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The Nature of Christ
  1. How the Psalms are Actually Songs of Jesus
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Every systematic and biblical-theological truth of Scripture is found, in seed form, in the Psalms. It should not, therefore, surprise us that the New Testament writers cite the Psalms more than any other book of the Old Testament. Neither should it surprise us that, in each citation, Jesus and the Apostles teach us that the Psalms are Messianic in nature.

How the Psalms are Actually Songs of Jesus

In so doing, they teach us the principles that we must follow as we seek to discover Christ in all the rest of the Psalms. Typical Messianic Psalms Binnie noted that David's "history from first to last, was a kind of acted parable of the sufferings and glory of Christ. It is not hard for us to see this in the narrative of the life and ministry of David.

He was a shepherd from Bethlehem, chosen by God to be King of Israel. He was first cast into an experience of humiliation when Saul sought to destroy him prior to entering into a period of exaltation as King. David, like the Son of David, had a betrayer who--when he discovered that his plot had been uncovered--went and hung himself. David faced off and defeated by himself , as a federal representative of his people, the seemingly unbeatable enemy of the OT church; Jesus faced off and defeated by Himself , in federal representation of His people, Satan--the great enemy of the church.

Clearly Ezekiel does not have David in view--rather, he is referring to David's greater Son. All of this is organically bound together in the Covenant promises that God gives to David 2 Sam. Some of the Psalms speak of the typological nature of David and some of other Old Testament figures. For instance, Psalm says that Jesus was "a Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

Since a type is any person, place, thing or event that points beyond itself to a greater and more full anti-type, we see that the Psalms are full of typology. When the Psalmist speaks of the altar Ps.


Directly Predictive Prophetic Psalms. The second category of Messianic Psalms that Binnie sets out are those which he considers to be directly and exclusively predictive of Christ. No different than Isaiah 53, this Psalm is directly predictive of Christ. Though David suffered often throughout his life, it is hard to see how the details of this Psalm--that includes at least 5 references to the 7 sayings of Christ at Calvary--as having reference to David.

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What seals the exclusively Messianic nature of this Psalm is the fact that the benefits of the sufferings of Christ are set out in vv. In addition, the writer of Hebrews cites v.

Christ in the Psalms - The Westminster Presbyterian

All attempts to make this partially about David or even typologically about David are vain. Mystically Messianic Psalms. Recognizing that there are Psalms in which David is clearly speaking of his personal Christian experience, Binnie suggested that there are many Psalms that would be classified as "Mystically Messianic Psalms.


By virtue of the believer's union with Christ, he shares in similar experiences and benefits from the saving work of Christ. Though Peter tells us that those famous words of Psalm could only be understood at that point in redemptive-history as referring to Jesus in the resurrection Acts , they will also be shown to be true of all those united to Jesus by faith in the day of their own resurrection.

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This class of Psalms is not always easy to interpret, precisely because some of what is written in the Psalm may only be true of Jesus in redemptive-history, and yet will be applied to believers in the consummation--while other parts of the Psalm are true of the believer and of Christ in the days of their earthly pilgrimage here. Among the Hebrew Scriptures, the book that presents the clearest picture of a suffering Christ is the Psalms. Psalms 1 and 2 serve as an introduction to the book, and Psalm 2 introduces the figure of the Christ.

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  7. As the psalm continues, it becomes clear that in opposition to kings of the nations, the Christ is the king established by the Lord. However, there is a second historical context important for understanding the meaning of the Psalms. Although most of the individual psalms were originally composed during the time of monarchy from the tenth to the seventh century BC, when Israel or Judah was ruled by king David and his royal descendants , the book of Psalms was put together, arranged, and included as part of Jewish Scripture in the post-exilic period after the exile of Judah in the fifth century BC, when the Jews were ruled by foreign emperors.

    Why would a people with no king produce of book of songs that in which a king is a central figure? One possibility would be that they wanted to remember the past when they had a king. But there is more important reason in this case. It is in this way that Psalms speak of a coming Christ. Oh Lord, how many are my foes!

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    They looked forward to the time when God would restore the throne to a son of David who would rule the world as the Son of God.