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  1. Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own
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Kindle Edition , 74 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Musings 4 Children , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. But I frequently have to remind myself this is what I believe and why. I've been collecting antiques for years, which means collecting things that used to belong to someone else a long time ago. They are things that had other lives. Musings-because it's a prettier word than BLOG.

The Power of Fans. December 6, Read More. Why I Write for Children. August 4, Writers Block. Foreign Exchange. March 14, Jane O'Reilly. Our culture has celebrated firsts for Time Heals All Stories.

Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own

September 2, She was wondering if it was okay to ask me to come a A garter snake and then a bull snake. The foot-long bull snake was sunning himself on the trail and was not about to move for us. So we walked around him on the grass while my heart pounded away. It was just the two of us, meandering along, not worrying about anything.

Not necessarily doing anything. Just being together. All relationships require time together. It just so happens, however, that the chore of laundry is one of my favorite things to do. And why? Because the machine does all the cleaning. All I have to do is calmly shut the laundry room door and fold the clean clothes in peaceful solitude. So, I hog this chore all to myself, and then I make the children put their clean piles away later.

Of course, someday soon, I will have to make sure the children know how to open the lid, put the clothes in, and press the correct button.

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But I can go over that process later. So back to the laundry room. When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a beautiful, old craftsman-styled house in Duluth. I made my husband douse the place with Holy Water before I even set foot down there, and I shudder to think of it. Then in our second home, the washer and dryer were in a closet.

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Now this was almost worse than the dungeon. Because every time I wanted to shut the bathroom door and fold clothes in silence, someone had to use the toilet. It never failed. With dirt and mud everywhere. Just thinking of it makes my stomach queasy. But finally, in the 13th year of our marriage, God saw fit to provide an entire room , dedicated to blessed chore of laundry, and I will forever be thankful.

Now I can fold clothes, gaze at my Virgin Mary pictures, and drink my wine in peace. This book changed my life. Pierlot said something about waking up and immediately putting a load of clothes in the wash. Then, after lunch, switching it out to the dryer. And finally, folding it after supper and doing this every single day. Our days must be ordered. I put a load in right away in the morning and so forth. I used to only have one load a day, with Sundays off.

And this is what we ate for supper tonight, in addition to a pork chops and lemon noodles. It has nothing to do with laundry per se , except that after supper, when all the children were doing their chores—washing and drying dishes, sweeping the floor, chattering away—I hid in the laundry room and folded the clothes with my glass of wine. As soon as I discovered that his biography, On the Edge of Infinity , was for sale, I bought it and was not disappointed. This book is not boring. This book features the story of Tchibi, a boy who experiences abuse from his headmaster at his private school.

Writing fiction would come later. The other thing that I greatly appreciated about this book was its focus on art and beauty. Beauty matters! Michael and Sheila homeschooled their 6 children. And we did just recently make a little pilgrimage to a beautiful rural church in Strasburg, North Dakota, named Sts. Peter and Paul.

Even though this church is in the middle of nowhere, people still go to see it. Because beauty is attractive. The following is what one sees when walking in.

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I apologize for the lack of lighting. Of course you can see the high altar behind that newly inserted wooden table altar from the s. For example, in the wintertime, each child gets one pair of boots and one pair of tennis shoes. They also get one pair of snow pants and one winter coat. In the summer, they get one pair of rain boots, one pair of flip-flops, and one sweatshirt. They also get one swimsuit and one beach towel.

This way they always know where to find their things, and these things stay off the floor and out of the house. There are no more wet children tramping through the house to find a towel only to use it once and throw it on the floor. Done with that. Of course during the 9 months of Never-Ending Winter, their winter coats hang in those places.

The boys also keep their Mass shoes up there too.

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  • The gray bin on the floor is for their one baseball hat. As an aside, do you see the pencil sharpener above the white garbage can? This was a genius move too. No more are the children allowed to sharpen their pencils in the house. Inevitably the little ones dump that container of pencil shavings all over the place.

    Lastly, where do I put their winter gear? And dressers. In the background you might notice a few dressers? This makes it very easy to find whatever clothing I might need. In the end, there are definite challenges to having a large family. To all of you out there, living in the midst of it, I encourage you to keep at it! I just recently miscarried our 8th child. I had only been pregnant 5 weeks, which is to say, that I had only known I was pregnant for about a week before the baby died.

    Now let me back up a bit. In particular, we have spent the last few weeks making multiple trips to Mayo in Rochester, resulting in two surgeries. In the midst of this, I became pregnant. Now I know some of you will think this is irresponsible. Some of you will shrug your shoulders and scoff at the effectiveness of NFP. And so we are. For we knew what we were doing. It was not a reckless choice; rather, it was a decision of love.

    And truthfully, in spite of it all, I was struggling with feelings of doubt, of stress, and of, well, craziness. In fact, I spent an hour with Jesus in Adoration, discussing these very things. After I poured my heart out to Him, I opened my Bible to read my passage for the day, which happened to be Isaiah Knowing my passage was coming from Isaiah, I fully expected to read something about fire and brimstone and years of exile.

    Tips and Advice for Parents, Parenting Blog | More Time Moms Musings

    Instead, I got this:. I read and reread that passage. A few days later, a pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions. No, I was worried. My pregnancies are never easy after all, and how was I going to handle this? No to a silent retreat. No to running and biking and even walking later on. No to fitting into my clothes again. No to wine and lemon martinis. No to sleeping ever again. No, no… no.

    After I hyperventilated for one more minute, I stopped and laughed out loud. A year of favor from the Lord! Yes, suffering and pregnancies and children are great blessings from the Lord. All one needs to do is read Psalms and to know that. In fact the Bible is replete with passages about children being a blessing. As a couple of days went by, my husband and I began to be excited.

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    • Under the age of 13! During this time, the heart of St. John Marie Vianney happened to be at the Cathedral for two days of public veneration, so I loaded the children up and braced myself for long lines. When we walked into the church, however, almost nobody was there. I held the baby, grabbed the hand of the 3-year-old, and led the children straight to the kneelers, which were placed directly in front of St. We knelt and prayed. We touched our scapulars to the glass of the reliquary.

      Then I handed the baby off to The Eldest and prayed some more. I prayed that my guardian angel would somehow take the heart of St. Vianney and touch my heart with it. My heart swelled with emotion, as I knelt there with all 8 of my children surrounding me. God is so good, so good.

      How beautiful! My heart was full. Two hours later I began bleeding. Maybe the baby would still be ok?

      Should I Start Veiling?

      I will never hold you in this life! Did I tell you how much I love you? My husband held me. We prayed Morning Prayer and knew that the baby needed a name. We thanked God for his life, and we commended him to Jesus and Mary. We told the children too, as they joined us for Morning Prayer, and we answered their innocent, concerned questions as best as we could. Then my husband had to go to work, and I had to take care of the children. It was an emotional day. A few days later I was in Adoration again, and I was overcome with a spirit of doubt—doubt about my feelings, doubt about naming the baby, doubt about the existence of the baby himself.

      Maybe I was just being ridiculous? I soon realized, however, that these agitating thoughts were not from Jesus, and I cast them aside. But still, in a place of fear, I begged Jesus, Please will you give me a sign about little Gabriel? Jesus, I am weak. If my Gabriel was real, let me come across someone named Gabriel today. But not my will, only Your will be done. I left Adoration feeling a little down and drove to the grocery store. As I pushed the cart around, I forgot all about my prayer and moved to a checkout lane.