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‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ spoofs pageant culture
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Share on Facebook. View All Photos. Movie Info The local boosters of Mount Rose, Minnesota proudly invites you to watch as their annual celebration of civic pride, wholesome achievement, teenage innocence and spirited camaraderie all go up in hilarious flames over the course of one vicious, nasty, back-stabbing beauty contest. A wickedly colorful, twisted comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous probes the heart of a small Minnesota town where a teen beauty pageant has unleashed a fury of very unladylike behavior. Here in the hallowed American heartland -- amidst the cow fields, pork sausage factories and Lutheran churches, going after the tiara is not just a fairy-tale dream: it's all-out war.

Everyone involved in the contest - mothers, daughters, boyfriends, perverts - knows only one thing counts and it isn't talent, physical fitness, current events or sportsmanship. It's being Number One, "yah, you betcha! Michael Patrick Jann. Lona Williams. Oct 2, New Line Cinema. Kirsten Dunst as Amber Atkins. Ellen Barkin as Annette Atkins. Kirstie Alley as Gladys Leeman. Allison Janney as Loretta. Denise Richards as Becky Leeman. Sam McMurray as Lester Leeman. Amy Adams as Leslie Miller. Tara Redepenning as Molly Howard. Shannon Nelson as Tess Weinhaus.

Laurie A. Sinclair as Michelle Johnson. Sara Stewart as Jenelle Betz. Sarah Stewart as Jenelle Betz. Brooke Bushman as Tammy Curry. Mindy Sterling as Iris Clark. Matt Malloy as John Dough. Michael McShane as Harold Vilmes. Brittany Murphy as Lisa Swenson. Alexandra Holden as Mary Johanson.

Casey Garven. Will Sasso as Hank Vilmes. Lona Williams as Jean Kangas. Jon T. Olson as Pat.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Casey Tyler Garven as Brett. Ashley Dylan Bullard as Fry Girl. Jacy Dumermuth as Pregnant Fry Girl. Nora Dunn as Colleen.

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Mo Gaffney as Terry. Adam West as Himself. Mary Gillis as Chloris Klinghagen. Richard Narita as Mr. Patti Yasutake as Mrs. Allyson Kearns as Candy Striper. Tom Gilshannon as Lars Larson. Claudia Wilkens as Iona Hildebrandt. Dale Dunham as Mayor. Amanda Detmer as Miss Minneapolis. Eric D.

Howell as Sound Recordist. Matthew G. Park as Crew Guy. Terry Hempleman as Cop No. Christopher Carlson as Cop No. James Cada as Lisa Swenson's Father. Kristin Rudrud as Pork Products Lady. Luke Ingles as Rocker Kid No. Nick Ingles as Rocker Kid No. Jimmie D.

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Wright as Doctor. Peter Aitchison as Male News Anchor. Mary Rehbein as Female Reporter No. Jeany Park as Female Reporter No. Richard Ooms as Pastor. Robert-Bruce Brake as Mr. Bruce Linser as Ed. Tiffany Engen as Tap Dancer. Jennifer Baldwin Peden as Opera Singer. Annalise Nelson as Violinist. Samantha Harris as Miss Burnsville.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Enzian Theater

Kari Ann Shiff as Miss Delluth. Mark Dahlen as Cops Crew Guy. Jeff Tatum as Fireman. Pamela Remler as Amber Dance Double. Check Out a Pair of "Meltdown" Clips. Jul 8, Full Review…. Jan 1, Rating: 2. Jul 19, Full Review…. Jun 23, Full Review…. Jan 1, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Mar 06, With a wry sense of humor, Drop Dead Gorgeous delivers an edgy comedy about pageantry. In the film a documentary crew follows the contestants of the Sarah Rose Princess America Pageant in the small town of Mount Rose, but when a series of mysterious accidents start to eliminate the contestants foul play is suspected.

However, the tone of the film is inconsistent, and there are a ton of plot holes. The satire's pretty clever, but it's often undercut by the broad comedy. Drop Dead Gorgeous is an entertaining romp, but its story is poorly told. Dann M Super Reviewer. Jul 09, Hilarious black comedy featuring an excellent cast of female actresses. Sylvester K Super Reviewer. May 20, But the film, shot mockumentary-style has a dark subplot — someone is trying to sabotage the pageant with a slew of actual and attempted murders. Five years ago, Buzzfeed explored the legacy of the film even though it totally bombed in theaters.

At the time, Janney told the publication that she was recognized more often for her role as Loretta than anything else she had done. It was really funny.

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  • “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” Which Is Finally Streaming, Is Possibly My Favorite Movie of All Time.

Everyone in and out of the competition is looking to make an impression upon the mockumentary's viewers. That includes Becky, who shows up with chocolates to visit Mary at the hospital, where she's being treated for an eating disorder. Several attempts are made on Amber's life her trailer is even burnt down!

Sure, Amber has all of the traits that would seemingly make her pageant queen: wholesome values and a sort of girl-next-door, underdog look. But everything that happens to her is by circumstance alone.