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We didn't make it out in time. In this episode, we give our reactions to our experience at The Escape Omaha. A big thanks to The Escape Omaha for inviting us out. It was a truly fun experience and we are planning to go back to record an episode of us as we try to escape another room. For those not familiar, your group is locked in a room together. You have one hour to use the clues in the room to solve the puzzle and get the code for the door. It's harder than you think and time flies. Check out the link below to book your room. We also debut a new segment, "Taking Doug to School" where we make Doug watch a classic or iconic horror film that he still hasn't seen.

Listen to his review of iconic films that he is just now seeing for the first time. This time Doug watches "An American Werewolf in London" and reveals what he thought of this horror favorite. We also talk about the films from Christopher R. Mihm, who we were booth mates with at Crypticon. Mihm makes retro-style monster movies inspired by the 50's.

These flicks are complete with all sorts of awesome retro effects, monsters, aliens, and more. Another from our Crypticon coverage! Founding host of this podcast Tim Welch and his partner in crime Mikey Taylor found us at the convention and we sat down, got caught up, and talked about the Scream in the Dark Film Festival Scream in the Dark FF website. Right as we were packing up at Crypticon Tony Todd stopped by our booth and wanted to give us an interview!

Since our regular microphones were packed up Wayne broke out his trusty iphone and recorded this interview. Tony Todd is a busy working actor and at the horror con was mostly known for his role in Candyman. Wayne was nerded-out because he was Worf's brother in Star Trek. He was a great guy and so nice to make it over to talk with us.

We talked movies, music, food, more. Take a listen! When the credits roll, the crew huddles up and gives their initial reactions. This week The Necronomicast crew gets together to give their post con thoughts about Crypticon. Vendors, celebrities, costumes, metal, lucifer, hot rods, yelling dudes, drunk dudes, giant clowns, side shows, and of course the awesome staff made this a memorable event. We also pay homage to Wes Craven who passed recently. We talk about our favorite Wes Craven movies, what made them great, and plan a show surrounding his amazing body of work.

We had a blast at Crypticon KC ! We took the whole crew down to Kansas City to man a booth at Crypticon. It was for many of our hosts the first time at a con, let alone a horror convention. We chat about all the vendors, events, and celebrities and in this first part of our Crypticon series we have a sit down with the guys from the Nerds of Nostalgia Podcast. Nerds of Nostalgia on facebook. Brian, Zip, and Doug are joined by their friend Harlan on an overnight investigation to uncover some of the mysteries surrounding the allegedly haunted house. The crew also checks in throughout the night with reactions to the investigation.

From trivia tidbits of Jaws to the absurdity of Sharknado, the crew comment on a variety of shark topics and it gets a bit toothy! He's also a longtime friend of our host Brian and they talk about some of their antics as younglings, making home horror movies, sneaking into theaters, leaning back on chairs The group goes over the movies and now cancelled television show and of course Paul shares some of his culinary knowledge about cooking flesh and how the cannibal aspect of the Hannibal character is portrayed.

We call this the Necronomi-Crew Review as we group up and chat about the movie as the credits roll right in the theater. A classic film remade. They took a night and went to the theater together and each has a unique view of the film. Find out if it was a thumbs up, or a pantload! Yes, that Mark Borchardt! Listen as Mark traces his steps as an independent filmmaker and mainstream movie actor, and provides a glimpse into his philosophy of film as an art form and his approach to creating art. If you are not familiar with Mark, listen to this interview and be sure to Google his name and enjoy all that is out there!

He is an American original! Follow him on Twitter morethescarier. Known for his horror documentaries and films like Halloween 6, Daniel talks about how he got into horror, how he scored his first gig, and exciting upcoming productions. Never Sleep Again. New Screams, and Scream in the Dark segments feature new streaming movies, and new movies out in the theater.

At the Necronomicast, we like to interview everyone involved in the horror movie community. This includes stars, writers, directors, make up personnel, and webmasters.

Persona Q3: Labyrinth Phantasm - Opening

In this episode, we take another trip down "Brian's Dark Alley" to interview Jason Parker, the webmaster of Friday the 13th franchise. Brian and Jason have a wide ranging discussion about horror movies, Friday the 13th, and marketing fright in the realm of cyberspace. Be sure to listen at the end when Brian grills Jason about the complexities of the Friday the 13th universe!

We talk about his role as producer and many of the projects he has worked on. The original "Boy In The Lake" himself, Ari played a crucial role in the film's famous final scene, in which he suddenly emerges from the icy waters of Crystal Lake. In this episode, the entire gang gets together after they watched the classic film Poltergeist. Wayne, Laurie, Zip, Brian, and Doug talk about some of the things that made this film an iconic classic horror film. From practical effects to lighting, this movie still holds up today.

The hosts also talk about the new trailer for the remake of Poltergeist, starring Sam Rockwell. For Stream in the Dark, the crew recommends a few new additions to Netflix including the Sacrament, Horns, and Oculus. Where our intrepid hosts Wayne, Doug, Brian, and Zip get together, drink some beers, and comment on an awful horror movie. Best part is, you can join us in the fun! Remember when people would watch Wizard of OZ and play Dark Side of the Moon together and get the synch up experience? Well, this podcast is similar to that. Is it funny?

Pause the podcast or the movie - good luck! This is a horrible movie in every way, but it has A LOT of full on nudity. This movie brought a lot of interesting speculation from the guys with some thought provoking ideas that may shed some light on the backbone of the story. Or we could be full of guano. We talk about his experience being sequestered for up to 3 months while filming the SyFy reality series and what it was like to live in what they called "the bubble.

We also talk about how the show helped him develop as an artist and what the experience did for his career. Check out the links below to see some of the amazing work he does as well as some of the products you can purchase from this talented artist and sculptor. Face Off Bio Page.

It's the holiday season here at Necronomicast so we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favorite kills in horror movies along with some iconic and unusual weapons film makers have used. Hello Necronomifans! In this episode we offer a slightly reformatted version of the show. It's a bit longer with various segments. Our main topic of discussion today is found footage films. We also have New Screams, where we share a few new movies coming out or recently released, Stream in the Dark, a short discussion of what we've found on Netflix or on demand, and News Slash, which is various horror news stories.

And then Doug reads his latest Crypt Notes! Hilarity ensues in the Cabin in the Woods. Evil Dead Series News. Mini Documentary on Found Footage. Did it live up to all the hype? If you haven't seen it, beware, we do huge spoilers here. If you have, listen in on what we thought and feel free to comment here or on our facebook page.

In this episode Wayne and Laurie chat with Bill Grennan one of the producers of Walk The Night, an interactive theater production that puts Hamlet's ghosts right next to you. A 4 story historical house, ghosts wandering through, and you get to follow and hear their stories. It's an eerie interactive performance that Omaha hasn't seen before. Visitors will be able to pick and choose characters to follow and explore with. Bill talks about the idea, production, and logistics of pulling something like this off. In this episode we sit down and talk Tusk. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Though we all had different takes on the movie, we seem to have a few common oppinions. What did you think? Let us know on twitter or our facebook fan page! Go to the show page and read Wayne's blog review too. In this episode we chat about upcoming movies and discuss the trailers that can be found online. Possibilities or pantload? You watch and decide but we give our opinions anyway!

Check out a special performance of the theme song opening the show by Omaha Guitar Trio! In this episode we talk about some of our own paranormal experiences and how movies that are "inspired by" true events take liberties with real events. Check out or next blog for pictures and a description of the cemetery Stephanie talks about. We will post the pictures for you to check out and make your own conclusions.

Fearnet as some of you may know was bought out and deleted from the web. The horror community is not happy about this and neither are we, so we were honored to have her on the show to talk about her time at one of the coolest horror sites on the web. In this episode we talk about Asian horror. Seems we haven't watched enough of it. In fact Zip just watched both the Asian and American movies of the Grudge and the Ring and gives his take on them. Brian gives us the lowdown on the Thirst, and we chat about other top Asian horror we have on the slate to watch for upcoming episodes.

What's your favorite? The sequel! Thanks to Tom for giving us so much time. We wanted to make sure all of our fans got to hear the entire interview so here is part 2 of our interview with the writer and director of Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives! In this interview we have the pleasure of interviewing Tom McLoughlin, the writer and director of Friday the 13th part 6 - Jason Lives. But that's only a part of his amazing career.

Tom has created movies, TV, music and more. His new book A Strange Idea of Entertainment, written by longtime friend Joseph Maddery, goes deep into the life of the man who made one of the most memorable Friday the 13th movie sequels. This is part 1 of a 2 part show where Tom opens up and talks to us about everything F as well as how he got started, what he's done, and how he still tours the world playing music!

Happy Friday the 13th! In this episode, we talk about some of the horror movies that took us from being scared of horror to embracing it. Movies of the 80's that we saw that we ended up wanting to know how they did the effects and inspired us to want to create or recreate scenes. Movies that made us want to get scared and want more. Not a top list, but rather a look into the movies that made us horror fans. In this episode we talk about horror on TV. The quality production and captivating stories are all setting a new bar for horror you can watch at home.

In this episode we welcome Brian to the table and chat about the movie Afflicted.

Read it and Sleep... no more

We also discuss vampires in movies, zombies, and Wayne chats about the 80's Troma movie Class of Nuk'em High. Doug shows off his mangled face from a bike accident. Sadly, he laughs a lot during the interview, causing hilarious amounts of pain due to his split lip. Ah the horror! Trailer for Class of Nuk'e, High. Listen in as we discover the amazing story of how Director Jason Levering is turning his long time dream into reality and how he is doing it all with the blessing of the man himself, Stephen King. It's all a benefit for the Benson Theater and is on a limited run.

From their facebook page:. What better way to introduce the Benson Theater into the world of performing arts than with a big, bold, innovative new work from and for our community. The play will be directed by Jason Levering, from a script written by Levering and fellow writer Aaron Sailors and approved by Mr. The Benson Theatre is a c 3 nonprofit organization that fosters the success of local artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and underserved populations within the historic community of Benson.

Our goal is to acquire and restore the historic Benson Theatre at Maple Street in Omaha to serve as a shared community space for business education and artistic performance. Benson is a flourishing arts and entertainment district, and the timing to restore our historic theater and bring more diverse entertainment and vital business education to our community has never been better.

In this episode Laurie, Wayne, Zip, and Doug talk about the new Robocop and compare it to its original. Costume, story, actors, and violence. Did we get jipped on the blood? We also talk about Argento's Dracula, which is available on Netflix. Excellent nudity, light cheese, heavy blood, and a giant mantis! What more could you ask for in an Italian horror fear-fest? Yes we are back! Necronomicast lives! We have rebooted the show a bit and in this episode we are joined by co-hosts Zip, Doug, and Laurie.

In this episode we welcome author Blue Remy. Laurie joins Wayne in the studio for a chat with this author about how she developed her characters, waded through the editing process, and the pains of dealing with unruly publishers. Fallen Valkyrie Legionnaire, Raven Aquilus, has always known she was an outcast to her kind. Stuck in New Orleans as the Protectress of the Nine Gates of the Underworld, she lives as close to the edge as her family will allow.

One fateful night would change it all—someone ritualistically slaughtered a guardian in one of her Gates, leaving Raven lying in a pool of blood. Ordered to find the killer before she dies along with her precious guardians, Raven is placed in a race against time to stop an ancient war from reigniting between the Valkyries and the Fae. Raven is an enigma wrapped up in the body of lust, and shocked to find herself attracted to a human.

Both must fight their emotions to work together, before Raven faces losing everything from her life - to a new found love, in order to save the Underworld from being ruled by a jealous half breed. The faery-tales that your mother never told you about just came true. In this episode Wayne and Tim interview actor Robert Rusler. Robert is well known for his roles in A Nightmare on Elm St.

We get to get a little inside info on his life as a teen actor, working with some of the biggest names in the biz, and how he managed to overcome the pitfalls of a young actor lifestyle.

The 24 Most Terrifying TV Episodes to Watch This Halloween

We also talk about the upcoming and completed films he is writing and producing including Black Asylum. Robert Rusler - actor, athlete, writer, and natural performer - was born on September 20, , in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He soon moved to Hawaii, where he lived on Waikiki Beach and started surfing and skateboarding on a semi-professional level.

At a young age his family moved to Los Angeles, where he began his martial arts career and entered many competitions.

News:GameNews 12222-05-28

Then the bug struck to become an actor and Robert, right out of high school, met his manager and began taking acting classes at the Loft Studio with Peggy Feury and William Traylor. In this episode Tim and Wayne interview returning guest Parrish Randall. Parrish talks about his upcoming films, and productions he is working on. A longtime friend of the show, Parrish keeps busy in front and behind the camera and shares with us some of the challenges for indie film makers and actors trying to make a mark in the horror genre.

They chat about the premier and tour of the new film Speak No Evil starring previous Necronomicast guest Gabrielle Stone. He talks via phone from Scottsdale AZ in front of his film class as well. Speak No Evil is the story of Anna, a single mother fighting to protect her daughter from demonically possessed children and a town gone mad. Speak No Evil on Facebook.

In this interview, Wayne talked to movie producer Bradley Fuller.

He has worked on many projects with Michael Bay and has his own production company that specializes in horror. He talks about his passion for film making, love of horror, remakes, and a little tidbit on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In this episode, Wayne has a chat with Lynn Lowry, a veteran actor who has performed on stage and screen. Listen to her stories about her time on screen and stage.

Carnival Phantasm - WikiVisually

Lynn Lowry was born in in Illinois, but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She began acting professionally at age 17 in a theater called Shawnee Summer Stock Theater. She relocated to New York City in the late s to pursue other acting jobs to support her young son. Her first movie role was a small part in The Battle of Love's Return which starred and was directed by Lloyd Kaufman, who later founded the "Troma" independent film company.

Her next role was another small, uncredited part in I Drink Your Blood Her next movie, playing a dual role in Sugar Cookies , which required her to act in the nude for the first time, got her sex appeal. Score came next which was a X-rated, soft-core, semi-documentary flick which brought on more sex appeal for Lowry's character. Her next role was one of her best in playing "Kathy", a neurotic character in George A. Romero's The Crazies , an action-horror flick filmed in rural Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. After another minor part in Fighting Mad and a few other movies, Lowry moved to Los Angeles in the early s where, after a slow start, she began acting in the local theater, and occasional movie roles.

Most recently, she has been performing on stage as a singer in singing old folk songs and show tunes with her own band. Larry Carrell and film maker Millie Loredo join me for a chat about their movie in the making - Sorrow. Kickstarter Campaign ended but lots of great info. Sorrow the movie on facebook. In this episode we are joined by Oliver Robins most known for his role as the brother in Poltergeist. He's all grown up now and still working as a film producer, writer, and director.

He also has his own line of horror clothing called Cursed Clothes. He chats with Tim and Wayne about his acting and iconic role, as well as his experiences on set. Oliver Robins on fb. In this episode Tim and Wayne interview Tyler Mane. He talks to Necronomicast about working in the industry, prepping for roles, being behind an iconic mask, and his new production company Mane Entertainment who is currently promoting the movie Compound Fracture. Tyler Mane on facebook. Mane Entertainment on facebook. In this episode we welcome back Dee Wallace!

Listen in as she gives us a little inside info on the movie as well as how she helps many with her gift as a clairaudient. Tim and Wayne have a little sit down chat over tea and biscuits with the overlord of metal. They came away without getting sacrificed and were more the wiser on skin creams, sacrificing celebrities, felatio, dumpster sex, and jacking off elephants. GWAR will be incinerating Lincoln soon and we plan to be there. We totally didn't talk about this on the show, but check this out: Oderus on Fearnet's Holliston. In this episode Wayne is joined by Doug Jones.

Doug is well known as a character and creature actor in films and television such as Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Legion, and Pan's Labyrinth. He has appeared in a slew of movies and television, many times as a strange creature - and in some cases, many creatures all in the same movie.

Doug talks about how he got into the industry, some of his dreams in film, and how he enjoys both the limelight and anonymity. The youngest of four brothers, Doug Jones was born on the 24th May, , in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in the city's Northeast-side. He learned mime at school, joining a troupe and doing the whole white-face thing, and has also worked as a contortionist.

After a hitch in theater in Indiana, he moved to Los Angeles in , and has not been out of work since - he's acted in over 25 films, many television series Including the award-winning "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" , his episode 'Hush' garnered two Emmy nominations and over 90 commercials and music videos with the likes of Madonna and Marilyn Manson. Although known mostly for his work under prosthetic s, he has also performed as 'himself' in such highly-rated films as Adaptation.

But it is his sensitive and elegant performance as 'Abe Sapien' in Hellboy , which stormed to the top of the U. Doug is married and lives in California. They chat with Rob and discover how he documented the footage for his movie about the making and social impact of Night of the Living Dead. Wayne and Marc also discuss the Omaha Film Festival and some of the upcoming events and movies that will be a part of this annual event.

In this episode, we welcome Butch Patrick, formerly known as "Eddie Munster" who talks to us about his time as a child actor on both "The Munsters" as well as "Lids". Butch has been through a lot and relates his experiences then and his life now, from horror conventions, to car shows, fans of the show are happy to share their love of the iconic show with him. Since then, she has been grateful to be continually working in the business that she loves. In addition, she has been involved in many projects with her partner and fellow actor, Michael Biehn.

Most recently, Jennifer made an appearance in The Divide with partner Michael Biehn and is producing a film called The Victim It is her first leap into the producing world and she is loving it. She was hung up for dead in the movie and on the famous movie poster. We chat about her experience on the set, what she has been up to lately, and where she will be appearing in the future. Born in Houston, Texas. Edwards University.

It was in Austin, where she was discovered by director Tobe Hooper and producer Kim Henkel, after seeing an article about her in the local newspaper. It was a hot, grueling shoot, fraught with all the wrinkles low budget films incur, twice shutting down filming entirely. Simultaneously, Teri worked in local theater.

After the film's release, she studied acting in Los Angeles and New York. Doors opened as a leg and foot model in commercials and print work, while continuing stage work. The two worked together in the indie horror film "The Farm" and each talks about how they got into filmaking, what it is like filming on the creative side, where acting, writing, and directing is taking them, and what else is in store for Ghostwalk Productions.

John Chiara on facebook. In this episode Tim and Wayne have a chat with iconic genre actor Bill Moseley. Known for his dark and sadistic characters, Bill shares with us what got him into the industry, what movies inspired him, and what bloody films he is currently working on. Bill also teaches us the valuable lesson every aspiring actor should learn of "Always bring a pillow. That's right horror fans! Leatherface from the new Texas Chainsaw movie joins us for an interview. We talk to Dan Yeager about how he got the role, what it was like to chase beautiful girls around with a chainsaw, and how the new movie fits in with the Texas Chainsaw family.

Tim "Dr Death" Welch once again joins me on the mic for the interview as does friend of the show Nick "Hacksaw" Hamilton. In this episode Wayne interviews Tamara Glynn who was an actor in Halloween 5. She shares some of her experiences in the movie as well as the vast amount of work she is doing in the next year. She is involved in producing television documentaries film and video projects. For more information on Tamara's upcoming projects,visit Tamara Glynn on Facebook. Click here for Big Bear Horrorfest! They both have a bloody horror history and tell tales of their handywork on web TV, movies, and their own special productions.

April started acting on a regular basis in when she joined the theater troupe, Jamo Alternative Theater. For several years, she worked with them on- and back-stage helping to bring to life their quirky original productions, the most popular of which was the horror-comedy-musical, Silver Scream. The character of Chainsaw Sally was originally created as a web hostess to garner popularity for the live show, but she quickly gained her own fan-base. When she left the stage to move on to film projects in the guise of Planet X Entertainment now known as Forbidden Pictures , Chainsaw Sally was the natural choice for our first full film project.

Smith Tractor Angel Dr. Jacob Anderson short Wine Store Customer Jacob Anderson short production coordinator. In this episode we welcome the youngest actor we have had yet onto the show. Grace Powell joins Wayne for an interview about her movie roles and her feature film debut in "Jacob". Grace is a natural in front of the camera who reminds me of a young Jodie Foster! Grace was lauded for her role as the female lead in the short film, Kidfellas, which won six awards in Grace splits time between Houston and Los Angeles as she continues making films with all her passion.

This episode was actually recorded for another podcast of mine called Worlds of Wayne. I thought that it was perfect for the Necronomicast and for the first time, we have in-studio music on the show! The play is a Witching Hour Production and runs their shows at 11pm here in Omaha.

My friends Brad and Liz are producing the music which they will perform live during the play and join me in the studio to share some of it with us. It was a great time, and who doesn't love old timey ghost stories of murder and tragedy? Greetings horror fans! In this episode Wayne and new book review co-host Laurie interview return guest Gabrielle Stone and her director Roze - from the movie "Speak No Evil". She's hot, she's vampy, and she was a blast to interview! Actress and Scream Queen Brooke Lewis joins us on this episode and we have a fang-bangin' good time chatting her up.

She has also developed her character Ms. Vampy as part of a popular TV series. Listen in horror fans as she takes a bite out of both Tim and Wayne He stared in the movie The Quick and the Undead and shares his experiences and stories with us. Check out his IMDB below. She is a beautiful girl who likes to wield a sword or two depending on her foe , games, Star Trek, and acting in quality productions on the stage and screen. Listen to the end of the episode where she drops a bomb I wasn't ready for, leaving me a bit star struck and babbling like a geeky kid Became legally handicapped following a severe knee injury.

After reconstructive surgery and lengthy physical therapy, Bette is back in fighting form. Has studied stage combat under Brad Waller at The Shakespeare Theatre as well as trained with various fight masters including the legendary Paddy Crean. She has worked as a fight choreographer for various theatres, and has taught stage combat for The Catholic University of America's master program. Trains award-winning Shetland Sheepdogs, who have appeared on film, television, stage, parades, and other live events. Wrote adapted and translated from the novel a four-actor version of The Three Musketeers, by Alexander Dumas.

Bette played D'Artagnan and Queen Anne, was one of the three costumers, and was fight captain. In this episode Bart shares with us info and stories behind his new production Tales of Poe. Bart Mastronardi is an independent filmmaker born and raised in NYC. The film went on to receive numerous awards in the festival circuit and is released on DVD nationally and internationally by R-Squared Films.

In this episode we are joined by Chad and Dorothy writers and producers from the film Blood Rites, who joined us in the studio from Lincoln NE to help us interview our guest Kelli Maroney. They are big fans of the show and of our guest. We talk about the film Blood Rites and what movies they are currently working on, then we get into a great interview with Kelli. She also appeared in the vampire series True Blood. Check out her IMDB below. In this episode actor Larry Carrell joins Wayne and Tim for an interview. He shares how he got into acting and also talks about his movie Jacob.

From his IMDB:. Born in the small town of Alvin, Texas Larry Carrell's passion for entertaining began very early in life. By the age of 10 he was a talented guitarist, performing with bands all over the state. Naturally, his love of music led to an interest in movies. After an inspirational trip to one of Houston's most beloved Halloween attractions, Carrell become fascinated with stage makeup and special effects.

This interest led Carrell to a 20 year career in the Haunted Attraction Industry. Realizing all he was missing was a camera. The two share a passion for storytelling and a commitment to the highest level of quality that is evident in the upcoming film "Jacob" He now resides in Houston, Texas and works as Vice President for Odyssee Pictures. On this episode we are joined by actor Gabrielle Stone. As the daughter of former guest and actor Dee Wallace, she knows her way around a movie set. She talks about her experiences growing up around the industry and what films she is currently working on.

We chat about how blood tastes, donating blood via mosquito, and the other charms of the movie industry. Gabrielle Stone on facebook. Once again Adrienne King joins us for an interview here at the new Necronomicast studios! In this video Wayne is joined by guest host Doug K, a musician, podcaster, and fan of the show.

Together they chat it up with Adrienne who talks about her new projects, new wines, and new website! This episode features an interview with actor Tevis Marcum. You have probably seen him in a few movies as he has worked with some of the biggest names in film. He shares with us some stories of how he got into acting and a few more about working on the set with names like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Norton, Stone, Jovovich, Barrymore, and De Niro just to name a few. Check out his IMDB below, then listen to the interview. He is a great friend of the show and we had a blast interviewing him. We talk to him about his amazing career in horror and over 79 films.

Late s horror genre icon whose best known for his creepy performance as "Pluto" in the uncompromising Wes Craven horror film The Hills Have Eyes Berryman who suffers from Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, a rare condition leaving him with no sweat glands, hair, fingernails or teeth reminds one of a latter-day Rondo Hatton who also suffered from a rare medical condition that distorted his features giving him a brutish look just right for horror movies.

A genuine favorite of horror movie fans! In this episode we get to interview actor Irwin Keys. He is a veteran of the small screen as well as the silver screen and is still busy today adding his style of character to every role he plays. It was a pleasure to speak with this man and he has a few great stories about his time on a wide variety of movies and television shows. Frequently cast as likable lugs, brutish goons, and imposing authority figures, Irwin has acted in a diverse array of movies in such genres as horror "Friday the 13th," "Guilty as Charged," "House of Corpses" , comedy "The Private Eyes," "Zapped!

Keyes achieved his greatest enduring popularity with his recurring role as endearingly oafish bodyguard Hugo Majelewski on the hit sitcom "The Jeffersons. In this episode we talk to the always charming Marilyn Burns, star of the cult classic horror bloodfest - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She talk about her experiences on set, and shares a few stories regarding her career. Let's just say filming is a bit different now than it used to be!

That's right folks! Dee Wallace joins us for an interview. Recently she was in Rob Zombie's Halloween and she is also in his much anticipated upcoming film Lords of Salem. She talks to us about her career, how she got started, some favorite moments, and her journey as a self-help guru, author, and healer. In this episode we welcome Parrish Randall. He was a friend of the show before he was even interviewed, and now we get to see what makes this prolific actor tic. He has been in a slew of films and has done his share of killing as well as being killed.

Check out his IMDB below:. Comin' at you! Today on the show, we welcome Larry Zerner from Friday the 13th Part 3. We talk about his brief acting career and how this particular movie changed the franchise.


Also, we find out how Larry has maintained a vital role in the industry. In this episode we welcome Belinda Balaski from the Howling, Gremlins, and veteran television actor. She has been is some amazing movies as well as in a vast amount of television roles. She now runs an prestigious acting school and is also an author.

We talk to her about her roles in the Howling, her first horror role in Piranha, and how she went from werewolves to writing. Belinda's website. This company has some of the biggest actors in horror, and by big, we mean physically big. Really, these guys are ripped. We talk about how they have combined the physical attributes of body building with acting, modeling, and working in the horror industry, and get an insight to a possible new reality show.

Musclewolf Productions online. Yes, you've seen Douglas Tait, you just may not have known it. Yes, Doug is an actor both in and out of the makeup chair and we are happy to chat with him about his roles on some amazing movies. In this episode we get the pleasure of interviewing a long time favorite actress and screen legend, Adrienne Barbeau!

She kept her career moving by starring in Carnivale and recently has a role in the new film Argo, in which she shares the screen with Ben Affleck and a slew of other major stars. In this interview, we talk about her film and television career, as well as her many voice over roles from television cartoons to video games. She was absolutely amazing to chat with and it was fascinating getting to hear her stories and experiences.

Check out her IMDB and you might be surprised In this episode we interview the wonderful and talented Lesleh Donaldson. She is a veteran stage and film actor and has been a part of some awesome cult classics like Funeral Home and Happy Birthday to me the intro trailer audio at the beginning of the episode.

It's strange when an idea turns into something completely unexpected. That's exactly what happened to Patrick Dobson. A simple graphic started a snowball that is building into something that hasn't even been revealed yet. Hear how this photographer turned his love for horror into an image that sparked a flame in Friday the 13th movie fans. Patrick Dobson and his Friday the 13th Retribution fan page on facebook. Death and the Rev. Podfather sit down and discuss Chernobyl Diaries with slightly different oppinions.

The Rev offers his oppinions on Cabin in the Woods. Updates on what is happening with Necronomicast, upcoming guests, and events too. We were pleased to have one of the industries leading ladies for an interview this episode! Legendary Scream Queen Brinke Stevens joins us and we chat about her amazing career. Stevens has appeared in over movies, primarily in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy film genres.

From her long list of acting credits she has gained notoriety as a scream queen, to the extent that she was once the subject of a Jeopardy! The Jeopardy! In addition to acting, Stevens has co-written a number of screenplays, co-produced two documentaries, and served as an onset decorator. RJ was a finalist on the show as well as a fan favorite winning over the audience with his signature designs that included the Dr. He talks about what it was like after the lights of the reality show faded, what prepared him to try out for the show in the first place, and where he wants to take his talents in the future.

RJ earned his spot on Face Off by winning the Syfy Viewers Choice Contest at the Comic Con in San Diego, where he competed against two other artists in a live make-up challenge, using prosthetics, paint and airbrushing to transform a live model into any creature. He worked at special-effects company Alterian Inc.

RJ moved back home ten years ago to help his family. RJ now teaches film, television, multimedia and special effects to high school students at his alma mater in Charleston, West Virginia. She spent a few weeks and made her mark on the show with some outstanding make up effects and even a little drama. She shares with us her love of blood, guts, and puss as well as how she managed to expand her business while testing her skills on a reality television show.

Brea owns and operates her own special effects company, where she creates simulated trauma injuries for military and medical training courses. Raised by a strong mother, Brea has a thick skin and a drive to be the best. In addition to her makeup job, she sings and engineers for a hip-hop group called Deep Rooted. Brea online: KBZ Effects. In this episode we are joined by Melanie Kinnaman, star of Friday the 13th part V.

She talks to us about what it was like to film the movie as well as being a part of an iconic horror franchise. Eye-shine in normal, flesh-and-blood dogs is a greenish-yellow glow. Having said that, during some investigations of mine into eye-shine in animals I discovered that certain eye conditions, such as cataracts and keratitis, can create an abnormal reddish eye glow or bloom in dogs click here for more information. So it is possible that at least a few cases of red-eyed Black Dogs were actually nothing more than normal, flesh-and-blood black dogs with eye ailments.

However, this cannot explain all Black Dog reports with glowing red eyes — there are far too many on record. Rough, shaggy fur is another frequently-described facet of Black Dog morphology, as well as caliginous, and sometimes fiery, sulphurous breath - more distinct than the normal panting breath of a dog rendered visible on a cold morning.

In the vast majority of reported cases, Black Dogs are said to be entirely silent, padding alongside or near to their eyewitness in a spookily soundless manner. Curiously, however, one or two of these ghostly creatures are associated with the sound of rattling chains, and there are also a handful of reports describing splashing noises, as if the creature were wading through or emerging from water.

A famous Black Dog associated with chains is the Newgate Monster, reported and depicted in a broadside from as long ago as This sinister Black Dog apparently was often seen gliding up and down the streets adjacent to the ivy-covered wall at the end of Amen Court, and sometimes crawling along the top of the wall itself, dragging a heavy chain, just before an execution was due to take place at the original Newgate Prison nearby the new Newgate Prison was built there in Moreover, in traditional lore, some of the diabolical Hell Hounds are given to voicing ferocious, spine-chilling howls and bays, terrifying their onlookers.

Two engraving depicting the Newgate Black Dog and its chain public domain. An extremely noticeable physical characteristic of Black Dogs is their very large size. For whereas some have been likened to labradors, others have been compared in size with calves and even small horses! Take, for instance, the red-eyed Irish Black Dog seen lying in the road early one evening in the s by a person walking her dog close to County Mayo's Pontoon Bridge Hotel — so huge did it appear that she had initially assumed it to be a donkey!

Similarly, the fiery-eyed, shaggy-furred Black Dog that haunts a lane in Uplyme, Devon — so regularly, in fact, that this route is actually named Dog Lane there is also a Black Dog hotel there — was said by a local woman who saw it in to be as big as a calf. Intriguingly, in October Tavistock police constable John Duckworth spied an enormous canine mystery beast on Dartmoor — resembling a black hound the size of a small pony, it had been seen by him once before, three years earlier. As recently as , James Sanderson and three friends were driving home from Smarden , Kent , when they stopped in some fog, and were astonished to see a Black Dog walk by that was as big as their car.

In , after hearing a scratching sound in his yard, Robert Harman of South Tuckswood, Suffolk, decided to investigate, and was very startled to see a huge dog with red eyes leap over his wall. In , Danish theologian Lars Munk encountered the famous Black Dog of Viborg, Denmark , one evening just after midnight at the ley-linked location within Viborg where this canine entity has been sighted many times down through the centuries.

Sporting pointed ears and a ridge of harsh hairs along its back, it walked under a street light and looked directly at Munk, shimmering with a weird flickering fluorescent-green light before abruptly disappearing into the darkness. Clearly, Black Dogs are still very much around! There can be little doubt, judging from the sizeable archive of reports on file, that Black Dogs do exist — but what they actually are is much less easy to determine.

Their ability to vanish in full view of their observer and their apparent insubstantial nature confirm that unlike their feline counterparts, Britain 's motley assortment of mystery cats, Black Dogs are more than merely elusive creatures of cryptozoology. Instead, they are non-physical, preternatural entities, of superficially canine appearance but exhibiting some unequivocally non-canine attributes, both morphological and behavioural.

Based upon their definite attachment to certain specific physical localities, especially certain lanes, streams or rivers, churchyards, and even some ancient sites many researchers have noted links between Black Dog appearances and the presence of ley lines, which are in turn associated with these types of locality , a popular identity proffered by investigators is that Black Dogs are a form of preserved image from the past — somehow preserved within a locality's geological composition, and which can be activated if precise meteorological conditions are met.

Similar notions have also been proposed to explain other spectral phenomena, such as ghosts, and disembodied voices. It would be as if a film projector loaded with a loop of film had suddenly been switched on, and its film had been allowed to run its course. This theory would certainly help to explain various anomalous Black Dog reports in which the Black Dog has not interacted with its observer in any way, instead behaving in a manner seemingly oblivious to the observer's presence.

In contrast, however, most Black Dog cases involve direct interaction between observer and Black Dog, which could not occur if the latter entity were, in essence, nothing more than a preserved, meteorologically-triggered, moving image from the past. Are Black Dogs hallucinations? A related hypothesis is that certain meteorological conditions, especially those associated with electrical phenomena, may induce hallucinations in people susceptible to such stimuli. There is also the analogous possibility that some Black Dog experiences are temporal lobe apparitions — damage or malfunctions in this particular paired region of the brain are known to generate hallucinations during epileptic seizures, including ones that have the appearance to the subject experiencing them of external paranormal phenomena, including unearthly entities.

Yet another psychologically-grounded theory is that certain people are actively generating these canine apparitions using the power, consciously or otherwise, of their own mind, yielding tulpoid Black Dogs that can fully interact with their creators and even other people. In some cases, they may even be hallucinations brought about by fatigue. For example, crypto-colleague George Warren Shank mentioned to me in September that in the USA truckers and other long-distance drivers are so familiar with spying non-existent black dogs induced by sleep deprivation and tiredness that they refer to them as dodgers, and on more than one occasion have nearly swerved off the road in order to avoid hitting such creatures, only to discover that there was nothing there.

Perhaps the most popular idea is that Black Dogs are archetypal guardians of their respective localities, and, by extension in some cases, of people passing through these localities. There are several cases on file, for instance, of women walking alone at night along some lonely, potentially dangerous road, only to find themselves abruptly accompanied by a large Black Dog, walking silently beside them, and staying in their company until they are close or within sight of their destination, whereupon the dog vanishes as mysteriously and suddenly as it had appeared. The Black Dog — an aloof anomaly in canine guise public domain.

Whereas most Black Dogs are of the traditional, quasi-labrador kind described above, notwithstanding their fiery eyes and often-intangible nature, some far more exotic, even downright bizarre variations on this canine theme have also been reported. Black Shuck of Norfolk usually assumes the 'normal' Black Dog form, but on occasion has been reported as a terrifying hound totally lacking a head!

Moreover, sometimes his head is missing but his blazing eyes are still present, floating in a decidedly unnerving, disembodied manner above his body at the level at which they would be if his head were present! And speaking of headless hounds: the spectral Wish Hounds of Dartmoor also termed Yeth Hounds or Yell Hounds are also said to lack heads, whereas the unique Black Dog that traditionally haunts the environs of Suffolk's Clopton Hall is human-headed — specifically, it sports the head of a cowled monk. Hell Hounds pursuing a human victim during the Wild Hunt public domain.

Most terrifying of all are the Devil's Dandy Dogs. Hailing from Cornwall , these huge jet-black diabolical Hell Hounds have saucer-sized blazing eyes, tongues of fire dart from their mouth, and on their head is a pair of horns! They are said to accompany the devil when he hunts on horseback across the Cornish moors, in search of human souls. Incidentally, whenever I read about such creatures having saucer-sized eyes, I am irresistibly reminded of the trio of giant black huge-eyed dogs encountered by the soldier in Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tale 'The Tinder Box'.

Might this story have been inspired by real-life reports of phantom Black Dogs in his native Denmark? One of the three huge-eyed black dogs encountered by the soldier when opening the magic tinder box in Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairy tale — illustrated by H. One of the most terrifying Black Dog appearances ever recorded allegedly took place on the morning of 4 August in the small Suffolk town of Bungay.

During a fierce electrical storm, a ferocious, malevolent Black Dog materialised inside St Mary's Church, and ran amok through it, attacking the terrified parishioners and leaving havoc and horror in its wake. According to records dating from that time, this "strange and terrible wunder [sic]" tore the throats out of its victims, and scorched one hapless man as if he were a piece of leather burnt in a hot fire.

Nor was that all. Other records claim that on that same day, during the electrical storm, what was presumably the same Black Dog appeared 10 miles away inside another Suffolk church, this time the splendorous Holy Trinity Church at Blythburgh, where similar devastation ensued, with at least three people being slain by the beast, and even the church steeple collapsing, causing the deaths of several more parishioners inside. Moreover, when this Hell Hound finally exited the church, it left the marks of its great claws gouged into the church's door, which can still be seen today a modern-day photo of them is contained in Graham McEwan's book Mystery Animals of Britain and Ireland , Pamphlet from recording the incredible case of the Bungay Black Dog public domain.

In reality, all of this may have been nothing more dramatic than a massive lightning strike, or even a fireball, transformed by imaginative chroniclers into a supernatural canine visitation. Then again, as revealed here, Black Dog appearances are far from uncommon or unusual events. And something definitely left behind those claw-like marks on the church door at Blythburgh. Worth noting is that possibly the earliest Black Dog appearance on record chronicled in AD by Bertin in the Annales Francorum Regum featured a red-eyed Black Dog materialising inside a village church during a service, this time in France, where it ran around the altar for a time, seemingly looking for someone, before abruptly vanishing into thin air.

Another early manifestation of a Black Dog allegedly took place one evening in , while Cardinal Crescentius, the papal ambassador to the Council of Trent and infamous for his merciless persecution of supposed wrong-doers, was sitting in his chamber writing a missive to Pope Julius III. Suddenly, a huge flaming-eyed Black Dog with long ears dangling down to the ground materialised before him and moved towards him under the great table at which he was sitting. Both amazed and alarmed, the Cardinal cried out to his servants to enter his chamber and rid him of this foul creature, but to his even greater amazement when they did enter they were unable to see the Black Dog.

This shocked him so much that he fell ill, but to his dying day he swore that he could definitely see it, and even claimed that it was climbing onto his bed. Engraving depicting the glowing-eyed Black Dog that reputedly appeared inside the chamber of Cardinal Crescentius public domain. In today's ultra-technological world, governed by logic and science at every turn, Black Dogs and other incorporeal canine entities seem sorely out of place, just anachronistic superstitions and shadowy dreams from earlier, magical ages that have no business in the mundane modern-day era. And yet still they persist, legends come to life, doggedly!

And finally: from the world of fiction but definitely deserving of inclusion in any coverage of hell hounds and other paranormal pooches, I give you Zoltan - Hound of Dracula! At length, the creature lifted its head, letting the limp, rag-doll torso of the soldier slump disjointedly back to the ground.

Its ears rose up, satanic and pointed. Its eyes blazed with an unnatural, greenish light. Its enormous jaws, flanked on either side by abnormally huge canine fangs, were drenched in blood that dripped in great gobs to the dusty floor, as a great swathe of a tongue lashed obscenely from side to side with relish. A hound from hell itself had returned Ken Johnson — Zoltan — Hound of Dracula.

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