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On the second boat excursion, police saw five or six tribesmen with bows and arrows keeping watch along the beach. By law, Pathak said, not even the police are allowed to enter a five-mile buffer zone around the island.


Still, Pathak said he was consulting anthropologists and even psychologists to better understand the possible impacts of the incident on the islanders, who might themselves be experiencing trauma. While he expressed strong reservations about attempting to retrieve the body, he did not expressly rule that out.

Both Pathak and the U. Believed to number no more than a few hundred, the Sentinelese are deft archers and the only inhabitants of thickly forested North Sentinel Island. A breakthrough seemed to come on one trip in , when several dozen Sentinelese came down to the beach unarmed, greeting the interlopers in waist-deep water to receive the gifts.

Congratulations to our 12222 grantees!

The efforts were similar in concept to expeditions undertaken through most of the 20th century half a world away in the Amazon. There too, Brazilian scouts—as well as American missionaries—used the lure of industrial goods and cultivated crops to woo uncontacted hunter-gatherers from the jungle.

And like the pacified tribes of South America, indigenous peoples of the Andamans soon succumbed to contagious diseases and wholesale social disintegration in the wake of contact. The Jarawa tribe , after laying down their bows and arrows on South Andaman Island in the late s, has endured two deadly outbreaks of measles.

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Other Andaman tribes in turn have suffered demographic shock and cultural collapse following efforts to force them into settled communities. Mindful of such failures and of lessons emerging from Brazil and other Amazonian countries that have steered a new course away from forcing contact on isolated tribes, Indian authorities abandoned their gift-giving overtures to the Sentinelese after the expedition.

The death of Chau has raised fresh concerns about the fate of the Sentinelese. Warriors prancing with bows and arrows along the island's beaches are a testament to the tribe's defiance of the outside world. The Sentinelese must be keenly aware of the alien world that surrounds them. Aircraft cross their skies. Oceangoing vessels regularly darken the horizon. Their sharp arrow points are made of metal believed to have been scavenged from shipwrecks.

Tribes Learning Community - A New Way of Learning and Being Together

Grig hopes the Indian government will redouble efforts to protect North Sentinel Island—and the Sentinelese. No one besides the Sentinelese themselves can know exactly why the tribe bears such hostility toward the outside world.

Perhaps it dates back to a visit from British colonizers in the s, when several of the islanders were abducted and later perished in British custody. Perhaps they instinctively sense that outsiders pose a clear and present danger—even those who approach with the best of intentions.

Whatever the reason, the Sentinelese have earned the admiration of many who see in their resistance a determination to live as they wish on a tiny patch of green surrounded by a sea of trouble. The fund awards grants for projects that clearly focus on building renewable energy infrastructure, particularly new solar energy projects in tribal communities, that are feasible, cost-effective, and engage broad tribal community participation.

It is an exciting time for our team, organization, and partners as we launch the TSAF funding application cycle. The TSAF will provide capital to support solar demonstration projects, solar education, training, and workforce development in tribal communities around the country. If your tribe or tribal organization is looking to strengthen an existing solar energy plan or further tribal energy security, resilience and energy sovereignty through new solar projects, please check out the TSAF RFP and funding areas.

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On March 15th, we hosted an informational webinar to share more about our vision, funding areas, and application process.