ben nudges Luke with his elbow, and the two of them share a look before heading in my direction. I grab one of my beers and pop the top. Ben speaks first. Or put it down and get the hell out of here. What the fuck? Have Reed try and guess what the hell you two idiots are getting at?

Just say it, already. I suck at charades. I open my mouth to ask them what the hell is going on, but it all becomes clear when my eyes are drawn to Beth, standing next to CJ. Standing with CJ. Looking all comfortable and shit. Beth fucking Davis. The same fucking boots on her feet. Making my chest tight. My dick hard. My mind a fucking scrambled mess. What the fuck is she doing here? A hand slaps me on the back of my head. Ben mumbles something about me being an asshole. I pull my attention off Beth and see the agitated glares being directed at me by everyone else in the room. Tessa is looking particularly murderous.

I said that out loud? I look at Beth, her big, brown eyes expanding and pinning me to the wall. Her lips pinched together in distress. Fuck, I need to explain. I look at him, ready to throw his ass out the nearest window. He looks at me, lifting his chin into a friendly nod. You know Beth? Do I know Beth? Yeah, motherfucker. I know her more than you ever will. I could kiss that woman. Always having my back. Beth looks at me briefly, then shakes her head as Mia pulls a chair out for her.

Mia smiles. CJ can show you. CJ claims one of the chairs next to Beth. Mia takes the other. Fuck it. I take the last remaining seat at the table, putting me directly across from Beth. As Ben stands and deals out the cards, Tessa leans closer to me, chin resting on her hand, looking guilty as shit as the grin spreads across her face.

Ben sits in his chair. Beth, you know how to play now? As if mine is the only one that matters to her. Is it? Is it the only one that matters? Lowering my beer, I keep her gaze and slowly shake my head. She blinks several times, then looks back down at her cards. I chug half my beer. CJ laughs, slips his arm behind her, and rests it on the back of her chair. The room goes quiet. Or is the word Beth too difficult for you to remember? I grit my teeth, looking around at the six pairs of eyes on me. I then toss the two of clubs out in the center of the table, starting the game.

Ben takes his turn, then CJ. She tosses a five of hearts on the stack. Right, yeah, I knew that. Her eyes slowly lift to mine. He sets his cards down. Until you get the hang of it. Her chin trembles. A hand covers her mouth. I reach out to stop her, but a sharp sting cracks against my shin. I think you hurt her feelings. Why the fuck is she even here? Fuck that. I get up in his face. He leans back and takes a swig of his beer, then frowns at Tessa. I look over at Tessa. How is this helping me? I fucking hate game night. View all 3 comments.

This book. I'm so in love with it, and with Reed, that I'm kind of at a loss for words. Except I'm not. Because When I Fall was spectacular, heartfelt, sweet, dirty, kinky and amazing, and the book I wanted from the minute Reed appeared in Where I Belong. Reed Tennyson is a man-whore. To protect his stupid heart from getting him hurt, he follows his cock. And that works for him. Until her. She's new in town, and has a heart-stopping smile that makes him want to agree to anything. And This book. And when Reed's ex saunters back into the picture and throws him off his game even more, he finds himself in an awkward situation.

With her. Suddenly, his cock isn't the only one calling the shots. His heart wants back in the game. But what if it leads him back into heartbreak? I just love him. Talks to his dick? Tips obscene amounts of money? So generous. Wants to tie you to a bed and f--ck five ways to Sunday? He can dirty talk me anytime.

Or sweet talk me, that works too. As a very lucky and proud beta reader, I got to see this book in many forms, and this final version was spot-on, book perfection. It was laugh-out-loud funny. It was sexy And it was more. It was about friendship, about being there for someone no matter what. It was about facing your choices, and trying to make the right ones. It was about believing in yourself, in your heart and in your ability to trust. And it was about love. When I Fall was unbelievably real; from the friendly, teasing banter that friends who love each other share, to the deep connection between two people that just know , even when they don't know, that's it's right and true and strong.

Every one wants that love. I have it with this book and this author. I've loved Reed from the start and this just cemented him as MY 'Bama boy. Couldn't be better, which is why I'll give it It's about two strangers becoming something more. It's about finding that person who makes all your firsts come true, or makes them better. It's about finding that one person who proves to you you're worthy of being loved. I went into When I Fall thinking it'd be a little fluffy, but boy, was I wrong! She pulls at those heart strings, hard.

I always anxiously wait for J. Daniels to release a new book. This woman does not disappoint, ever. As always, I can't wait to read more from her. View 1 comment. It ain't the falling in love I'm scared of, it ain't the moonlight shining in your eyes, it ain't the falling baby, cause the falling i've always liked. So, I'm going to be honest. I have read ALL of J. Daniels books and this by far is my favorite.

He's sexy, hilariously funny It ain't the falling in love I'm scared of, it ain't the moonlight shining in your eyes, it ain't the falling baby, cause the falling i've always liked. He's sexy, hilariously funny, and the boy likes to play : I started this book when I was having the absolute worst day. I knew it was going to be a breath of fresh air and just an all around enjoyable read.

What I wasn't expecting was to be giggling like a little kid when reading over half of the story. Oh, and I don't laugh easily. This author is amazing with her words, and you feel like you are best friends with the whole gang and are a participant in their wild, fun lives. Reed Tennyson, you are officially being added to my book boyfriend list! I adored Beth as well. She was cute, fun, and had a little bit of a spark to her! She was honest about who she was and where she comes from and I have so much respect for that.

I can't wait to read more of REED in book 4!!! When I Fall is just one of those books that makes reading so enjoyable and fun! She looks like she's ready to enter a damn pageant, then kick the asses of the other women in it after she takes the crown. Beauty and badass rolled into one hot little package. About 1 freaking chapter! I swear J. Daniels' books just keep getting better and better!

I know all of you fellow book whores will die! Reed, you cocky son of a bitch, being inside your head was pure comedy! Beth, you little minx, you are my damn soul sister!

When I Fall

Can we be best friends because I love everything about you! I felt such a connection with this woman.. I literally wish I could hang out with these people everyday! Where the hell can I find my own McGills?! And the ending was LIFE!!!! Reed is going to rock your freaking world!! I can't wait for you all to meet him!! FULL review will be up on the blog by the weekend! I tend to not use "ARC provided in exchange for an honest review" in my posts because I'm always honest. I'm not a biased reviewer. I go into every book I read with a clean slate and no preconceived notions.

With that being said, J. Daniels is my favorite one-click author, and I've loved every single word she's written to date. I can say with one hundred percent certainty that When I Fall was fantastic. It can be read as a standalone, but I absolutely recommend reading the first two books in the I tend to not use "ARC provided in exchange for an honest review" in my posts because I'm always honest. It can be read as a standalone, but I absolutely recommend reading the first two books in the Alabama Summer series to know and love all of the characters from Ruxton, Alabama.

Reed Tennyson: We first met him in Where I Belong, when he took Mia on an innocent lunch date and he was forever in her friend-zone.

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We learned a bit more about him in All I Want as Tessa's best friend and complete man whore, only taking a girl home for one night and never talking to her again. Never interested in more than a quick fling, he was completely satisfied with his love life and wasn't looking for anything more with anyone. Until Beth Davis moved into town. She's had a terribly tough life, reeling from her mothers recent death and moving on from a terrible relationship, if you can even call it that.

Beth is a girl after my own heart with her Kindle and smut books what can I say, I'm an obsessed reader! Beth and Reed's relationship started out innocent enough, she just wanted to help him out of a sticky situation. Their lives would forever change that night at McGill's Pub. This guy notices me. It was wonderful. Daniels knows how to write a love story, and I really have nothing negative or critical to say about this book. It was perfect. So many hilarious one-liners, a few sad times that may bring you to tears ahem , and just feelings in general.

I definitely want to be best friends with Mia, Tessa and Beth and also want her Dr. When I Fall is one hell of a page-turner, you will not be disappointed. Filthy and sweet. I became a J. Daniels fan when I accidentally read Sweet Addiction, best mistake ever! She has a brilliant way of making me feel whatever the hell she wants to. I'm a puppet in her hands as she makes me laugh so hard I cry, at least once in every book.

The author made me swoon at the inc Filthy and sweet. The author made me swoon at the incredible chemistry between the characters and the passion that is described in such detail that I needed a cigarette afterwards. But my very favorite thing is the dialogue, the humor, the witty banter, the heartfelt phrases between the lovers that have special meaning when repeated throughout the story.

You know what I mean, those special words that only make sense to them, their love language. I fell hard for Reed, right along with Beth. He is that irresistible; we didn't stand a chance withstanding the power of his good looks and that sexy voice spewing such delicious filth. Add to the mixture a painful past and a broken heart and it was over before it started. We were drawn to him like a squirrel to a nut And Reed, he was drawn to Beth immediately, especially when he was warned away from her.

Of course he had to have what he was told he couldn't, right? He saw her as "Beauty and badass rolled into one hot little package". The support characters are incredible too, fortunately they make an appearance in multiple books and continue to delight us with their wicked humor and selfless love and support for each other. How I wish I could join them for 'game night' and 'tool time'.

I look forward to more in this series and any others that come along. Daniels is definitely one of those authors that deserve auto-click status. I know I will enjoy anything she writes, I don't even have to read the synopsis first. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About J. Best known for her sexy, small-town romances, her debut novel, Sweet Addiction, was first published in and went on to become an international bestseller.

Since then, she has published more than ten novels, including the Dirty Deeds series with Forever Romance. Daniels J. Daniels grew up in Baltimore and currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two kids. A former full-time Radiologic Technologist, she began writing romance after college and quickly discovered a passion for it. You'll still catch her in scrubs every now and then, but most of her time is spent writing these days—a career she is eternally grateful for.

Always an avid reader, Daniels enjoys books of all kinds, but favors Romance of course and Fantasy. She loves hiking, traveling, going to the mountains for the weekend, and spending time with her family. To receive an email when she releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter! Now LIVE! She loves meeting and interacting with her readers. Visit her website to see where you can find her! Other books in the series. Alabama Summer 7 books. Books by J. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from When I Fall. I want it to hit me and like, knock me on my ass. I think two to three months is plenty of time, if not sooner.

A hero to fall in love with. A heroine to adore. Sometimes I think I should change genres and actually give the potential men in my life a chance. My expectations of love are dangerously unrealistic. Welcome back.

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But determined and stubborn, Emma stares down each and every difficulty that stands in her way in the course of her quest for both. This is historical fiction at its very best. The depiction of life in the mid-west during the Great Depression is authentic in every detail, as is the portrayal of circus life in its heyday. Highly recommended. Bonnie Graves has done it again!

With twists, turns, and lots of laughs this historical fiction with a timeless heroine will delight young readers. Trapeze artists! The sawdust swirls through this enchanting read by Bonnie Graves, catching young readers up into a thrilling world gone by, filled with sights, sounds, colors, and scents that convince them that indeed, they are there, under the Big Top in , in the midst of the Depression, in Racine, Wisconsin, hitching a ride along with Emma, a lovable, spunky twelve year old.

This delightful story of Emma Monroe, determined to find the identity of her father, will hook readers from the beginning chapter. Live its smells, its sights, its fantastic strangeness! Catch Me When I Fall will stay with you for a long time. Catch Me When I Fall will draw in readers who dream of adventure and enjoy getting lost in the glossy veneer of a time gone by.

They will love discovering with Emma that, even outside the circus grounds, wonders can lie around every turn. Margo — August 22, The Big Top! There are many secrets to which Emma will discover the answers, but to do so, she must first disguise herself as a boy and find work at the traveling circus, watering elephants, while trying to escape the stern, watchful eye of her mother and the meddling mischief of her cousins.

Enterprising, courageous, and resourceful, Emma is sure to win the hearts of young readers as they venture with her into the colorful, vivid world of the circus. Young readers will thoroughly enjoy this rollicking adventure, filled with heart and humor, and will come to view their own personal challenges with hope, encouragement, and inspiration. If Emma can do it….! You must be logged in to post a review. Pact Press publishing finely crafted anthologies and full-length works that focus upon issues such as diversity, immigration, racism and discrimination.

The Regal House Initiative , a c 3 nonprofit that conducts project-based literacy and educational outreach in support of underserved communities.