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  2. Reminiscences of a Castro Colonist by Auguste Frétellière
  3. Finding Aid for the Harriet Rochlin Collection of Western Jewish History
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Murr took charge.

Grass was fine and our horses fattened every day. As we neared Bear Creek, we came to where hunters had been in camp and.

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I came to Medina county with my parents from Alsace, France, in the year , with other Castro Colonists, and first settled in Castroville. About a year afterwards we moved about fifteen miles northwest of Castroville to what was then known as "Vanderburg," Vanderburg," and settled down, as I may say, in the midst of a tribe of tame Indians who had their camps about two miles from our location. When I was quite a young boy I remember seeing these Indians coming to our little burg. Barker, ed. The Austin Papers Washington D. Alley, who had tried to stop them from stealing a corn-filled pirogue on the Colorado River, near the mouth of Skull Creek and ten miles south of present-day Columbus.

William B. In response to the deaths of Loy and Alley, the colony responded by raising a company of 25 men. Finding the Karankawa encampment on Skull Creek, the colonists killed 19 or 20 members of the tribe.

William Dewees and about half a dozen colonists tracked a band of horse thieves who had recently attacked and murdered a party of Mexican drovers. Austin colonist John J. Tumlinson Sr. John J.

Reminiscences of a Castro Colonist by Auguste Frétellière

Tumlinson, Jr. They attack a Waco encampment 15 miles above present-day Columbus, killing Henderson K. Austin colonist on Colorado River kills one member of a party of Karankawas butchering one of his cows. Eight Karankawas killed. Commissioned by Stephen F. Austin to conduct a punitive expedition against the Karankawas for the killing of Austin colonists, Captain Randal Jones and a company of 23 settlers skirmish with Karankawas on Jones Creek, near the mouth of the Brazos River. Three whites and 15 Indians killed. A party of colonists led by Aylett C. Kelly F.

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  3. Henri Castro.

Malcolm D. McLean, ed. Colonists attack Tonkawa village in retaliation for theft of livestock.

Finding Aid for the Harriet Rochlin Collection of Western Jewish History

Two Tonkawas, one settler killed. Captain Henry S. Brown, commanding Mexican soldiers and colonists, attacked Waco Wichita village on the Brazos River, near present-day Waco. All but one are killed. Seven Indians and one colonist William Cooper are killed.

Approximately ten Texans are killed and eleven wounded. The Mexican garrison commanded by Col.

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Uploaded on June 15, Published by the Texas State Historical Association. Anglo immigrant H. Reed is killed by a party of eight Wacos Wichitas near Tenoxtitlan, 14 miles northeast of present-day Caldwell. Skip to main content. Three Colonists Disappear. Description: Three colonists left to guard supplies at the mouth of the Colorado River. Location: Latitude: Event Type: Raiding Activity. Two Colonists Murdered. Citation: Ernest W.