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General Medicine — Savra’s Supreme Sacrifice Engine
  1. The Engines of Sacrifice by James Chambers
  2. Kaiju Terror v. Intertextual Reality: James Chambers’ ‘The Engines of Sacrifice’ [review]
  3. The Engines of Sacrifice by James Chambers
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Though powerful, she requires not only a sacrifice outlet on the battlefield ready to go, she also needs another creature, preferably black, to be truly effective. One can sacrifice Savra, Queen of the Golgari to herself and get the double effect, but the command tax adds up very quickly in this case.

The Engines of Sacrifice by James Chambers

One can still count on Butcher of Malakir , however, at a measly 35 cents, to be affordable to anyone playing the format. I quite like grindy decks in EDH that generate value incrementally over the course of a game. One of my personal favorites in these kinds of decks, and a personal favorite of mine in the format as a whole, is Phyrexian Reclamation which definitely belongs in this deck. Another simple inclusion that is both misunderstood and underplayed in the format is Diligent Farmhand. Some get stuck at the Muscle Burst rider, but we can leave that bit of the card aside.

One mana to cast, two mana to sacrifice and get another land is worse than Sakura-Tribe Elder but better than Dawntreader Elk since the mana costs are flipped correctly for the early build-up of our board.

Kaiju Terror v. Intertextual Reality: James Chambers’ ‘The Engines of Sacrifice’ [review]

The lower toughness of Diligent Farmhand means it can be Skullclamp ed without needing assistance from another sacrifice outlet, which is nice in a pinch. Lastly, Living Death is a pretty hilarious finisher as well, though it needs to be played carefully. If other decks are getting their graveyards filled which they will , this could be troublesome for us. If played correctly, however, Living Death can, and sometimes almost automatically will, generate enough of an advantage to either finish the game outright or create a board state which is nigh-impossible to catch up to.

Harmonize is a fine card, but Disciple of Bolas adds to the overall strategy of the deck and gives us a few life points to boot.

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Explosive Vegetation is also fine but as our very own Dana Roach points out in his latest In the Margins article , there are better options. Reclamation Sage is fantastic, but Caustic Catterpillar triggers with dies effects, and Acidic Slime is broader — both of those are kept instead. Any of these could and probably should be included, if the means to get them are there. I hope Peter is happy with my take in his deck, and that you, dear readers, have enjoyed the article. Leave a comment, and help Peter out with his brew! Sounds exciting?

Make sure you read the submission guidelines above, and take your time when writing me your e-mail; the better the write-up, the higher the chance I pick your deck! Robin started playing Magic in secondary school, around Urza block, and has spent his entire time in the game with non-rotating formats.

The Engines of Sacrifice by James Chambers

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Golgari in EDH

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Crazy Queen Sacrifice Against AI Leela Chess Zero

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