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Next we see Petruccio's abuse of his staff and his refusal to let Katherine eat, and in his soliloquy his continued strategy of breaking her will by treating her like a falcon, a wild free bird who can only be tamed by starvation and sleep deprivation, which are well known in our modern world as an effective means of torture. Katherine complains to Grumio, who pretends to sympathize but who follows Petruccio's orders and gives her nothing to eat.

Katherine continues to resist but obtains neither cap nor promised gown. Petruccio pushes her farther and farther down, all the while castigating her for continuing to cross and contradict him, in fact for telling him he's wrong when he's wrong. Finally, in resignation, Katherine gives into his lunacy, agreeing with everything his says no matter how ridiculous. She makes one last attempt in Act 5. Petruccio's price? A kiss. A public manifestation of what he has established, not as a private symbol of love but as proof of ownership. She is rightly reluctant, but again she is resigned to her entrapment.

If she wants anything, she must do as he demands. This is not a charming scene of a happy marriage. It is a clear example of marriage as enforced prostitution — physical payment in return for something that should be hers anyway, the right to go and do as she wishes.

At the banquet then, in the final scene, first Katherine's abasement is cruelly pointed out by the widow and then, finally, the speech. Before we look at that however, let's recap Katherine's situation. She has grown up and spent some adult years with a father who openly prefers her sister and who is clearly very anxious to get rid of her. The people who know her call her a shrew, a devil, rough, ill-favored and so on.

She is then within a few days married off to a scheming, abusive, money-hungry ruffian who immediately forces her away from the only home and people, such as they are, that she has ever known, upon which she has to endure a dangerous and filthy journey with no assistance or comfort from her husband. Arriving at his rural domain she is yelled at, starved, sleep-deprived and denied clothing fitting to her class, in other words lied to, mocked, scolded, pushed into denying what her own eyes see, coerced into a public display of the parody of love that her husband presents to the world.

This is what leads up to her speech. So what does she say? She speaks through most of it to the two women who have hurt her. Bianca throughout their lives by being the favored daughter, and the widow who has just taunted her in front of the whole company. She's simply telling them what she and they have been told all their lives: wife, obey your husband.

So cold {Katherine Pierce}

She is pointing out to them that they are all in the same boat. She goes on to say that angry women will not attract a husband, which she knows from bitter experience, ending up as she did, with a husband no woman would wish for. She follows this with a list of her society's stereotypes — strong men laboring hard physically which Baptista, Lucentio, Hortensio and Petruccio clearly do not do while the women, weak, soft and to be protected, stay at home. Katherine sees marriage as a prison.

Still she senses that this is not enough. We are not told what Petruccio is doing throughout the speech but skillful actors could be directed to exchange a glance, Katherine's resigned, exhausted, apprehensive and Petruccio's victorious, gloating but still not satisfied. With a haughty lift of his chin he could be seen to be demanding more, in fact Katherine's total submission. Whatever small concession she may still have hope for from him, she sees that there will be none and in defeat she admits that if he so chooses, her husband has the right to use violence and bodily injury against her.

Like Shylock, who several plays later will be stripped of everything and humiliated beyond endurance, Katherine is cornered into being content. The parallel to Shylock is very vivid and could surely be explored in detail. There will be no happy marriage for these two. At best it will be a truce but knowing Petruccio as we now do, it is more likely that she will be needled, provoked, coerced and abused for the rest of their lives.

And she will kneel. Not for love, but for peace. Because resistance is bootless. And thus we have the portrait that Shakespeare so astutely created. Like Shylock, Katherine has been placed in a dark superbly nuanced comedy in which everything funny is at their expense. A comedy, which by definition ends in marriage. Haughty, hardly likeable but magnificent in her battle for sovereignty over her self and her life, like Shylock, Katherine is one of Shakespeare's most tragic characters.

But Katherine, like Shylock, though hated, reviled and ridiculed by their society and by altogether too many directors and audiences, is deserving of the respect that Shakespeare intended for us to give them. Their spirits were broken but at least they fought back first. Greenblatt, Stephen et al. Second edition, Bloom, Harold. Shakespeare, the Invention of the Human. Cartmell, Deborah. The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film. It is only 62 pages long and it took me under and hour to read, Even the best author in the world would struggle to build characters and relationships that mean something in that number of pages.

Shakespeare Calling: The Taming of the Shrew: The Breaking of Katherine's Spirit

I think that Hayton did really well but I remained distant from the characters. I didn't understand them and everything that should have had impact in terms of plot lacked it because there wasn't the time to build it up, to really draw in the reader. As a full length novel this could potentially be both fantastic and heart-breaking.

I think Katherine Hayton has the potential to be a great author. I cannot wait to see where she goes from here. May 27, Tony Parsons rated it it was amazing. Phuket, Thailand. Most of the roads you were not able to travel. Tamsin daughter was nowhere to be found. Kathu, Thailand small fishing village. Malai tiny Thai woman had shown the couple when the tsunami had hit where she had lost her daughters.

How long would it take to make the island livable again? A very well family mishap short story book. This could also make another great family mishap movie, or better yet a mini TV series. There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars. Jan 05, Sue rated it liked it. This 62 pg novella is a heart-breaking story you can't stop reading. It will haunt you. Tsunamis have occurred in several parts of the world in the past few years.

Instantaneously news coverage flashes picture of the horrors left behind. From the vantage point of safe and secure homes, those not affected feel sorry, perhaps send financial aid, but as soon as the next big news event takes center stage our attention drifts away. Hayton's novella takes us to Phuket, Thailand where a tsunami has recent This 62 pg novella is a heart-breaking story you can't stop reading.

Best comedy of 2015: Five top comedians and one turkey

Hayton's novella takes us to Phuket, Thailand where a tsunami has recently wrought death and destruction. Christine, Gary and Tamsin Emmett were staying in a rental cabin in Phuket at the time. Gary had left on an errand and was not with his wife and daughter when it hit. Gary and Christine survived and each found their way back to the rental home.

Their daughter, Tamsin, was swept away and has not been found dead or alive. Gary and Christine search daily on foot, by bicycle and when possible by auto each day for clues about Tamsin. Gary believes firmly that Tamsin is alive: Christine is still in shock and unable to concede either possibility.

This is a harsh book to read. Nothing is sanitized for the viewing public. The descriptions, while handled with care, are still graphic enough for the smells to affect you and the images of the death seared in your mind's eye. And unexpected conclusion will leave you emotionally sympathetic for anyone in this situation. The end came too quickly, I yearned for more! I would hope the author would expand this novella into a larger work.

Bring the characters alive with deeper personal background stories. It has all the elements of a great work. Aug 29, Kristin Kritters Ramblings rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , kritter-reviewed What I would consider a short story, this book takes place in a short amount of time after the major tsunami that devastated Thailand.

A couple reunites after the tragedy, but can't find their daughter so they desperately search every day for her. I have heard a few stories about Thailand, but this book really described the aftermath and what families did to reunite and rebuild after the devastation. I knew going into this book that it would be short and sweet, but as it was going, I definitely What I would consider a short story, this book takes place in a short amount of time after the major tsunami that devastated Thailand.

I knew going into this book that it would be short and sweet, but as it was going, I definitely could have used a few more pages and maybe some more detail about the actual tsunami and maybe even more detail about how they reunited. If you would like to read a quick read about the after effects of the tsunami and the humanity behind it.

Following Gary and Christine on the search for their Daughter Tamsin, we are faced with the hard brutality of how people were effected by the tsunami.

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