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Excellent reading. Very enthralling. From errant hedge trimmers to unscrupulous conmen and a car which seems to have a mind of its own, modern life offers unexpected hazards for the unwitting septuagenarian. It ends too abruptly, leaving the reader wondering. Vasilisa, a girl with extraordinary gifts, must flee for her life, pursued by those who blame their misfortune on her magic.

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Then a vengeful demon returns, stronger than ever. Determined to engulf the world in chaos, he finds allies among men and spirits. But she may not be able to save them all. Beautifully written, interesting characters, strong female heroine unusual fantasy structure. Recommended, but read The Bear and the Nightingale first. This short pertinent tale is an acute take on contemporary USA in all its frightening violence and self-absorption.

Whisked from her home in Cairo, she was thrust into the dazzling royal court of Daevabad—and quickly discovered she would need all her grifter instincts to survive there. Sophisticated artificial intelligence, gleaming robots, vast intergalactic space ships and enviable technology rooted in scientifically feasible ideas: these are just some of the trademark characteristics of the genre known as Hard Science Fiction! Below is just a tiny selection of our favourite titles that fit into this genre. It was a perfect black-body sphere, and it did nothing.

Then it disappeared. Now it is back. Establishing and testing the three laws of robotics, they continue to shape the understanding and design of artificial intelligence to this day.

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Could a robot ever show true creativity? Is it wise to trust self-driving cars? Will robotic body parts transform human beings into machines? Will organic technology allow robots to become human? Leviathan Wakes is the breakneck science fiction adventure that launched the epic bestselling Expanse series. Joshua Calvert and Syrinx fly their starships on a mission to find the Sleeping God — which an alien race believes holds the key to overthrowing the possessed.

Captain Kel Cheris of the hexarchate is disgraced for using unconventional methods in a battle against heretics. Kel Command gives her the opportunity to redeem herself by retaking the Fortress of Scattered Needles, a star fortress that has recently been captured by heretics.

If the fortress falls, the hexarchate itself might be next.

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While divisions in race, religion, and class still exist, advances in technology have redefined life itself. Now, with the entire city corrupted—from the people to the very buildings they inhabit—only the most wretched sort of existence remains. For security operative Tanner Mirabel, it is the landscape of nightmare through which he searches for a low-life post-mortal killer. But the stakes are raised when his search brings him face to face with a centuries-old atrocity that history would rather forget. It is also the story of how Man must struggle against his own self-destructive mechanisms to achieve his dreams: before he even sets foot on the red planet, factions are forming, tensions are rising and violence is brewing… for civilization can be very uncivilized.

Police procedural crime novels place the emphasis on investigative procedure. The investigative procedure often carried out by a police officer, a forensic scientist or someone closely associated with a police department- rather than the more traditional private investigator. These novels attempt to correctly depict police activities, and procedure, and to accurately portray police-related topics such as interrogation, autopsies, gathering evidence and acting within existing real legal constraints.

Below is just a small sample of the books featured in this showcase. Nor is he bothered by the daily news reports of the Christchurch Carver, who, they say, murdered seven women. But Joe knows the Carver only killed six. He knows that for a fact. The handcuffed and chained patient, Oscar Bane, has specifically asked for her, and when she literally has her gloved hands on him, he begins to talk — and the story he has to tell turns out to be one of the most bizarre she has ever heard.

He says his injuries were sustained in the course of a murder, that he did not commit.

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By Friday evening, Inspector Morse had informed the nation that the police were looking for a dangerous man — facing charges of wilful murder, sexual assault and rape. But as the obvious leads fade into twilight and darkness, Morse becomes more and more convinced that passion holds the key. Five days later, her tortured body was found drained of blood and cut in half. A man is murdered, his wife bound, gagged and left to watch.

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But when Detective Sam Shephard scratches the surface, the victim, a successful businessman, is not all he seems to be. Meanwhile, Sam is in big trouble again. Legendary artists such as Bryan Ferry and Mark Knopfler also released the wonderful new albums. Olympic girls. Traversing influences that cross-genre and era, the artistry of Hollie Fullbrook and her band spans delicate folk, lustrous dream pop. Production by David Lynch, Olympic Girls bring ebullient psychedelia to the album. Assume form. His collision of ghostly, dubstep-informed production and quiveringly sad piano balladry should have been jarring and awkward, but it worked so well it catapulted Blake into near-iconic status.

Fourth album Assume Form finds Blake shedding much of his older self, leaving behind distant melancholy and spacious production and offering his most emotionally open, hopeful, and at times almost cheerful work. Rich kid blues. Springsteen on Broadway. The album is the complete live performance of the show. Down the road wherever. The record breathes new life into songs that fans have been enjoying for over 20 years. The Chic organization Another disc compiles edits and mixes of Chic-headlined singles of the same era. Voices of Mississippi: artists and musicians documented by William Ferris.

William Ferris was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi in Growing up on a working farm, Ferris began at a young age documenting the artwork, music, and lives of the people on the farm and in his local community. The archive of recordings that he created and the documentary films that he had a hand in producing have served as powerful tools in institutions of higher learning for decades. To the outside of everything: a story of UK post-punk Tara Westover never went to school.

Instead, she spent her childhood working in a junkyard and preparing for the biblical End of Days. But as her family grew abusive, she knew she had to escape. Her diaries were packed with entries about not buying things, not going to the disco, the school coach not arriving. Returning more than three decades later to Brookmans Park, scene of her childhood, Thorn takes us beyond the bus shelters and pub car parks, the utopian cul-de-sacs and the train to Potters Bar, to the parents who wanted so much for their children, the children who wanted none of it.

It was a mystery: a young Jewish girl named Lientje had been taken in during the war by relatives and hidden from the Nazis. The girl had been raised by her foster family as one of their own, but then, after the war, there was a falling out. What really happened during the war, and after? Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Library Cat-A-Log , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Siamese is my favorite breed of cat, and I'm hoping to be a librarian someday, so this book sounded like it would be pretty fantastic.

However, the level of writing and the amount of typos made me feel like I was reading a mediocre OC fanfiction. The main character's interactions with others are unrealistic; it's like every other character only exists so that the main character can tell them all about herself. Somatopologies contains 3D-renderings of diverse densities, wondering about the regimes of truth that converge in volumetric biomedical images. There is a coalition between tomography and topology at work to align math, flesh, computation, bone, anatomic science, tissue and language.

But when life is made all too probable, Possible Bodies asks obliquely: what other "bodies" can be imagined? Somatopologies moves through the political fictions of somatic matter. Rolling from outside to inside, from a mediated exteriority to a computed interiority and back, it reconsiders the potential of unsupervised somatic depths and un- invaded interiors.

Unfolding along situated surfaces, this post-cinematic experiment jumps over the probable outcomes of contemporary informatics, towards the possible otherness of a mundane after math. It cuts agential slices through technocratic paradigms in order to create hyperbolic incisions that stretch, rotate and bend Euclidean nightmares and Cartesian anxieties.

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In the summer of , a German artist, famous for having a past as cyberfeminist and a present as technofeminist, was invited to Stuttgart in the South of Germany, to create an exhibition dealing with issues of gender and technology as part of a large festival. During her research, she got in touch with numerous fellow artists and activists, and in a process of collective realization, they found that the time has come, not for another exhibition, but for a global technofeminist upheaval. Learning from the dark forces that understand how to manipulate national referenda and presidential elections, they flooded social media platforms — an area they had previously avoided in order to protest against the centralisation and privatisation of digital communication.

Within a few weeks, what had started as a small protest, has grown exponentially and conquered not just the Net but also traditional media. They gained enormous power, more than they ever imagined, and now decisions have to be made on how to use this power. Come and help us decide! What would you do if you had power over the Internet — and thus the real world?

First she was all alone, but then more and more joined in. Now, they are many and nobody can stop them anymore.

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Random encounters with rootless people and places. Peripheral centers and the surface currents of a region post-anything. When trust in the unknown becomes the key to move on. Departing from a fictive suburb, I suggest an itinerary inspired by the people, places, and situations I encountered throughout the years.

A collection of marginalia from places defined through nothing else, but these encounters. Because after all, everybody is a migrant. Inhabiting an Earth continuously subjected to catastrophic events, Apocalypse Reliquary presents a survey of artifacts left behind by every recorded global cataclysm from to the present. The exhibition includes spaceships from the Pleiades photon belt, the radioactive remains of countless nuclear armageddons, relics from the Zeta Reticuli star system, and a wide array of artifacts delivered by dozens of religious raptures.

Each entry in the Apocalypse Reliquary is inscribed within the ongoing disaster of the present. Organized chronologically, the catalogue begins in , immediately following the collapse of the planet under the strain of the population bomb. The reliquary will continue to annotate the ruins of global annihilation until a final apocalyptic event renders all recording impossible.

Weavers of Discontent: Luddism Revisited is an exhibition set in the year The oldest objects in the exhibition date from the 19th century and were developed by the original Luddite movement. The exhibition can be visited at the Sherwood Gallery, a temporary autonomous zone situated on a spaceship parked just outside the Ludd Spacesquating Station. The objects in the exhibition were either donated by private collectors or acquired through archaeological excavations and scavenges of the now defunct XIV Archive of the Internet Archive.

In the 19th century, a group of working class people known as the Luddites emerged in Anglofrankia XI. C9 in the region formerly known as United Kingdom to form a resistance against the application of technological advancement in the deskilling and devaluing of their jobs.

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At stake was not a deep-seated technophobia or resistance to progress, but a very real, very material political demand: job security and appropriate working conditions. It was, after all, the ages old struggle of Labour vs Capital. The ability to conflate all of these developments under one single banner made it possible, throughout the ages, to void them of their political context and so more easily dismiss any sort of resistance as inherently anti-progress, retrograde or downright namby-pamby.

Weavers of Discontent revisits the history of these myriad 'Luddites' in order to understand the class, gender and racial contexts begetting their fears, concerns, demands and resistance. Tracing Information Society — A Timeline offers a discursive framework for exploring the genesis and current configuration of the information society.

The main visual element of the Timeline is a large-scale print that traces the evolution of our shared techno-cultural realities. Its five hundred entries draw attention to different events, genealogies and narratives from the fields of art, culture, media, politics, economy, technology, and social life that have been relevant for the shaping of the information society. Workshops focus on trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural conversations to connect these processes to the cultural forms of the respective historical moment and place.

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For the Seoul Mediacity Biennale, Technopolitics transforms the Timeline into the book-size collection of its impossible project to analyze the information society as an open totality. Technopolitics Working Group was founded in in Vienna and comprises about ten core members and thirty contributors mostly working as artists, theoreticians, curators and journalists inside and outside major institutions. Our eyes are so often led down the street by signs which bear commercial or regulatory messages.

These signs collapse our perception of space to literate dimensions, and capture our attention without regard for our interest. Since at least the s, Korean settlement on the western side of the Hudson, in Bergen County New Jersey and Rockland County New York, has been strong enough to support institutions catering mainly to Koreans. As with the population at large, these institutions inhabit buildings that reflect North American aesthetics and sign fabrication practices.

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Apart from their function as designation, the Korean words on signs, both transliterated and in Hangul, form the strongest mark of Korean culture in this suburban landscape. Charles Turner is the author of Xenakis in America , published as an open access book on Monoskop Log in However, there is no mention of it being fictional. Art catalogues are important archives of exhibitions and events, however, they only show us aspects of them. The authors aimed to exaggerate the nature of art catalogues and question what is an exhibition.

Takuma Uematsu is an artist based in Osaka. His works combine a range of materials to explore the theme of links between physical matter and life. Yuki Hayashi is an artist and a film maker. He started to produce video works in , and has participated in numerous film festivals and exhibitions at home and abroad. Tetsuya Goto is a self-taught graphic designer, lecturer, editor and curator based in Osaka, Japan. Marina Valle Noronha is a curator and researcher. She was born in Brazil and lives in Finland.

Steganography as form of secret writing, is the art and science of hiding information within public information. At the centre of this practice is the instrumentalisation of the innocent to reach new audiences and evade surveillance, censorship and control. Can this apparent innocence be instrumentalised as a cover to spread alternative knowledge? Thunderclap attempts to answer this provocation by steganographically distributing the work of He-Yin Zhen ?

These accessories contain English quotes of He-Yin Zhen essays nested around a QR code that when scanned, downloads her original Chinese writing. Because her writings were considered radical and dangerous in her lifetime, they have been gradually erased from the historical record in China. As such, Thunderclap aims to reinsert He-Yin Zhen's writing back into Chinese history and public knowledge in the context of China. Photo set of 85 images in 1. Jump to: navigation , search.