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MV Le Joola

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  4. “The Clock Is Ticking”: Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades | Vanity Fair

The German liner sank within 90 minutes, about 12 nautical miles off Stolpe Bank near present-day Poland.

Times Of Terror: Disasters At Sea (1999)

Historians now estimate that only about 1, of the approximately 10, people aboard the Gustloff survived, making it the deadliest maritime disaster in history. In the aftermath, the world learned little about the disaster for a variety of reasons. The Nazi regime kept news of the sinking out of the headlines and censored survivors, and some survivors kept quiet because they felt guilty about their German heritage and the atrocities Nazi Germany had inflicted on millions of people.

Unmanned Systems

After the collision, fire broke out on the Mont Blanc, which soon ran aground on the Halifax waterfront, where a crowd had gathered to watch the burning ship. About 20 minutes after the collision, the fire ignited the 2, tons of explosives the Mont Blanc was transporting and sparked a massive blast. The force of the blast was so great that physicist J. The blast killed scores of people instantly and devastated the surrounding area, toppling buildings, setting entire blocks ablaze and triggering a tsunami.

Compounding the tragedy was the fact that a blizzard struck the region that night, hampering rescue and relief efforts. More than 2, people died as a result of what became known as the Halifax Explosion—the largest man-made blast until the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan in — while more than 6, others were injured and some 9, people were left homeless.

On April 27, , some 1, people—many of them Union soldiers recently freed from Confederate prison camps—perished after this side-wheel steamboat exploded, burned and sank in the Mississippi River.

MV Spice Islander 1

Launched in in Cincinnati, the feet-long, wooden-hulled Sultana was licensed to carry passengers. Louis, often transporting troops and supplies for the federal government. On April 24, , the Sultana stopped at Vicksburg, Mississippi, to pick up discharged Union soldiers, many of them weak and malnourished from their time in such notorious POW camps as Andersonville and Cahaba. The U. At around 2 a.

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Hundreds of passengers burned to death, while hundreds more were thrown into the surging Mississippi by the force of the blast or jumped into the water to escape the flames onboard—and ended up drowning. The sinking of the Sultana was the deadliest maritime disaster in U.

Robert E. Lee surrendered his Confederate force to Gen. The foot-long, 2,ton Arctic, which made its maiden transatlantic voyage in , was known for its speed and could cross the Atlantic in just nine days. However, after leaving the Vesta, the damaged Arctic continued to take on water, causing its furnaces to go out and its engines to stop working. Mary Rose Photo Credit. Mary Rose put up her last stand with brevity on 17 July No stranger to warfare, she had a year service history against France, Scotland, and Brittany.

List of maritime disasters in the 20th century

She was rebuilt during and was finally laid to rest at the Isle of Wight. In Mary Rose fashion, she was leading a charge against the French when she sank in Solent. She made her reappearance again in and was not salvaged until by the Mary Rose Trust. This operation was considered to be one of the most complex and expensive salvages. The treasures within Mary Rose made the expedition to bring her back up all worthwhile.

Thousands of artifacts and the Mary Rose herself have provided invaluable insight into Tudor warfare. The cost and complexity of the mission are comparable only to number eight on our list, the Vasa. RMS Carpathia was more than just a passenger cruise liner. The Carpathia will always be remembered for its heroics on the fateful day the Titanic sank. It was the first ship to arrive at the maritime disaster, only to find itself the victim of its own shipwreck story six years later on 17 July The tale of the RMS Carpathia is that of a slain hero.

Five crew members lost their lives that fateful day. Although in , when claims were made that Carpathia had been discovered, it was not until that she was actually located by author and diver Clive Cussler. The salvage is now owned by a consortium that owns the rights to the Titanic, Premier Exhibitions Inc. The gun warship remained missing for over years until Americans found her in The ship was only 43 nm or 80 km from where she met with an accident and disappeared.

Protection of the population, property, and the environment

A model of Andrea Doria Photo Credit. She was built in Genoa, Italy in the shipyard of Ansaldo. Andrea Doria was once the pride of all Italian cruise liners but is now infamous as one of the worst maritime disasters.

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Andrea collided with another liner, the MS Stockholm , resulting in 46 deaths and her sinking on July 25, The disaster occurred while trying to approach the Port of New York. Andrea Doria today is a famous scuba diving expedition hotspot and has been dubbed the Mount Everest of scuba diving.

Built for the Royal Navy, it served a long history and was no stranger to war. The battle warship had seen many a fight and never shied away from danger. Built in , the Vampire was a V-type destroyer. It was during World War Two that the Vampire met its match and went down in a blaze of glory. This one is an old war dog of note. MS Estonia model Photo Credit. The tragic story of Estonia is the second-worst sinking in the 20th century, eclipsed only by the Titanic.

“The Clock Is Ticking”: Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades | Vanity Fair

Built in a German shipyard in and first named Viking Sally, Estonia was an achievement of design and engineering by Meyer Werft in Papenburg. Tragedy struck on 28 September in the Baltic Sea when people lost their lives. The shipwreck was indeed investigated, however, a conclusive answer as to what caused the accident still eludes investigators. This has opened the doors for conspiracy theories regarding the incident, with some claiming that Estonia was used to ferry military equipment. Others claim that it was a multi-governmental cover up.

The saddest day of all the maritime disasters, 14th April , is a day etched into the memories of all.