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He hates everything about moving, especially trying to make new friends. Then he meets a kid called X who shares his love of skateboarding. Together, they rip some moves at the town skatepark. But what can he do about it? Or is there? Team 8: Harry Potter and the Magic Balls Team 7: Munson'd 6. Team 1: All Belt, No Buckle Team 2: Nellielocks and the 3 Spares Team 4: Bowlingstar Galactica Team 8: Big Pin Pin Team 3: A Solid No. Team 6: Die Schlag-Maschinen Team 8: Ashley Razabacks Team 2: Got Carpio? Team 4: T.

Team 1: Anchors Aweigh! Team 8: Bowl me Ishmael! Team 1: D-Day Team 8: Bowlers of Mass Destruction Team 7: Hulk Smash! Team 5: Team 5 Team 4: GRRR The following team rosters are all that survives from the league's earliest seasons Team 9: Mas Tequila! Team 5: The Bowling Elvii Team 6: Team 6 9. Team 1: Blue Ballers Team 6: Team 6 Team 7: Team 7 Jump to: Choose a section It's what brings championships. Below are the teams that did battle throughout the seasons.

And, no, that picture isn't of any of our teams Please login above to see the current standings. Greg Middleton, gone but not forgotten. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Questions or comments? Subscribe to posts Subscribe to Comments. Choose a section We Don't Give a Split. Scoot's Raging Bone Spur.

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Open Frames R Us. Extreme Outliers. The Pin Is Mightier. JoAnne's Dirty PJs. Bowl Movements. Holy Forkin Shirt Balls. Red Strikes Matter.

The Extreme Team #8, Head to Head eBook by Matt Christopher | | Booktopia

Serious Bowlers. Bowling For Beers. Mary Janes Last Frame. Holy Sandbaggers, Batman! Splitbowl Countries. Sit Down, Be Humbowl. Three Strikes and a Spare. Mustache Cash Stash. Less Terra Bowl. Brooklyn Strikers. Roll, Drink, Repeat.

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Bowl Yer Ballz Off. DB's Rusty Nuts. Frankee's Uncles. Trump's Toupee. Vote JV HoF Stephen Hawking's Fight Club. O'Dell Lawn Service. Fallop Ian. Bowies In Space. Salt Water Taffy.

Sweden national football team

Stephen Hawking's Dance Club. Hold My Beer, Watch This. Sponsored By Rogue. Squirtin' Tunas. The Pin is Mightier. The Finger Holes. More Beer, Chelsea. Teams will record their individual scores and calculate their cumulative score on the scoresheet. The drawmaster will remove the scoresheet on the Thursday following the final game of each series.

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Shootout scores that are not recorded prior to the removal of the scoresheet will receive a score of 0 for that series. Points are as follows:. Covering the pinhole of the button — 8pts. If both skips agree, games may be re-scheduled, subject to ice availability as requested through the club office. Re-scheduled games must be played before the last night of the Series in which the original game was scheduled.

The team requesting the re-scheduling must forfeit the match by default if the game is not played.

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Ties in the aggregate standings at the end of the season will be broken by the criteria stated in Rule 14 using cumulative shootout scores. If two skips cannot agree in an instance of a forfeit or any other interpretation of these rules, the skip who wishes a ruling must contact the Drawmaster at the time of the incident, or as soon afterwards as is realistically possible.

The Drawmaster will discuss the situation with the other skip involved, and the Committee will issue a ruling as soon as possible. Member log in.

Women's Regular Season Rules. Men's Sections. Women's Sections.