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Thorn attacks and kills Mr. Contant with his power drill; meanwhile Courtney is begging Valerie to go to the party, but Valerie protests. Diane begins to make out with John in the car and after she gets out to ask Trish permission to go with him, she comes back to find him decapitated.

Bloody Disgusting!

Diane tries to flee, but is murdered also. While the girls are on the phone with their coach, Mrs. Jana Pamela Roylance , the pizza guy is shown with his eyes drilled out. Coach Jana hears the girls screaming and calls Valerie to check on them and decides to drive over to the house to check on them herself.

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The girls try calling the police, but Thorn cuts the phone line before they are connected. The teens arm themselves with knives and Jeff and Neil try to run for help, but are gorily killed by Thorn.

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  3. Slumber Party Slaughter Party 2.

Russ gains entry to the house, murders Jackie and chases Kim and Trish upstairs. Courtney and Valerie go over to the house, but find the house dark, unaware of the horror that has happened. Trish and Kim have barricaded themselves in Trish's bedroom.

Slumber Party Massacre II () | Cult Celebrities

Slumber Party Massacre and there were others in the Slumber Party Massacre franchise, but sequels, prequels people, who cares about those other films…? This is the one you need to watch. The story is all about girl rocker Courtney and her badass band of preppies going on a weekend getaway to a parent-free condo to have a girly slumber party.

Wednesday Week was formed by sisters Kelly and Kristi Callan. But back to the film: As the night progresses, a very special guest makes an uninvited appearance and whaddayaknow he begins to kill off the party-goers one by one. Throughout the day, her visions grow increasingly violent, but she is comforted when Matt arrives at the condominium. After Courtney has a grotesque vision of Sally's head bursting open, Sally disappears and the group are unable to find her.

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Matt calls the police, who are angry when Sally returns to the house, having left to go to the store. The group leave to get dinner in town, leaving Courtney and Matt alone. Trying to comfort her, Matt surprises Courtney with a birthday cake, and the two begin to have sex, but are interrupted by the killer, who impales Matt through the chest with his drill.

He chases her downstairs, where he confronts the group who have just returned. They attempt to dial , but the phone is destroyed when the killer impales Sally with the drill, which breaches the wall and shatters the wall receiver.

The bedding experiment: the sequel to the slumber games. (Parody)

The group disperses in the chaos, with Sheila fleeing alongside T. Courtney, Amy, and Jeff leave in his car, but Jeff is impaled by the killer hiding in the backseat. Courtney and Amy return to the house, barricading themselves in a bedroom. They attempt to call police, but the operator believes it to be a prank based on the earlier house call. Meanwhile, Sheila and T.

Sheila manages to return to the condominium and stumbles upstairs. The killer appears downstairs, where he dances and sings an original musical number which echoes throughout the house. He ascends the stairs and murders Sheila before Courtney and Amy are able to unblock the bedroom door.

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

Courtney and Amy escape out the window, and the killer pursues them through a construction site, where Amy falls to her death from an upper floor of the building. Courtney discovers a propane tank, which she uses to light the killer on fire. Police arrive in the morning, and load Amy's corpse onto a stretcher.

When Courtney attempts to say goodbye, Amy suddenly comes to life, cackling in the killer's voice.