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Sur le pont d'Avignon

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  2. Sur, or is it Sous, le Pont d’Avignon Which is it?
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Saint Benezet Chapel on the Avignon Bridge. Saint-Nicolas Chapel - Avignon bridge.

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The bridge of Avignon was started in This imposing edifice, that was called the marvel of the time, was built in only 8 years, taking until The narrowness of the bridge of Avignon contradicts the famous song: "on the bridge of Avignon" one could not "dance round and round"; it seems more likely that one danced under the bridge, as an inn had been set up on the Ile de la Barthelasse, at the foot of one of the small arches. The city attracted travellers, merchants and manufacturers and quickly developed thanks to the revenus generated by the tolls.

Without doubt, it had also worked in Avignon's favor when the popes made the decision to settle there in the 14th century.

Traditional - Sur Le Pont D'avignon Lyrics | MetroLyrics

In , after the terrible siege to which Louis VIII subjected the city, three quarters of the bridge was destroyed. A few years later, despite it being forbidden, the people of Avignon put themselves to the task and rebuilt it. From the former bridge only the chapel remains and is called the lower chapel because the roadway of the second bridge was raised and so the newer St Nicolas Chapel built on it is called the higher chapel.

From the 17th century on, the city could no longer bear the costs of the bridge's maintenance and repairs. Repair work didn't start until, interrupted by an epidemic of plague, and the bridge was not usable again until You want me to post a new translation?

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But why do that when there's only one line to change here? I never knew the rain was a 'he'. By the way, this is a wonderful rendition of the lyrics, vocally and visually. Login or register to post comments.

Sur, or is it Sous, le Pont d’Avignon Which is it?

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A song calling for you. An Encounter with Fate.

The Saint-Bénézet bridge - Pont d'Avignon

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“Sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse, on y danse…”

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