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The Bad: Lack of power and mean streak. Monroe battled Chris Long now with the Rams every day in practice. He competed alongside Brandon Albert now with the Chiefs for two seasons. He patterned his game on D'Brickashaw Ferguson, the Virginia tackle whose college career ended the year Monroe arrived. It's the kind of environment that galvanizes a young man into an NFL-ready left tackle, and Monroe is the most polished of the Big Four prospects. He has good leg drive for run blocking at the line of scrimmage and can get to the second level quickly.

Monroe's college performance must speak for itself, because Monroe doesn't always speak for himself. His quiet demeanor has some scouts wondering whether he is tough and aggressive enough to be a superstar at the NFL level.

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Ferguson, whom Monroe idolized, also had a quiet, soft-spoken personality; he has become an average NFL starter, not the player the Jets expected to get with the fourth pick in the draft. Such comparisons can be overblown, and complaints about a too-quiet player may amount to predraft nitpicking. He works hard and studies hard. If nothing else, this draft class offers variety at left tackle. Teams in search of a road grader to spark the running game are better off taking a chance on Andre Smith.

Given a year or two of development, Jason Smith and Oher might be better than either of them, so teams without a short term need at left tackle could have the last laugh in four years. Of course, a team could avoid the whole situation by drafting Aaron Curry. But that's a different article. Back in January, I provided the New York Times with a series of play diagrams for playoff teams; the Times animated them as part of their Inside the Playbook series. Because I had to draw the diagrams in December, I created diagrams for several teams that didn't reach the postseason.

The unused diagrams will run in Walkthrough throughout the spring. Because, you know, the Cowboys didn't make the playoffs. The Eagles did, but the Cowboys didn't. Yep, that really happened. Because the diagrams were meant to exemplify "bread-and-butter" offensive plays, I chose a pass to Jason Witten as the Cowboys' signature play. Hopefully, Owens will be happier in Buffalo, where he's unlikely to be jealous of Robert Royal's success.

Figure 1 shows a play from the Cowboys' two-minute drill against the Steelers in Week The Steelers are in a personnel grouping, and they are blitzing five defenders. They appear to be in man coverage behind the blitz. The Cowboys counter with a trips-right formation, and they leave Tashard Choice 23 in the backfield as a blocker. Owens 81 and Roy Williams 11 are decoys on this play, running deep outs at about 15 yards.

The route combo of interest involves Patrick Crayton 84 and Witten They run staggered seamers. Crayton releases inside from the slot and runs up the seam. Witten releases outside and runs a similar route behind Crayton. Both Witten and Tony Romo read man coverage when they see the nickel cornerback turn and run with Crayton. That creates an easy mismatch: Witten versus a linebacker.

Romo's pass leads Witten into the middle of the field, away from Crayton's defender and the deep safety, and Witten alertly adjusts. The Cowboys' line does a fine job of picking up the blitz; they roll coverage to the right, and Choice does just enough to keep his linebacker Lamar Woodley, I think off Romo.

Even without Owens, the Cowboys will have the speed and playmaking ability to stretch defenses like this. Williams and Witten will still be around, young receivers like Miles Austin will get more opportunities, and the team will have more options at running back when Marion Barber and Felix Jones are healthy.

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The challenge for the Cowboys will be getting back the offensive rhythm they had in the weeks leading up to this game. There's a reason this play diagram never saw the light of day: In the final weeks of the season, Romo rarely completed passes like these. More often than not, he misread defenses or miscommunicated with his receivers. Watch game tape of the Cowboys in December, and you'll see Romo missing receivers by ten yards and throwing into unoccupied patches of grass. In fact, at the end of this game against the Steelers, Romo and Witten got their signals crossed, and Romo threw a Pick-6 after Witten ran an incorrect route.

If Owens was somehow the problem, then the problem is solved.

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If there were other issues, the Cowboys need to devote their offseason to solving them. Otherwise, I'll put on my Andre Waters throwback jersey and pick on them again next March. While talking to scouts and reporters about the elite left tackle prospects, I asked about a few other players.

One player earned consistent praise: Alabama center Antoine Caldwell. Caldwell was a three-year starter at Alabama, handling all the line calls and adjustments for a complex offense. When he was briefly suspended for a minor rule violation he used scholarship money to give textbooks to friends , the Tide line fell completely apart.

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  • Caldwell is considered a Day Two prospect because of his lack of athleticism. He's no road grader, and he lacks the initial quickness of a top center prospect. He's moving up some draft boards because of his intangibles. His second-tier measurables will become less of a factor as teams evaluate his intelligence and experience. Caldwell sounds like Jeff Saturday in many ways: A smart, high-energy center who doesn't need to be the biggest, strongest guy on the line to succeed. Saturday went undrafted in ; players with his skill-set are often hard to spot. Don't be surprised if Caldwell starts climbing those rankings.

    News came over the wire as I was writing that the Ravens just signed L. Donovan McNabb's gain is Joe Flacco's loss. And mine. I no longer have a go-to Eagles player to make fun of. Maybe I will catch a break and the Eagles will sign Chris Perry. Dhani Jones is the star of a reality show called Dhani Tackles the World. Earth is susceptible to many hazards: meteors, comets, environmental catastrophes, zombie infestations. Now we must worry about the threat of slow, easily-blocked linebackers causing Armageddon.

    Every time I try to take this show seriously as the tale of an urbane young athlete learning life lessons while circling the globe, I get an image of Galactus in a bow tie playing air banjo. Next year, we can look forward to a show called L. Drops Some Wisdom.

    I was watching Dazed and Confused the other day and I began to wonder what kind of offense the Rebels ran. When the old man corners Randall at the baseball game, he asks him if his arm was ready to throw for 2, yards. That would be a pass-happy offense, particularly for Texas in But the old man seems mixed up; for one thing, he grabs Randall's left arm, and Randall is clearly right-handed watch as he throws his keys or the pledge form. I looked for other cues in the movie, but couldn't find any.

    Then I realized I have probably seen it one too many times. Being a gentle soul didn't hurt Orlando Pace's ability. I think Monroe will be great. Hopefully, he'll be great in Seattle. Excellent job. By the way, Kevin Goldstein, who writes for Our Friends at Baseball Prospectus, includes a Fun Fact for each of his prospect reviews, and they similarly range from relevant to inane. Very entertaining. I'd say mostly inane. Goldstein does a great job at BP, but the time he spends churning up that garbage would be better spent elsewhere.

    Sorry to go off topic Ah, yes, Rachel, Rachel. Great movie. A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk My thoughts exactly. That movie was a classic, especially in comparison to Chunnel and Prognosis Negative.

    USA Football: The Women’s National Team

    Oh, good grief, you really have to be a nitwit to think that a guy who is softspoken is at higher risk of lacking competitiveness, or that a guy who is vocal will be more competitive. Canton is filled with guys who didn't talk much, and will induct a guy this year, Randall McDaniel, who has the demeanor of an elementary school teacher, which is good, because that's his job now. In contrast, the list of guys who were "fiery", and got their asses handed to them the first time they showed up at an NFL training camp, is extremely long. If the guy battled Chris Long hard on a daily basis for several years, he'll be plenty competitive.

    The Alabama tackle may simply not like playing football that much, which is why I wouldn't use a first round pick on him, at least not a pick in the top 20 or so. Given that I remembered both "Dazed and Confused" lines when you said them, I've probably seen it too many times, too. As someone else who has seen "Dazed And Confused" more than one too many times, I know exactly what random moments in the movie you're referring to. And uh, maybe most people won't care what sort of offense the team runs in that movie, but I personally am very excited to know.

    So thanks for that. I wonder if there will be a re-release with a new afterword once he starts his NFL career. As an Alabama fan, Andre Smith's bonehead decisions since December is upsetting, but at least we got guys like Caldwell and Rashad Johnson in this draft There should be some kind of L. Anyway, here's my favorite L. So every game, they run the montages, and it goes about how you'd expect.

    Brian Leonard - chorus of cheers. Ray Rice - chorus of cheers. However, every single time, without fail, the appearance of L. Smith would elicit boos from all four corners of the stadium. The Giant fans in attendence, of course, booed Smith because he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. And the Eagles fans, they too were booing him because he played for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    I can't really figure out why Jason Smith seems to have risen the way he has. His college performance was very good, but no better than Monroe, Andre Smith, or Oher. Other than the bench press, his workout numbers were average. I guess some of his rise is by default because of Andre Smith's fall, but he was being talked about as a top 5 pick even before the combine. It's not that I don't think he's a good prospect, but I don't understand what made everyone's evaluation of him change so dramatically.

    I don't really see any reason to think he'll be better than Monroe. As for Andre Smith, I get the impulse to downgrade a guy because he was unprepared for what was basically his job interview, but I think a lot of teams will end up regretting it. The guy was dominant as a run blocker and very good as a pass blocker as well. The article mentions that Monroe gave up 2 sacks in his college career, but it's also worth noting that Andre Smith gave up 2. I don't have numbers for his freshman season. He reminds me a lot of Shawn Andrews, which is a good thing.

    The item about Cadogan got me thinking -- there used be a defensive tackle for the Bengals named Mike Reid, also from Penn State, who was an accomplished pianist and composer. How he did that with the damage that line play does to your hands, I have no idea Any Cincy people out there remember how long he played?

    I seem to recall he was of Pro Bowl ability, but retired to pursue his music career. Oh, and I guess the Smith signing means that Tunamandias' bomb will now explode in the Inner Harbor -- too bad that Tom Clancy already destroyed the place in Clear and Present Danger -- or was the bomb the second week gross receipts? D'Brick became a lot better than average in He only allowed four sacks, and that was while blocking for a year old QB who couldn't run.

    He was also chosen as a Pro Bowl alternate. That QB was also one of the best ever at avoiding sacks. How many picks did Favre throw while being pressured. Mike Reid was a very, very, good defennsive tackle. I can't remember if injuries shortened his career. Yes, according to his bio link in name; mentions him retiring after knee surgery after six years. Is it "trips right" when one of the three is a TE? My albeit limited understanding is that trips right is reserved for when you have three receives split wide in a formation. There are a few things I have read which I know don't match the terminology I personally am used to but are used in different systems etc.

    Perhaps FO should look at producing a football terminology glossary and use it to keep everything consistent through out the articles. That's probably a good idea-- particularly when using things like WR patters, where I've heard the same one called several different things. As for "trips" my understanding was that it was always 3 guys split wide, and not 2 WRs and a TE on the same side. Two issues-how the players are lined up and who the players are. Then, you have 3 WRs to one side.