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The idiom is commonly used in addiction recovery terminology to describe the reluctance of friends and family of an addicted person to discuss the person's problem, thus aiding the person's denial. Especially in reference to alcohol abuse , the idiom is sometimes coupled with that of the pink elephant , q. The expression has also been used as a metaphorical idiom in Spanish. In , the Process was a legal investigation of a Colombian presidential campaign. There were accusations that the campaign of Colombian Liberal Party candidate Ernesto Samper was partially funded with drug money from the Cali Cartel.

Insisting on his innocence, Samper stated that if drug money had entered the presidential campaign, it had done so "behind his back". Cardinal Pedro Rubiano , a leader of Colombia's Catholic Church , stated in an interview that not knowing that drug money financed part of the presidential campaign was similar to not noticing "an elephant entering one's living room".

The inquisitive man

For some, their first encounter with this phrase comes through the poem of the same name by Terry Kettering. A variation is the phrase "elephant in the corner" which is infrequently used to the same effect. Logician and philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein used an example of a rhinoceros in the room to show the impossibility of proving negative existential statements. It means "truth we all know but agree not to talk about. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Elephant in the room disambiguation. Cambridge academic content dictionary, p. Retrieved Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care, p.

Inquisitive and eager eyes peered from every inch of space. They put their trust in hiring inquisitive , helpful, energetic people, encouraging learning and development, and creating varied and flexible environments where people can align personal and corporate needs.

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The level of geological presentation is meant to appeal to the holidaymaker inquisitive enough to look back at the cliffs as well as out to the sun, sea and sand. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of inquisitive? My Dictionary.

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Leading from the Middle - Krylov’s THE INQUISITIVE MAN*

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Easter Wells comes to London and finds himself the 'talk' of the town! He's stared at, with awe, with shock, with so much "unbelievability" that he turns 'inquisitive' of the shadow that he is to the people around and the shadow a man who lived 20 years ago had cast on the people around then. Written in the 'theatrical language' of a Victorian era - or at least that's what I feel!


Oct 17, M. Peacock rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery. Mr Easter Wells arrives in London from America and finds he is being stared at - at the docks, in the street, in the smart society salons, everybody looks at him as though he must be a ghost. He soon finds out that he is a 'dead ringer' for a man who died twenty years before - a man whom everyone believed had been murdered. This is a stylishly written novella with a cast of well-drawn characters, an intriguing investigation and a clever denouement - a perfect entertainment for a rainy afternoon.

I hope the author will turn his talents to a full-length novel soon.

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