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Learning the dynamic dance of God's grace and my choice

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We are so excited that you have taken the time to visit us online. We are a ministry that is committed to upholding our Faith, supporting our Family, and uplifting our Community. If you live in or if you're ever in the Indianapolis area, we invite you to join us in any of our anointed services. While there's nothing like a live worship experience at God's Grace Community Church, we invite you to browse our site and become acquainted with our ministry until we have the opportunity to meet in person.

God bless you and thank you again for visiting our site. People just like you.

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  3. Dancing with God – The Truth of God’s Love for You.

Our goal is to serve with a spirit of excellence and servitude; we desire to develop a personal relationship with everyone who enters through our doors. Our worship services are aimed to giving God the glory and assisting you in your continued spiritual growth and development. To book Bishop Thompson or if you have any questions or comments, please fill our the following form or call:. Tel: Ministry Means People. My heart for the Soak Nights is a time to actively make the decision to draw deeper with Jesus and dwell in his presence.

As well as reading through some scriptures to focus on during the evening. This will lead into an initial time of free worship, after which there will then be a creative reflection exercise for people to part take in if they wish, leading back into free worship. There will be the opportunity to take part in some prayer movement if people wish, this will be led and guided by the Soak Night leader, depending on peoples strengths.

You can see our current dates for Soak Nights here. Absolutely not! Part of dancing and moving in your faith is the recognition that movements are tiny and big, so whatever you do, a foot tap, or hand raise, is still a movement. Want to know more and be kept up to date with other events at UC Grace?

Head here to sign up. Last week, as I sat and looked through the coming events with UC Grace and where they sat in the wider calendar, I suddenly realised that Lent was just a week away. It got me thinking about how Lent is approached in the wider world, and how much emphasis people place on it. Many people strive to give up things, or try to focus on something specific, but how many actually use those 40 days to draw closer to God, to deepen their relationship with him, learn something new about themselves and God?

Lent is set aside as a time of reflection, prayer, and preparation.

From Dirty to Dancing: God's Grace for Those Struggling With Pornography

This is one of my favourite verses, the essence of dance summed up in 10 words! So, the idea has grown, to 6 week resource, to encourage us all to step out in some form of movement each day. My heart is that those who are both inexperienced and experienced can access it, with different options for people to dip into depending on their time and circumstance.

Each day there is a bible reference and a themed word assigned to it, the word is there to help you prompt other feelings as you do the study. Each Wednesday the next weeks study will come out. When completing the study, there are two levels. So, if you decide to do both it can be around a 30 minute movement time!

That is really up to you, the studies are designed so that you can put as much action into them as you want, or if you just want to isolate a single word and do a single action you can do that too. No, this study can provide a great way to introduce you to movement. There is no right or wrong way to move, if you are putting Jesus at the centre of your movement.

My encouragement would be to start simple, by thinking of movements connected to words in the literal sense. Drop me a message! Ask in the Facebook group! Already on my email list? Not on my email list? Then head here ….

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  3. Dancing with God's Grace;

I was asked recently why I teach, and more specifically why I teach faith and dance together. Big question, that has lots of foundation, journey and hope behind it. Dance to me is an embodiment of your soul, your heart, your very essence. As you move and dance, more of who you are gets revealed. Often, people know that there is something greater inside them, but to tap into it, to release it… is scary, and not a journey people want to go on, on their own. But to do that, using the tool dance and movement. I want to share two stories that helped to lay the foundation of where I have come from with dance.

The stall in my performance when I was younger has meant that when I get the opportunity to perform now, I must lean on God in every second of the dance and breathe! Such a simple thing, but the breathing keeps me grounded, allows me to focus on breathing in God and remember the movements. Recognising the nudge from the Holy Spirit has made me more aware of my journey and conversation with God.

That important thing, of both talking and then allowing time to listen back. Realising that the reasons you move, may be different to what others may see in your movement. Where you have the chance to be blessed and bless others. But how does this bring me to where I am now with teaching about faith and dance? I mentioned at the beginning about how I see them intertwined as one thing, as you grow in dance, you grow in God.

As you grow in God, you expand you dance. The opportunity to learn and be grounded in dance technique has helped my development of dance, furthermore, the development of my dance and faith together. Allowing the Holy Spirit into this interaction, provides an avenue to dig deep in your faith and who you are. Three things have shaped how I have gone on to teach and develop my practice since these stories — Passion, purpose and freedom.

To simply share. Share my love for dance, my love for Jesus and my love to encourage others. That as we move and dance our passion shines through to pass on from the youngest to the oldest the knowledge that Jesus is part of our everyday. That he carries us through those moments when we need to both receive and demonstrate grace.

That breathing in Jesus is so important! Breathing him in, to every part of lives, especially when we need him most. Imparting that a solid dance foundation — the understanding of posture, balance, core and travel — are paramount in aiding us to dance and move our best for Jesus.

Dancing with God - The Truth of God's Love for You - RLI

Whilst allowing the space and possibilities of the Holy Spirit to move. That importance of knowing that you can still have that conversation with God when words fail you, is so important. As I teach with passion and purpose, the ability to pass on the freedom in the Holy Spirit, freedom and comfort to lean on God in ALL circumstances, whether that is using the vehicle of dance or something else.

Join in me April when I run a dance training day about teaching children, dance and movement using faith. What got you to where you are, at the moment? Not on my mailing list? Then head here , to be kept up to date with all the latest with UC Grace. Such a privilege to meet with all the dancers and spend time catching up. Our focus during the workshop session was exploring Proverbs 3. There was a great conversation about verse 1, and the different interpretations in different Bible versions. Participants worked in pairs to pick 3 or 4 areas that they felt God was faithful in.

They wrote these down on separate pieces of paper and placed them at staggered points across the space. Working with their partner they put those faithful things into a journey, what they realised as they danced and shared with others, was the importance of fellowship and being with someone as you share in your faithful journey.

Our next Living Colour is planned for Saturday 22 nd June, you can check out the info here. But why not join us before that at one of our dance days. Teaching Children Dance and movement — 13 th April. Not on our mailing list? Then make sure you head here , to be kept up to date with all the latest with UC Grace. I had been asked if I could find some dancers who could respond as the felt led to a piece of live piano music based on Psalm I Life my eyes up, to the Mountain.

Recently I recognised that I spend a lot of time teaching and delivering, and not so much time dancing for myself. Last night gave me the opportunity to come before God and thank him that I have the ability to move, but also reinforced that for UC Grace to grow, and share Gods heart, I need to make sure I am giving God mine, and that in turn requires time set aside for me to dance, and be lost in his love through movement.

As the service progressed, Alwyn, the Vicar asked if we would dance again later in the service. So, as Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice played, our hearts were stirred more by the spirit and we loved sharing more of that through dance and movement. Much of the journey I have been on over the past week has encompassed the desire to draw back to the centre of what and why I do what I do with UC Grace.

There were several things that God drew my attention to last night, it made me chuckle as the theme seemed to be everywhere I went at the moment. In my previous post I mentioned about the interaction between creativity and the heart, and that my desire when I started had always been that it was about the hearts impacted not the numbers. You can read more about it here. This prayer below reminded me that God places me where I need to be and with who I need to be, and I need to be willing to serve Him in what ever way that looks like.

Dancing to the Beat of God's Drum

I will hold your people in my heart. The people that God puts in front of me at events, in conversations and through dancing. Each one is important. We did manage to video some of what we did last night.

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Not everything is in full view. But it will give you a flavour from our first dance.

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Keep up to date with the latest with UC Grace, by joining our mailing list here. The ultimate reason I began UC Grace in was a passion to share with others the impact that dance and movement can have with our faith, and how it can be instrumental in encouraging others in their walk, bringing others to faith, and teaching Gods word. I wanted to acknowledge that God has given us a creative spirit, to explore, move and grow with. To put ourselves outside the box. But as with so many things in life, distractions arise and before you know it, where you think you were, you no longer are.

Initially I read it and put it to one side. Until last week, when I was drawn back to it, and the need to understand the implications of what that phrase means to me and to UC Grace. Or more specifically how I share the connection of dance and movement and our faith, by offering a creative channel within which to do it. Let me share for a moment what I mean by creativity with dance and movement and our faith!

At one particular Living Colour session I asked participants to take a piece of paper and think about the journey that they had been on over the last week, and if they drew it, what would it look like? I then asked them at what points on that journey did they know that God was with them, and to mark it on the paper. From there their task was to transpose that picture into movement working individually initially, but then as a group.

You can read more about how they did it, by reading the workshop plan here. But for now, look at the video below to see how they went from a picture to movement. So why does it take courage? The process is as important as the result is, both of which you might not have control over.

Creativity takes courage , as it challenges your perceptions, your routine and your mindset. At UC Grace, that discovery happens in a safe environment, where whatever the result is, we support you as best as we can. Most importantly though, you join in as much or as little as you want. I believe that if you join us at our events, God has put you there for a reason, and I value that. So, the soul of our Living Colour dance mornings, our soak evenings, dance days and dance weekends is….

Over the next month or so, I am looking forward to continuing to weave this strand, across the whole of UC Grace, some of what is on our website currently is not where UC Grace is now. What does it mean to you? How did it begin? So how did it develop? This picture below, sums up the soul of the weekends perfectly.

Summer of Sam Dance SceneThere But For The Grace of God

Dance Worship weekend They say pictures say words, they demonstrate what can not be said, that is so true. What next? Have you joined us on one? Section 1 — warm up and ice breakers This is a really important part of the workshop which I chatted about in the blog post 6 Essentials when planning a dance worship workshop. River — how the water flows in and around rocks, some of the children being rocks and others being the water that passed around them. Waves — the crashing sound, being tall and small.

Rolling on the ground and stretching wide. Spinning a partner out and then having them roll back in along their partners arm. Just a few things that came out of our initial discussion was: Standing on a rock — strength Light Battle — warfare Refuge Like a travelling song Perfection Scaling a wall Participants worked in pairs and looked at one section of the workshop plan Read more about the 6 essentials when planning a dance worship workshop here putting together an outline of movements, before then teaching it to the rest of the group.

Before we get going though, there are a few things that you need to have decided in order to plan the workshop most effectively — Who will be your age or population focus? What is your theme — including the main focus and intended outcome How long is your session and how will you divide elements within the session What is the number of participants that will be at the workshop, or what are your maximum numbers?

So what 6 essential things should I include? Ice breaker Whether you know the participants well, or they are completely new faces, you can never start a session cold. How has your week been? Can you use one word to describe your week? What brought you to this workshop? Say your name and do an action, everyone else copy, work your way round the group. Make a freeze shape of how you are feeling about the workshop at the beginning. This will do several things — Increase their awareness of their breath and the size of their movement Encourage them to work on their balance and their core Help them to feel the weight in their movement, therefore adding another dynamic to how it can be developed.

But how is that the cornerstone of my faith? They help to maintain a strong foundation, that is always rooted in Christ Here are my 5 smooth stones — Phil 2. In him we live and move and have our being… Acts