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Countries that allow dual citizenship
  1. Which Countries Allow Dual Citizenship in ?
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Shop for Books on Google Play Browse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Jan-Feb 56 pages Vol. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the premier public resource on scientific and technological developments that impact global security. Founded by Manhattan Project Scientists, the Bulletin's iconic "Doomsday Clock" stimulates solutions for a safer world. Browse all issues Jan Mar Apr May Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov In case you have the urge to become a naturalized citizen of this South Asian nation, be careful not to be sentenced to a long prison term or incur a criminal fine within five years of your new citizenship.

Doing so could void your naturalization. Otherwise, Bangladeshi citizens will not lose their citizenship for any other reason, including when obtaining another nationality. Belgium used to be one of the easiest and best countries in which to obtain a second citizenship. In fact, it was possible to become a Belgian citizen in as quickly as three years if you established ties in the country and kept your nose clean. While it now takes five years at a bare minimum — and as many as nine — to become naturalized in Belgium, the good news it that existing Belgian citizens are eligible to hold dual citizenship as of Belize allows dual citizenship.

I have a personal friend who holds three nationalities, one of them Belizean through his mother. If you have a Belizean parent, becoming Belizean is rather straightforward. Brazil is among the most liberal countries not only in allowing dual citizenship, but also in granting citizenship to anyone born on their soil. Anyone can look and be Brazilian, and the government likes it that way. Ethnic Bulgarians are entitled to maintain multiple nationalities without having to give up their Bulgarian passport.

Those that did relinquish citizenship in the past may be able to get it back. However, those being naturalized as Bulgarians must renounce other nationalities upon becoming citizens. Canada is one of the more interesting case studies regarding dual citizenship. Canada seems to encourage its citizens to utilize their status of dual nationality, and certainly allows it.

Ethnic Croatians who obtained citizenship by birth or by descent from at least one parent may maintain other nationalities. However, those who become naturalized Croatians must renounce all other citizenships, or be prepared to do so before receiving Croatian citizenship. Considering that Cyprus markets its own expensive economic citizenship program , it only makes sense that Cyprus allows you to maintain additional citizenships. Nationalists in the Czech Republic worked to uphold a long-standing tradition of forbidding citizens from having other allegiances.

However, as of , the Czech Republic allows for multiple nationalities. It is part of their effort to further align themselves with the policies of the EU. Former Czech nationals who lost their citizenship can apply for reinstatement. For years, Denmark has restricted its citizens to be Danish… or choose to be something else.

However, as of September 1, Denmark allows dual citizenship. There is no such thing as private second citizenship without jeopardizing Egyptian citizenship. Citizens must also inform the government of their intent to keep Egyptian citizenship within one year of obtaining the foreign citizenship. Egyptian dual nationals are exempt from military service, prohibited from enrolling in military and police academies, or from being elected to Egyptian Parliament.

Sounds like a good deal to me. As of , Finnish citizens are entitled to hold dual citizenships. Those who lost citizenship prior to had a window in which they could apply to have their former citizenship reinstated; this window closed several years ago. Those naturalized as Finnish citizens are permitted to keep their original citizenship, as well.

Which Countries Allow Dual Citizenship in ?

French citizens are entitled to hold dual or multiple citizenships and have been for several decades. In addition, France denounced a Council of Europe proposal that attempted to reduce cases of multiple nationalities. As of , Germany recognizes dual citizenship, but only with other countries within the EU and Switzerland.

There are some exceptions for those who wish to obtain dual citizenship in a non-EU country. Furthermore, in August of , the German cabinet gave the go-ahead to allow young Germans to maintain dual citizenship. The law changed that. Greek citizens are allowed to maintain dual citizenships unless they request to renounce Greek citizenship. Renunciation of Greek citizenship is subject to completion of any military service requirement. Hungary offered a long-running and now-closed economic residency program that allowed wealthy Chinese to obtain Hungarian citizenship.

The country allows citizenship by descent and permits its citizens to maintain multiple nationalities. Much like Finland, Iceland overturned its ban on holding more than one citizenship in and offered those who lost Icelandic status under the old system four years to apply for reinstatement.

In fact, there are some 14 million Irish passports in circulation, despite the country having a much, much smaller population. Ireland does allow dual citizenship. In an attempt to increase the roster of Israeli citizens and Jews with Israeli passports, Israel has a very straightforward passport program through the Law of Return. Israel is more than happy to allow its citizens to maintain dual nationality. Italy considers anyone with Italian bloodlines an Italian citizen… even before you apply to claim an ancestral passport.

As long as you can prove your Italian ancestry, you can become an Italian citizen. Italy does not require you to renounce other citizenships when you follow this procedure, or when you become a naturalized citizen through residence. Many Kosovars have special, recognizable Serbian passports issued from a special passport unit in Belgrade, as Serbia still does not recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

Due to many Kosovars having Serbian citizenship, and even third citizenships in places they migrated to such as Germany , Kosovo allows dual citizenship. The Baltic country recently liberalized its laws to allow Latvians to hold another nationality or more than one. This is a great opportunity for those who obtain Latvian residency by starting a business or investing in real estate , and have the eventual goal of becoming Latvian citizens.

The Luxembourg passport is an excellent travel document and, since , the country has allowed dual citizenship. Recently, the country reduced the requirements for naturalization, causing a flood of citizenship applications from expats living in the country. This goes hand-in-hand with their favorable view on dual citizenship. A Mexican at birth may acquire other nationalities, but will always be considered Mexican by the Mexican government. Furthermore, all Mexican citizens must enter and leave the country on his or her Mexican passport. They may also be prohibited from partaking in certain investments within the country.

According to the New Zealand government , Kiwis are entitled to maintain other citizenships without issue. Nigerians may have more than one citizenship, despite some limited public pressure against the practice in the African country. Due to a growing number of Pakistanis living overseas, the government now recognizes dual citizenship for Pakistani citizens under most circumstances. However, dual citizens are forbidden from certain voting rights, serving in the military, or holding any number of public offices, or even civil servant jobs.

Not a bad trade-off. Technically, Panama forbids dual citizenship. In practice, however, things are a bit different. During the naturalization process, the Panamanian government will require you to take an oath that includes the renunciation of your previous citizenship. In practice, dual citizenship is allowed in many cases. If they do, however, there is a process to get it back. Portugal allows dual citizenship and also offers an easy residency program for those wishing to invest in Portuguese real estate. Romania does not cancel the citizenships of those who obtain a second passport elsewhere, although it does not claim responsibility for other nationalities being lost as a result of keeping Romanian citizenship.

There have been cases of people who have lost their multiple nationalities after re-applying for Romanian citizenship. Furthermore, Romania has a controversial practice of granting dual citizenship to Moldovans. Located in Southeast Europe, Serbia offers one of the least known citizenship by descent programs. As such, it allows Serbians to maintain other nationalities. Slovenia, whose passport also confers citizenship in the European Union, may forbid those becoming naturalized citizens from keeping their existing nationalities. However, it does not prohibit native Slovenians from having a second passport in most cases.

Until , South Africa forbade its citizens from traveling on foreign passports. A law changed that and eliminated a requirement that forced those seeking dual nationality to apply for permission. As with many other countries, South Africa requires its nationals to enter and leave the country with their South African travel documents. South Korea, while a great country, is a rather insular culture and long forbade its citizens from having another passport. However, as of , a new law allowed those who became dual nationals at birth to retain both passports if they declared their intention to remain South Korean by age The law does not allow South Koreans to obtain other citizenships as adults.

Spain requires Spanish nationals to inform the government within three years if they obtain another nationality. It makes exceptions for those individuals who are natural citizens of an Iberoamerican country, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Portugal. In , Sweden abandoned a long-held policy of prohibited dual nationalities.

Now, Swedish citizens may acquire other passports and foreigners applying for naturalization in Sweden may keep their existing citizenship. As of , the country does not forbid having another passport, nor does it force naturalized Swiss citizens to relinquish their original nationality. Although celebrities like Tina Turner have obtained Swiss nationality as a means to relinquish US citizenship. Syrian citizenship is a complicated thing. You get it by being the child of a Syrian father, or a Syrian mother whose partner is of stateless or unknown origins.

And obtaining Syrian citizenship is near impossible: you have to marry a Syrian and live in the country for ten years.

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Turkey allows multiple nationalities, but does require those obtaining them to provide a load of documents to Turkish officials during the process. Unlike many countries, Turkey does not require dual nationals to use their Turkish passport when entering or leaving the country.

Since the British Nationality Act of , the UK does not restrict its citizens from having other nationalities. However, British Overseas Territories citizens such as citizens of Anguilla may lose their ability to obtain a British passport if they obtain another nationality. Since , the Ni-Vanuatu are permitted to hold more than one passport. In almost all circumstances, yes. So can fighting in a foreign military or working for a foreign government in any number of jobs. Former citizens of Afghanistan who fled the country due to political instability and has acquired another citizenship while overseas may still hold Afghan citizenship unofficially, but otherwise dual nationality is prohibited.

Andorrans who take up a foreign citizenship lose their Andorran nationality, but can apply to have it reinstated later if they are willing to renounce the citizenship they took up. Austria severely limits dual nationality in the country. However, they have shown a willingness to be flexible in light of Brexit. The only exceptions to these restrictions are 1 for children born to one Austrian and one foreign parent whose country confers citizenship to children, 2 to children given foreign citizenship by virtue of being born in a foreign country like the United States , 3 to those unable by law to renounce their existing citizenship at home, or 4 to foreign professors who receive Austrian nationality.

The Azeri government claims to automatically strip citizenship from those who voluntarily obtain another nationality. The only possible exception in my research may be citizens granted Azeri nationality by the President. While the Kingdom of Bahrain has a long tradition of awarding citizenship to expats who make a substantial contribution to the tiny Middle Eastern country, Bahrain does forbid dual nationality, except for a few Gulf state passport holders. China technically forbids dual nationality, but many Chinese tell me enforcement of this is weak.

They also mention that China considers Chinese citizens to be only Chinese, in line with the policy of most countries including the United States. Enforcement, however, is another matter. El Salvador allows for dual citizenship, but only for those who obtained El Salvadorean nationality by birth. Naturalized citizens may not hold multiple nationalities. Although not technically allowed, plenty of Estonians hold second passports, mainly from Russia. The Estonian government may allow naturalized citizens to keep existing citizenships, or may simply not check. However, naturalized citizens who obtain another citizenship after being naturalized will lose their Estonian nationality.

Georgia does not allow dual citizenship for natural born citizens, or those naturalized under normal means. Does India allow dual nationality? However, due to demands from its diaspora, the country did introduce the Overseas Citizenship of India program. The program offers a document that looks like a passport, but does not serve as a substitute for a travel document, nor does it confer Indian citizenship. While Indonesian officials are working to allow citizens to hold multiple nationalities, no such law exists yet, and Indonesians may not hold other citizenships.

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  5. Japan is one of strictest immigration countries on earth. It does not allow citizens to maintain other allegiances and forces children who hold more than one passport to choose which one they wish to retain once they become adults. Kazakhstan does not allow citizens to maintain another nationality, and is one of a handful of countries that automatically cancels your citizenship if you are discovered to be a dual national. Lithuania offers citizenship by descent to those with Lithuanian great-grandparents, but requires all Lithuanians to choose between their citizenship and another nationality.

    The only exception is those with ancestors who left during times of occupation for reasons of persecution.. Although I recommend the MM2H visa program for residency, I cannot recommend becoming a citizen since anyone holding Malaysian citizenship is disallowed from holding any other citizenship. In general, Dutch citizenship forbids obtaining an additional nationality. However, there are exceptions for Dutch people who obtain another citizenship at birth, or who are live in a country they hold nationality of thanks to their spouse. Poland does not recognize its citizens who maintain other allegiances, but it tolerates the practice.

    Singapore has been a much-ballyhooed second passport in the offshore world, with claims that citizenship can be obtained in as little as two years. That opportunity is no longer available. Plus, Singaporean citizenship confers mandatory military service on the citizen as well as their children. As part of an argument with Hungary over its citizenship by descent policies, Slovakia limits dual citizenship in many cases. It does, however, allow dual nationalities for those that obtain its passport through birth or marriage. While some officials in the African country have suggested loosening the policy , Tanzanians are currently not permitted to hold dual citizenship, except in the case of women who acquire a second nationality by marrying a foreigner.

    As one of the most insular and imperious countries on earth, Thailand forbids dual nationality. Currently, Ukraine does not easily allow for dual citizenship. They even considered imposing prison sentences of up to ten years for having dual nationality. Emirati passport holders are forbidden to maintain other citizenships.

    The only exception is in cases when an individual holds another citizenship from birth, but also has a father who is a UAE national and who confers citizenship upon him or her. After that time, if an individual maintains a foreign citizenship, the Venezuelan nationality will be terminated. If you want to learn more about what exactly that means, and why I believe so strongly in it, I made this video that is worth watching:.

    My team and I have helped hundreds of guys develop and implement legal strategies for lower taxes, dual citizenship, and lifestyle freedom. While we value comments that add to the conversation, we reserve the right to edit or delete anything that is abusive, threatening, libelous, spammy, or is otherwise inappropriate. Out of respect to those who engage our services, we don't provide personalized advice or referrals unless you engage us. The Philippines only allows natural born Filipino citizen to acquire dual citizenship.

    Naturalized Filipino citizens are not allowed.

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    Not true! Polish people have always been allowed to hold dual citizenship. No problem with that. Of course one is treated as Polish while in Poland and expected to be a loyal citizen. One time when I was leaving Ukraine I even had to show both passports to Ukr immigration and nothing happened. Slovakia and Germany and I can tell you allow dual Slovak if other passports are from birth. Both have level of corruption and would be great to put that brown envelope in one of their pockets to get that 3rd passport.

    Sweden and migration

    I am an American citizen but in the near future I would like to move to live and work in South Korea, is it possible for me to get dual citizen ship there? In addition to his bad criminal record JC also had quite a complex immigration history. As for his criminality, in February he was cautioned for possessing an offensive weapon in public. Hence, his immigration history was complex because after his conviction he was the subject of a deportation order. However, his appeal was successful and he was later granted discretionary leave to remain until May He applied for indefinite leave to remain later but it was refused and the appeal was dismissed and he thus had no leave to remain upon his release from custody in August He failed to integrate and claimed he was groomed by violent criminal gangs and was recruited into a dangerous crime syndicate.

    He therefore had a very lengthy criminal record including serious convictions for firearms offences and life imprisonment for burglary with a minimum term of 10 years to be served before being considered for release. The decision-maker did not accept his claims. The First-tier Tribunal dismissed his appeal. RA, an Iraqi citizen, came to the UK clandestinely at the age of 14 and claimed asylum.

    It was refused and discretionary leave was granted.

    Is your heart filled with pain?

    Chavez-Vilchez concerned eight third-country national mothers of EU citizen children. He is an Indian national who entered the UK as a student. But he provides primary care to his elderly father who suffers from final stage kidney disease. His mother has a heart problem and suffers from poor mobility owing to very poor knee function. Mr Adil Shah is a Pakistani national. He entered the UK as a student and is the primary carer for his British citizen child.

    His wife is a British citizen and works full-time. Both applied for a derivative residence card under regulation 15A of the then Immigration European Economic Area Regulations whereby, in order to implement Zambrano , a non-EU citizen is entitled to a derivative right to reside in the UK if they are a primary carer of a British citizen residing in the UK and the British citizen would not be able to reside in the UK or another EEA state if the non-citizen were made to leave.

    The decision-maker refused to grant a residence card in both cases on the basis that the relatives they cared for would not be forced to leave the UK if the appellants left.